Pioneer Generation Package (PGP) is not charity

The ST editorial today also wrote about the suggestion by some to mean test the seniors before giving them the PGP. The basis is that the rich should get less and the poorer seniors should get more, just like handouts in a charity. Come, show me how poor and pathetic you are and beg for a little mercy.

Please, the PGP is not just to acknowledge the contributions of the seniors but to pay back what they had lost for their contributions in the early years to build this nation to what it is today, to pay the young punks millions to live an extremely good life. Your good life is built on the backs of the pioneers, on their blood, sweat and tears. They planted the trees to give you shade and fruits and a lift to prosperity and for foreigners to come here and get paid by the millions and claiming credit for it, that they are so talented and so deserving, that they built the institutions that are paying them millions.

Do not treat the pioneers as beggars like you are doing them a big favour, throwing some crumbs to those who are hungry and needed financial help. You created this financial burden for them by allowing medical cost to escalate to this point when it is better to die than to be sick.

You are just a bunch of ingrates to ever think of mean testing the seniors. See my middle finger?

Kopi level - Yellow


patriot said...

Just saying it again.
Fuck the Rulers.


Anonymous said...

See my middle finger?

So? I am following LKY style of asking questions.

It works with Sinkies, including those Sinkies who show their middle finger.

Anonymous said...

middle finger = fxxk them = no use

Only kopi kau (blue) got use.


Anonymous said...

Leong Sze Hian said there are only 350,000 senior citizens. How come 450,000, another 100,000 from where? Phantom citizens?

The South Vietnamese used to be very good in conning the Americans during the Vietnam war by increasing the number of phantom soldiers under them to claim more pay from the Americans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean's Entitlement Mentality aka "The World Owes Me A Living" is alive and well.

3 cheers for welfarism! Now the beggars want to be choosey!

This is grand entertainment lah! Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Pioneer generation to be "categorized", what an unthinkable thought....For NS bogs, their first lesson in life is they be "categorized" with a small group going to the so called "white horse company".

This is a joke once again in Singapore...

Anonymous said...

Once again I counsel all patriotic Singaporeans including redbean.
You can always depend on the PAPigs to hang themselves.
No need for us to give take part in National CONversation.

First PAPigs say they are grateful to the Pioneer Generation.
Then the PAPigs want to do means testing.

Why not Singaporeans say;
We are grateful to LKY.
But we want to do means testing on LKY before giving him a million dollar salary and two musicals.

Anonymous said...

Ya,ya, good idea. Must mean test him. Mean test all the ministers. Good, good.

Anonymous said...

Fucking shit, this is merely to retain the suppork of those grassloots supporkers of papigs who had benefits with low costs landed properties of the seventies. What was considered the hard core papigs supporkers had manifested unhappiness with the high cost of living, asset rich but having no more access to alternative income.

Knnccb... hsien loong n fucking running dogs n bitches.... karma is a bitch

Anonymous said...

Big deal! Go ahead and mean test. Those who pass get the 2 chocolate gold coins, those who fail don't get. Anyway from MIW perspective, Medisave is not your money, so taking from the CPF for Medishield Life don't hurt your pocket, be you rich or poor. KNN.

Anonymous said...

Big deal! Go ahead and mean test. Those who pass get the 2 chocolate gold coins, those who fail don't get. Anyway from MIW perspective, Medisave is not your money, so taking from the CPF for Medishield Life don't hurt your pocket, be you rich or poor. KNN.

Anonymous said...

Why never mean test those Istana visitors? Someone says they get a special horse coin worths a few hundred bucks?

Anonymous said...

Why Mr Chua so angry?
Tan Cheng Bock got dis-invted from the Istana.
Means testing is just a way of dis-inviting Mr Chua from the Pioneer Generation Package.

Let's means test Mr Lim Swee Say before giving him any more free toothpicks.

Anonymous said...

Breaking our backs to build this nation, having to carry this island and finally putting it on the map............every freaking policy made by them crabs us with pain, paying them millions if not billions to squeeze us out of our every last cent is what "thinking out of the box" by these brilliant people meant, the increase CPF, the PGP crumbs that they are giving back are a joke....

The billions lost by them, with more billions spent on air planes practically dwarf the PM's words of "singkies thinking that we are rich", this is what the voters want????, at every increase of fares, increase CPF, increase medical cost, increase housing prices, how could a few trinkets actually mean the "thank You" that the leader have said.

We build the ground and yet they are telling us and our children to take back the coolie's jobs and leave the FT's to high paying jobs??????, what difference if the opposition take the stand, can they do worse???

Everyday we struggle, not with the condition but with the policies that are set, the "they should not rely on us" has taken a totally different twist.

Red Bean....I'm pointing more than one middle finger, fucking shit, just give us back our CPF, os that we can sell the freaking house and leave this God for shaken land that we have broken our backs to build, cause it's just not worth it anymore, buay tahan, every day is an increase in cost back to the citizens....I hope the voters are happy now, they got exactly what they wanted.


oldhorse42 said...

Aiyoh! Coffee level yellow again. Why so fast one? Is it because many yellow people visit your site and do not pay entry fees?
Never mind, I click on a few hotel sites to make some phatom bookings to earn you some coffee.
Before the PGP, there was much talk about CHAS which is community hospitalisation assistance scheme. The mass media said the scheme has been liberalised and every body now qualified.
I looked at the application form and found that I am not eligible because the small private apartment I stay now commands an anuual value of $21000.
I hope the PGP is not like that one!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi oldhorse, kopi level improving with your help: ) I just removed the advert on save our children. That one no kopi.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Kaki is also angry ya.

