Chuan Jin’s credibility in question

The weekend walkabout and community dialogue by Chuan Jin at Pasir Ris was very badly received if the media reports and comments in social media are real. The issue of foreigners working here was the main point raised by the public and Chuan Jin’s reply fell flat in his face. If he is going to continue in this manner his credibility as a minister, and the govt he represents will not go far.

Chuan Jin’s points could be seen in three areas. He was harping on the need to limit the number of foreign workers and this infuriated the people. Everyone is calling him deaf or refusing to listen and understand the people. No one is complaining that much about foreign workers as the jobs they were doing were not wanted by the citizens. Going after the foreign workers is a seen as an intended diversion by the MOM, skirting away from the real issues of foreign PMEs.

The comments were furious, that PMEs were not even mentioned in the conversation when it was the major bugbear of the people, fake talents and non talents stealing our high paying jobs from our PMEs. The MOM or the govt can try not talk about this problem but the people are not daft and would not want to be daft anymore. They are dragging Chuan Jin by ear to look at the problem they are angry about. Don’t run away from the real problem in question.

And the uttering of the word ‘local’ kept coming out only to confirm that the govt is still steering the same course and nothing has changed. As long as PRs or locals are employed, the citizen’s plight is not something they want to talk about or to know. The govt only thinks locals, and the citizens would not take that as an answer.

We are citizens, not locals. The local/PRs are not citizens. Is this simple enough to understand? Of course the govt does know what locals and citizens meant. Of course Chuan Jin knew what he was talking but it was a case of not wanting to engage the people in the real issue. The MOM or the govt will continue talking about locals, about jobs affecting foreign workers. The citizens will be talking about citizens and about PME jobs.

How far and how long can this divide be maintained without affecting the credibility and trust of the govt in the eyes of the people? The people would not take this diversion and not wanting to engage them lying down.

My advice to Chuan Jin is to face the problem squarely and stop running away from it. It will not work anymore today. The govt must take the people seriously. Ignoring the people and their problems will cost dearly in votes. It will be reflected in the next GE and can be very costly for sure.


Anonymous said...

The conflation of PRs with citizens as 'locals' is deliberate. Patriot Leong Sze Hian's continuing exposure of this ploy is studiously ignored. There is only one way to deal with these deaf frogs, come 2016.

Anonymous said...

"Ignoring the people and their problems will cost dearly in votes. It will be reflected in the next GE and can be very costly for sure."

They had already ignored the people and their problems even back in 2011 when things were very bad! Yet PAP got 60% votes!

And while PAP may not be better now but they did not become worse also what.

And some more just like in 2011, WP is still not ready to be govt.

So why not 60% for PAP again in 2016, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

"So why not 60% for PAP again in 2016, u tell me lah?"
Anon 10:13 am

Tiok. PAP and opposition did not change much since 2011.

So the votes for PAP and opposition is also expected not to change much also lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The problem is PAP.
The solution is to vote them out.

No need to talk anymore.
No need to think anymore.
Vote them out in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Running around the bushes when faced with problems such as influx of foreign labor, shortage of hospital bed, housing issues...etc. All are shy away from the root of the issue: the influx of foreign professionals and workers.

Foreigners have been allowed to work in Singapore for decades, and there isn't any strong objection to it. However, the problem arises only when there is an absolutely NO CONTROL over the number. This is the policy issue, the forecast has gone terribly wrong.

Please don't go around bushes, Ministers!

Anonymous said...

"The govt must take the people seriously."

That will only happen when the Sinkie opposition seriously want and ready to be govt.

Becuase majority Sinkies have not reached the stage where they will even vote for dogs and cats instead of PAP.

Anonymous said...

Is someone trying to create a labour shortage problem to justify to bring in more foreign PMEs?

What is going to happen is that the SMEs will be crying and begging the govt for more foreign workers and asking for support for the 6.9m population.

We need low skill workers, low cost engineering and low cost manufacturing factories that need to engage more workers.

We are going to compete with India and China for low skill production works.

Anonymous said...

Some sinkies just have undying faith in PAP Parliamentarians despite evidences showing that they were, are
not different from one another. How could they be different when they are
birds of the same feathers?
Cannot blame the PAP Leaders lah,
got to blame sinkies for their blind faith as well as their false hope that
some Pappies are benign, if not benevolent.
Do be prescient to reality and not live in false hope. The only way to get out
of slavery to the rulers is to have them

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here know the recipe to make a baloney sandwich?

Darkness 2014

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good question. Depends on how big you want the baloney to be: )

Anonymous said...

Baloney sandwich?
Ask PAP lah!
They have at least 50 different recipes since the party was founded.

Anonymous said...

If there is no rice or noodles, have to eat sandwiches lah, baloney or not.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor. Last time when I was in the US, I saw Yankies ate sandwiches very often. Sometimes only with tomato and cucumber slices. No baloney.

b said...

A lot of voters voted for pap because they are afraid that their HDB value will drop if pap is voted out. If one sells the hdb below a certain value (nominal plus interest), they have to top it up using hard cash into the cpf. It is all along a dirty scheme to retain votes. Unless the alternative party can offer a good solution to the housing ponzi scheme, the voters are held at ransom.

Anonymous said...

Knnccb..... he forgotten to mentioned the symbiotic relationship between these foreign trashes..... oops, foreign talents and strange diseases, rats, mosquito et al

All over singapore mosquito are swarming residential area, calls to relevant authorities will only results in standard replies.... knnbccb

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Please fuck off..

Anonymous said...

They keep on referring to PRs and citizens as locals. To them we are all their subjects. They own us serfs. We work for their benefit so there is no need to separate residents into different categories.

Even if the dafts were to wake up, they can just declare it a freak election result and what are you going to do when the Generals back them in not handing over power? It had been done in Myanmar to Aung San Suu Kyi.

To them, a General Election is to confirm that they own us. LKY even toyed with the idea of changing the one man one vote but they came up with something better - GRCs.