Comfort women or sex slavery

Agongkia has posted several times in TRE and mysingaporenews that Sinkie PMEs are very fortunate to have jobs like taxi drivers and security guards to fall back on when they are replaced by fake and poorly educated foreigners. In a way it is true. It is better to have a decent job than to end up as sex slaves or as the Japanese disguised it and calling them comfort women. And Japan is revising its history to deny that this actually happened and the sex slaves, mostly Koreans with some Chinese and Taiwanese and other Southeast Asians were willing slaves. Some Japanese even claimed the women volunteered for it.

When a people lost their country, when they are conquered, they lost everything, their freedom, pride and dignity. The hundreds of thousands of sex slaves that were sent to provide sexual services to the Japanese Imperial invaders were a historical fact and a shame to those countries affected. And they could not do anything about it when their countries were conquered and ruled by foreigners.

Sinkies better prayed very hard that their country would not be occupied and conquered by foreigners or simply handed over to foreigners. Do not take the presence of huge numbers of foreigners in your country innocently and foolishly, even if they were given the pink ic and converted to citizens. We were one after nearly 200 years of co existence and 40 plus years as people of a nation. We must not take this lightly and think that the foreigners would be the same as us. In great numbers we do not know their agenda and what they are up to.

Many of them are still thinking that they are citizens of their former countries. This kind of mindset cannot be simply erased by a piece of paper over night. To think and behave like one of us, to be one of us, take a long time of living together. Human beans are not machines that can be switched on and switched off.

We have too many foreigners among us and it is as good as being conquered and occupied by these foreigners. You would not know what would happen if they came to power, with their numbers and fresh memories of who they were. We are seeing many rude and frightening signs of what these foreigners could be like. Being foolish, ignorant and the stupidity of being welcoming and nice could destroy everything your parents and fore parents have built for you and your future generations.

Sinkies cannot be so daft to think everything is so innocent. Yes, be grateful that with all the tertiary educations, degrees and diplomas, you can still drive taxis and be security guards. This is a kind of blessing that daft Sinkies are getting accustomed to today. Soon your wives, mothers and daughters would count themselves lucky to be maids of foreigners. The worse fate awaiting them is to be comfort women or sex slaves when you lose the very country that you have.

Be frightened, be very frightened. It is happening gradually and barely recognizable, but your country is slipping away from you if you don’t stand up to take it back. Think 2050 when the true blue Sinkies become an absolute minority.

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Anonymous said...


sinkies are also known as Comfort Mortals because they exist to comfort PAP with more money and nothing more than ATM machine. PAP needs money, just press the buttons aka Wallaby law and money get into their hands easily and without obstacles. Sin laws are mockery to universal laws... masquerade to serve the incompetent and evil white.

Veritas said...

Very soon the only jobs left for our children are shit collector and prostitute, similar to what Dalits of India are getting.

If we are contented with becoming a driver or peddler, and we do not protest, soon such jobs will be take from us.

Today, you can cry to LHL and Kuan Yew. These 2 mofos will not have a single pity on you.

That is the reason why Karl Marx preach violent, because he saw no way out against rascal like PAP. Eventually some violent in SG may be necessary if things keep spiralling downwards.

Many people are unaware why the western world got good life from 1940-1973. They think its democracy.

Actually we should thank you Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao. The rich run the country into shit that people like Lenin and Hitler emerged.

They slaughter the rich like chicken. Those rich in the western camp watch the murder and rape of their tribe in apprehension and decided to bribe the people and give the people their fairer share of wealth.

And it is not without reason that since the fall of USSR, the people are getting poorer. The world may need another Stalin (touch wood) to wake the rich out of their fucking idea.

Anonymous said...

"Think 2050 when the true blue Sinkies become an absolute minority."

Aiyo, even if true, u think PAP don't know meh?

Yet why PAP continue to allow so many foreigners in?

Perhaps PAP ask the "So?" question.

And the answer is "No big deal lah", tio bo? And who is RB or even Sinkies to think it is a big deal?


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I was at the IT exhibition. An Indian man around 25 approached me to buy an airconditioner. He spoke broken English. Suspecting him to be someone working illegally, I asked whether he is from India. He proudly proclaimed, I am a Singapore PR! He probably conned our ICA and MOM with degrees and other credentials. With the way the muddle headed SPF is run as noted from the ongoing COI, I seriously doubt that the ICA and the MOM is any better.

What the fuck! probably one of those idiots that they begged him to be a PR here. I thought we are supposed to offer permanent abode to talents. Seems like we are giving PRs away like free popcorn before a blockbuster movie.