Anonymous said...

Actually, mr.bean yr kopi level oso depend on the averts that is on, if its about womans clothes or womans accesories, like Qoo adverts, wa..ho sei man, sure yr kopi level go up....woman power.

Anonymous said...

Hi rb,

Just my take on this PGP.

This is just a political spinning on a real greying problem besetting Singapore. I expect more spinning when further details are out.

PG is just a subset of the fast greying Singapore. You have to be more than 65 by end 2014. It is just spin to mine the emotions of this group. Proof:- PG also includes those who became Singaporeans before 1987. What is so "pioneer" about them? More like vote buying.

For other oldies, those from 50 to 64 now, tough luck. You have to pay more (and more to subsidize the PG). Be consoled that maybe employer CPF contributions are increased to help you, ie. if you are employed.

Without overtly stating that past national reserves would be tapped to help the PG, this exercise is just a shifting of current financial burdens (old word:- re-distribution)from non-PG to PG. And PAP claiming political credit and mileage through spinning.

Overall, would Singaporeans be better off from the PGP and Medishield Life (taking away all the marketing hype)?

It's a clear cut no for several reasons:- ideological barrier to tap the reserves for healthcare; miserly budget allocations for health sector; pre-occupation with regressive tax systems (universal healthcare vs universal health insurance) - there's talk of raising GST and PGP is regressive (without means testing); obsession with profits in healthcare sector - bottom-line focus, free-market forces, narrow KPIs, etc.; and the persistent drift of public services to private services.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi faber, your reading is pretty close to the real intent. I look at it in several ways. A scenario is like the Japanese dugging a huge hole and lining up all the oldies. Once they pull the trigger, one by one will fall into the pit.

Now they turned merciful. No, they are not pulling the trigger on those line up in front. Wa, heng ah. Or else sure die one. Now happy and grateful like fucks.

Next row please line up.

The other scenario, like Kong Hee said, the sky's the limit. The govt is going to be very happy with the profits the hospitals are going to collect. And also very happy with the profits from the insurance premiums. Up up and up. Making from both ways.

And better still, no need to pay back the CPF contributions. All paid either in premiums or co payments to the hospitals.

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

PS. As for the adverts here, I have no control as they were posted by google. Sometimes agongkia is very pleased.

Anonymous said...

LKY ideology prevents Singaporeans from taking the necessary "corrective" action.

LKY ideology says:
We have a greying Singaporean population problem.

Pro Singaporean ideology says:
We have an opportunity to provide services to our greying population.

LKY ideology asys:
Where is the money going to come from to provide all these services?

Pro Singaporean ideology says:
Let's first identify the services required to sustain a decent life for our elderly Singaporean.
Then we look for ways to create business opportunities around these services so that all senior Singaporeans can enjoy a decent life in their golden years.
And at the same time we don't saddle the younger generation with a huge debt in providing these services.

LKY Ideology
Anything that makes life good for Singaporeans cannot do. And must pay million dollar salaries to Ministers to tell Singaporeans it cannot be done.
"We want Singapore to do well, so Singaporeans can do well". Lee Hsien Loong

pro Singaporean ideology
We want SINGAPOREANS to do well, so Singapore can do well.

Who is reading the road map upside down?
You tell me lah!


Anonymous said...

living in this wonderful and exciting world.......

please do not forget to.......

love yourself and be kind to others......cheers.....

Anonymous said...


Dun you get sick of it, coming with kind words of help and support and all they did was shifting, and bladdy hell, I'm smack in the middle of it, now on top of the burden of an autistic daughter, which I just an insurance, the house, the car etc etc, I'm hit with this, knn, it's the same old trick used over and over again.

They still think that we are cows being herded the same way as before, stopping our salary growth and raising everything else really justify those idiots that have voted for them.

Just out of curiosity, isn't selecting a person, all about how he can perform to manage your welfare or having a easier life when you get older, the numbers that they have spent really dun match up, a few billion here and a 20 billion there, all these dough could have let sinkies have free education, or free medical, I do not and cannot understand the rational behind all these, the same right thumb that has been stuff into your ass hole is now remove with' "help" and "support", but then you find your left hand, thumb is now in your ass hole.....what's the difference.....

RB, yr level should have gone to Green by now...right? and were you at Blue on Sunday?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks kaki, it is Green now. Long time never hit Blue.

Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, they have already taken hostage of the oldies' CPF, so what is a little scrap of crumbs being thrown at them.

But, hor, the mother of all insults must be if they really resort to 'means testing' to see if you qualify to receive those crumbs. How really mean can some people be?

b said...

'Redbean's Entitlement Mentality aka "The World Owes Me A Living" is alive and well.'

Actually the real culprits of entitlement mentality are the ministers especially the prime, housing, transport, education, manpower ones.

Anyway, this policy will encourage more people to vote them out. Those grandparents who barely hit the 65 yo are all asking their kids, grandkids to vote them out. Resentment will grow and we may nave a coalition gov soon.

Anonymous said...

Remember never never never "gon" "gon"
walk into the mouse trap!!!