Ang bao rates by Salary.sg

Below are the rates posted at Salary.sg. It is part serious and part light hearted. Hope people don’t take this too seriously like ang bao rates for wedding dinner. The ang bao tradition has several thousand years of cultural history and must not be commercialised to a point of being killed.

The ang bao for wedding is reaching a level that people felt pissed or unduly burdened by the invitation that some may even curse for being invited. It is not a small sum and if the inflation of ang bao and restaurant prices is not curbed, it would kill the wedding dinner tradition as well, or it will revert to a new and greatly downsized version, among very close friends or relatives only.

The giving of ang bao is also meant to be a gesture or token of goodwill and not to make undue demands on the givers. It is best to cap the amount to a minimum and kept there to prolong this fine tradition and not turning it into a fine for the givers. For those who are able to give, they should give it in other forms and standardise the amount for ang bao in the spirit of giving.

May the rich continues to be generous and the not so rich be blessed with the wisdom to keep this tradition going without feeling the pain in the pocket.

High Income - Combined income of $150k and above annually
Parents $88 – $200
In Laws $88 – $200
Own Children $20 – $80
Nephews and Nieces $20 – $50
Children of Friends and Colleagues $20 – $50
Grandchildren $20 – $50

Middle Income - Combined income of $30k – $150k annually
Parents $48 – $100
In Laws $48 – $100
Own Children $8 – $28
Nephews and Nieces $5 – $18
Children of Friends and Colleagues $8 – $28
Grandchildren $5 – $10

Low Income - Combined income of $30k and below annually
Parents $8 – $20
In Laws $8 – $20
Own Children $2 – $5
Nephews and Nieces $2 – $5
Children of Friends and Colleagues $2 – $5
Grandchildren $2 – $5


Anonymous said...

What about the ang bao rate for the government? How much should Sinkies give?

How much for;
1. COE ang bao?
2. HDB subsidy ang bao?
3. ERP ang bao?
4. maid levy ang bao?

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies are concerned how to make lots of money, not think about how much ang pow money to give.

Once a Sinkie has lots of money, everything else will be sup sup suey lah, be it COE, ERP, maid levy or ang pow money.

So get the priorities right to be happy, satisfied and vote PAP.

Virgo49 said...

High Income - Combined income of $150k and above annually

(A)Parents $88 – $200
In Laws $88 – $200
Own Children $20 – $80
Nephews and Nieces $20 – $50
Children of Friends and Colleagues $20 – $50
Grandchildren $20 – $50

High Income should be as follows:-

(B)Parents/In Laws- $2000
Own Children- $800
Nephews/Nieces- $500
Children of Friends and Colleagues-
Grandchildren- 200

Earning 150K per annum, these rates low low already.

Aiyah!! forget, got to pay car installments, home mortgage loan, education fees, medical fees COEs, parking fees etc.

Better revert to category (A.
If not after Fong Fei Fei come, or the coffee shop assistant forget to shout: "Car park lai loh!!" I kena summoned. Chek Suay suay.

I already paid one hundred over thousand dollars for my car and now also got to pay summons.

Suey, suey man!!

patriot said...

Me had my wedding dinner at my villabe home with good cooks who
prepared the foods that got me plenty
of complements and praises many
years after the Wedding almost forty
years ago.
Neighbours, relatives gave whatever
helps they could offered. Bridal Cars,
Wedding suits were all offered. Even
the Best Man and Bridesmaid chipped
in voluntarily, most reminded me to be
frugal with their angpaos.
Did not check the amounts in the ang-
paos given to me, nor recorded them. All were passed over to my parents; who had footed much of the expenditure.

Why must dinner be held at posh restaurants with foods tasting like
Fast Foods? Why should there be 5 to10ks photo/video shoots ?
All the Forms but no substance ostentatious face value will become
laughing stocks when things turned
ugly later.
Yes, money is meant to be spent, BUT
it is never for one to flaunt.

I recalled Commenter Agongkia wrote at this Blogsite before that he has no qualm giving $2(two) angpao and will be happy to accept a red packet with nothing inside. Here we got a man who knows the Values Of Appreciation.



patriot said...

Spelling corrections for 'villabe' to village'and 'complements' to 'compliments'.

My bad for the Mistakes.


b said...

Two dollar for someone from low income is a lot of money when the money is meant for buying survival stuff. fairness is a myth.

Anonymous said...

@ patriot

Dear patriot
Obviously you did not get the memo from LKY.
The price for honest Ministers is $1million/year in salary.

This is only for honesty hor.
LKY never said anything about hardworking, smart, talented or capable.

patriot said...

Hi Anon 5:35 PM

Me has been living in Singapore since the Colonial Days. Eversince Sin got it's indepence, I have slowly and steadily got my happiness index reduced and now it has gone below bearable level.
At my Sunset age, walking into the Twilight may allow me to avoid the Ugly Darkness to come. However, the Younger Generations may not be as lucky.

There is One Name that me am sensitive to like allergy, it will give me heartache, so I will not mention it.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Eh they forget lah, also got Ang Bao to Lion Dancers, your own staff etc.

Give generously lah. Dun be kum siap ok?