Oh by the way, the Sonic Gear Headphones you recommended? They were sold at the exhibition at $5.00 cheaper! I got a pair. It's really damn good at about S$34 and it's made in Singapore! Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Please lah, Sinkieland take in all kinds and levels of foreign talent to become PR. Or else how to make up the numbers, u tell me lah? And Sinkieland need the numbers for GDP growth and minister bonuses.

U want only super talent to become PR? U may not get even one!

Anonymous said...

RB, it's actually already happening perhaps in a smaller scale. Many young sg girls are already offering themselves around $500 per shot on the internet and to afford these, it has to be on FT pay. So it's already happening.

Anonymous said...

LKY is a adherent of Hinduism tenet of caste system bastardize with social Darwinism.

The belief of neo Hinduism are

1) Singaporeans are fuck up, lazy and stupid

2) Indians are PAP are clever and very good.

3) Singaporeans must be kick out of jobs.

I have spoken to so many fresh Singaporean engineering grad and post grad, all my juniors. ALL NTU/NUS engineering graduates think they are very fuck up.

Before in the early batch, for example during my time, we think ourselves as among the best.

I do not know WTF is going on.

Today everyone think Indians are good programmmer. I can only say "fuck" we are finished.

What has our managers did to the young people?

I give you an example of fucking company in Singapore.

The Rohde and Schwarz, among the best RF company here set up a lab. A lot of funding come from EDB. Speculations that 50% of the salary of R&D engineers are EDB funded.

Rohde and Schwarz got a Indian manager in Division one. He would rather hire Indians than Singaporeans. When no Indians are available, he would engage Tata consulting to bring in Indians.

Other division are all hiring foreigners, Korea, China instead of Singaporeans.

Singaporeans are bullied and many eventually got so heart broken that they left.

Our managers cheer.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Sonic Gear is not called EarPump for nothing. Crank up the volume and the bass came thumping to your heart beat.

It is as good as a $300 piece for $34! It is a steal.

And Veritas, the country that made a success of communism and capitalism is China, applying both ideologies discriminately, picking only the good and discard the bad.

Anonymous said...

We learnt all the bad things from fake American financial system. You know who is running the American systems of financial scams?

Anonymous said...

the issues as described in the article don't sound very encouraging.......

if the situation on the ground is really not too good as explained, why show flats of sky high property launches still flooded with buyers.......

why the record high COEs and cars are still 100% subscribed, many models out-of-stock.....

what say you ......... cheers.....

Anonymous said...

Heard of dirty money and hot money?

Anonymous said...

The Only Way to settle ideological and political differences has always been violent means. Be it in the Past or in future.
Sinkies have been lucky that Mcdonald House was the Last violence caused by politics.

Obviously and naturally, humans are born to want peace and prosperity. However, whence wealth is hoarded by the powerful and rich, namely rulers and business tycoons, there will be unhappiness.

Unhappiness will lead to friction, envy, crime and struggle. When friction and struggle become widespread and or nationwide, unrests start and violence begins.

Through many years of peace and prosperity, Sinkies have become law abiding, so much so that they have becone domesticated pets. None has got the fighting spirit required for revolution and or uprise. Must say this is a blessing.

But, situation might have taken a change with huge importation of alien. Though the work stoppage by SMRT Bus Drivers did not result in violence, the Little India Riot was full of fire. Both Cases involved only aliens.

Down the Road, me foresees the potential in the alien settlers to inflict more violence and damage. They will target emoyers and government officials. The violence will not be confined in Sinland. The targets will be dealt with anywhere in the World. Mercenary and professional hitman will be hired to do the job.
Such means to deal with targets are common in most other countries except in Sinland due to tough Laws on firearms and lack of local professionals. In Malaysia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, India and many other countries, such professionals are easily found and relatively cheap to hire.

It is a matter of time and depending on how the politics develop in Sinland, the aliens pissed off here will resort to settle their dispute with targetted locals with violent means. Nowhere will be safe for the targets and their families.

Anonymous said...


If sporting talents are what is representative of the kind of talents we imported, the PAP must be blind. How many real sporting talents have we managed to snag after all these years? All the foreign footballers and athletes we snagged over the years are mostly rejected or hardly first rate performers by any standard in their home country. They came, they made a living from sponsorship and they left. And we thought by bringing them in we can have all the talents that money can buy to attain our goal.

Where are we standing now in football and athletics? Not even matching up to some other ASEAN countries. Goal 2010 had gone by a long time ago. Still hoping to qualify for world cup football? Goal 2100 may be a more dream-worthy goal, which is probably unattainable.

So, are the talents we are importing really talents? Or just fakes that we turned a blind eye to.

Anonymous said...

Assholes wasting public money.

Anonymous said...

當 FT 成 為 人 多 好 扮 事 的 時 候

SINKIE 連 草 都 沒 的 吃.