Medishield Life – No need to pay one, it is free

‘'Mr Gan said that working adults should not need to fork out any extra cash to pay for the new MediShield Life. That is because the Govt intends the individuals to pay the higher premium entirely from his Medisave.

He said that the individual’s annual Medisave contributions should be enough to pay for it.’

The above is everything you want to know about the Medishield Life Scheme. It is everything but nothing but your savings in your Medisave saving accounts, in the minimum sum. No matter how much you have, it will be just enough to feed this scheme. And it will be painless because you don’t see it and don’t feel it. They just quietly drain the money in your Medisave Account for you to pay for this Medishielf Life scheme whether you like it or not, whether you need it or not.

I remember in the past many people used to say, it is free, when they bought HDB flats or stay in the hospitals, all because the payment comes from their CPF savings. I think this will be a better promotional catchphrase, ‘Medishield Life is Free, no need to pay’. No cash needed to be paid up front. Everything will be just on papers, like what is being printed in your CPF statements. There is a lot of money there and there will be a lot of money being transferred compulsorily from your account when Medishield Life is enforced.

And every daft Sinkie can go around happily saying that Medishield Life is so good, or the govt is so good. It is free. No need to pay one.

Our retirement saving scheme in the form of CPF is so unique that despite setting aside so much for our retirement, many will end up without any money left or not enough for retirement. The trick is that the public housing scheme and the impending Medishield Life Insurance scheme will have first charge to draw down from the CPF, all designed to draw as much as they could without drawing blood and causing immediate pain. The way the CPF savings are spent is so ingenious that the daft Sinkies don’t even know what is happening to their savings. Simply brilliant and deserving to be paid in the millions! It does not hurt your pocket, only what is put into your CPF, your life time savings.

So, is it free or not free?


Anonymous said...

"The police had to step in and ask a group of men to stop taking photographs of young girls at Siloso Beach, Sentosa, during the Chinese New Yea holidays."

The group of men are foreign talents from another country.
(Read The New Paper for more details)

This is what happens when you import hundreds of thousands of sexually active young men from one country to work in our construction industry.

And another few hundred thousand of sexually active young women from another country to work as maids.
And the talented PAPigs think that these young people are machines.
Work only but no need sexual release.

Are the PAPigs endangering our Singaporean daughters?


Virgo49 said...

You put all your monies into my pockets, I pay out from there.

See, FREE ONE, No need to pay.

Your monies is my monies, my monies is my monies.

See, understand??

One time, in a hospital, claiming medisave relief for my deceased mother chronic High Blood pressure consultation and medication.

Receptionist said, this one cannot claim, that one cannot claim. In the end just can claim only ten over dollars.

I told her, this is our own monies, WHY cannot claim???

Later on a further visit signboard hanged behind counter.

"DO NOT ABUSE OUR STAFF" as they are only serving you.

So, please do not abuse the hospital staff. ABUSED THE PAPies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As P. J O'Rourke so presciently said:

'If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free.'

Public healthcare always ends up costing more.

Stop this silly nonsense. Go private, and live out your life free of worries about "the goernment".

BTW: The CPF is a TAX, not "retirement savings".

Anonymous said...

What a stupid comment. You mean the govt is so stupid to provide public health at all cost? Unless the govt is sleep or irresponsible. Public health must also be regulated within the budget.

Stop spurting nonsense.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I can see that you are one of the many stupid cheebye's who still believes "the government owes me a living".

Keep dreaming. Hopefully you won't get cancer and then have to rely on the government for "help" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't believe in Mr Gan or the G. They already asked "Where the money coming from". Even their highest salary and bonuses from the people lah.

Anonymous said...

Use Medisave Account to pay Medishield Life. No need to pay?

Minimum Amount in Medisave breached due to payment (deduction) to Medishield Life. No need to top up?

Anonymous said...

"Public health must also be regulated within the budget."
February 08, 2014 12:21 pm

Typical PAPig.
Everything must be regulated within budget ... EXCEPT PAP Ministerial salaries.
Here. The sky is the limit.

Was Minister Balakrishnan's Youth Olympics regulated within budget?

Anonymous said...

In two words: Lampar parlan.

Anonymous said...

You see, they have to pay 4% interest on your medisave savings, but if they take it away, faster and faster, they do not even have to pay you interest in time to come.

b said...

Nothing is free. Freedom is a commodity.

b said...

"Tan Kin Lian, the former presidential candidate, has called for NS to be shortened to only 1 year. Have you signed the petition?

b said...

Just form a union with brunei and only need to pay $1. since they also benefit tremendously from pegging to our strong currency.