The anger against foreigners mounting.

You would not read these in the main media. Below are some comments in a thread, ‘Singaporeans have every right to defend themselves’ in the TRE. The number of foreigners here has gone past the threshold of tolerance. And their behavior, discrimination and disgust against Sinkies added to the anger of Sinkies that have fallen victims to them. It is so ridiculous that a developed country, so called 1st World City and citizens, well educated and rich, some even think Sinkies are smart, would be despised and bullied by the very foreigners that they allowed to work in their homeland. And nothing can be done while the daft Sinkies are literally being edged out of their country, in jobs and in homes and in public and private space. How can Sinkies be smart if they can be so easily cheated by fakes from the 3rd World? Better still, no one knows how to deal with this sickness.

The anger is building up everyday while on the surface you don’t really see it or read about it in the main media. You only read the good stuff of bringing in more foreigners in the main media. The Anton Casey case just blew the top and allowed the citizens to express their deep seated frustration that had been walled up for years. And would the govt still be asking why the Sinkies are so angry? Never mind, there is no need for the govt to know. The govt does not even have to do anything. The game will be over in 2 years time if the sentiment is real. You cannot keep pressing down the lid and think that it is not there. It will blow up at the right time if the pressure is not released, if the source of the anger is not removed.

So far there is no sign that this is happening despite the Sinkies kpkbing in social media. Many would like to pooh pooh it off as nothing but a few vocal minorities drumming for attention. How real is this will be shown in the next GE for sure. In the meantime, all is quiet in the western front. No one in the establishment would want to talk about it or face it squarely and do something substantive to defuse it.

In Thailand, the anti govt protesters are not respecting the vote of the majority. Would the govt respect the right of the majority here against the influx of foreigners into the country, to steal their jobs and to discriminate and despise the citizens? The daft Sinkies are rebelling to tell the govt that they don’t agree with its reasoning to bring in more and more foreigners. The govt is standing firm and not giving an inch in its design to flood the island with more foreigners.


Here are a few of the snippets for a feel of the temperature.

Shut up:

February 3, 2014 at 7:45 am (Quote)
The anger against foreigners mounting.In the part when there are much fewer foreigners, you will never encounter a situation in which a foreigner would even dare to speak up against a singaporean.
Now when they have enough of their people around especially when they all choose to live in one area, it has embolden them.
You can go an blame these foreigners and you should but who created this in the first place? Who opened the flood gates and allow these foreigners in? Allow them in at such a great rate and embolden them?
I always say focus your energy at the primary source of the problem.
Its none other than PAP. We must rid PAP first and then these foreigners will get the message and we will see alot less of such incidents in the future. We must do this for our fellow singaporeans and future generations.

• Singaporeans must say NO:

February 2, 2014 at 2:31 pm (Quote)
Singaporeans can and must say NO. NO to PAP’s policies of discriminating against its own citizens. NO to foreigners bullying us, we must speak out for each other whenever and wherever a Singaporean is bullied. NO to more FTs coming in to dilute our Singaporean identity.
It is TIME FOR SINGAPOREANS TO SUPPORT SINGAPOREANS. Since the PAP government cannot and will not be a good government, we need to change the government.

• Pink Panty Loong - "The Great S'pore Curse - Wussy Doormat LEEderSHIT!":

February 2, 2014 at 3:09 pm (Quote)
These foreign trash twisted mindset and bad attitudes are totally encouraged and emboldened by our very own traitorous PAP government! The PAP government openly and blatantly pit the foreign trash against Singaporeans so that we will be coerced into accepting and integrating with them instead of the other way round! Where else can you find a government that embraced and empowered the foreigners to alienate their own citizens? Vote the PAP out to stop their treasonous acts and take back our Singapore! Singapore belongs to Singaporeans! Not the PAP nor their 3rd world foreign shits!

• bill man:

February 2, 2014 at 4:01 pm (Quote)
There are many cases of Singaporeans being discriminated/ bullied in their work environment that are not reported as well. I happened to know of a few. Please contribute if you know of others:
1. some European banks have deliberately redesigned job spec so that local managers will forsake being managers and continue to stay as RMs. This is exactly what the banks want…to bring in more expats to manage the locals. These new expats do not need local cultural knowledge, no contacts and all they need to do is push our locals for sales numbers. Mind you, they are well paid too.
2. some expats treasure their good life here so they will never want to make decision or take buss risk, just refer the locals to policy manuals is how they manage. This frustrates the locals and after a while,they become vocal about it. Head offices replace them and as recent as two months ago, i heard that one of them landed with job with other European bank. This is happening so often. These are the jobs that we locals can handle and yet our upward mobility is being blocked
3 certain banks with senior management from a certain country are slowly getting rid of locals so that their country men can take over. A case reported in the blob was brought to the authorities’ attn, ha, nothing was done. Just look at some of the dealing rooms.
4. some expats do not want to leave Singapore after they were terminated due to the 2008 fina crisis set up exe search firms. They hunt for and place other expats, their friends, with other banks, the HR depts there are also headed by expats. They colluded and excuses are given that they cannot find locals to fill the job.

5 Anton stays in Sentosa, majority of Singaporeans in HDB. Why? Locals are made to work to support these over paid and under work expats. from 5 pm onwards, you can see them are the pubs in MBFC and at nite at Clarke Quay with their local toys. At 10pm, you can see the poor locals getting out of MRT exhausted heading home in their HDB flat.

What is Singapore becoming? Why is the Govt willing to anger the locals and still protecting the FT population? We must make it a point to remember this FT policy makers’ names so that they go down in history of our country as those that made us and our future generations 2nd class citizens to the FTs. For those who just follow orders, consciously or unconsciously, to approve new citizenship or PR or Employment pass, hope that one day your conscience will hit you or your bad karma will. This can happen when your own children are being marginalized.

These are comments in another thread, Foreigners – treat them as ‘you want to be treated’

• blueview:
January 27, 2014 at 4:11 am (Quote)

Ng Eng Hen,
The next generation of Singaporeans are going to have “coolie” status based on what PAP has been preaching to Singaporeans. PAP are discouraging Singaporeans from pursuing education and encouraging us to take up mostly low level jobs. In a few years time, the FTs holding high level & high paying jobs will be lords, kings and queens. This is already happening and we have seen several incidents besides Anton’s.
I am in no way degrading the low level jobs. Since Singapore is such a small country, each & every type of job both low level and high level should be for true blue Singaporeans first. Foreigners should come last.

PAP obviously does not know what the word “BIRTHRIGHT” means. There will always be Singaporeans who want to be taxi drivers or cleaners or bus drivers or crane operators BUT why does PAP have to impose these jobs on us? Do we hear PAP encouraging us to take on wealth manager job at some swanky boutique wealth mgt company? Did PAP look for Singaporeans to be CEOs of DBS and Singapore Post? Are there NO & I mean not even a single qualified Singaporean to take on these positions?

• COE For Foreign Talents:

January 27, 2014 at 6:50 am (Quote)
There are too many foreigners here. Raffles Place and Marina Bay are full of them so much so that they now outnumber local Singaporeans working there. Yes obviously they took away the cushy highly paid office desk jobs in air-con comfort from Singaporean PMETs. Like all such congestion, we can control them well through financial levy. One of these is the Certificate Of Entitlement (COE). Should there be a COE system for employment passes/S-passes. It will be easier to implement since there are only two categories. And we can regulated the flow of FTs. These COE should be valid for 2 years, to generate turnover and will reap in no less than the current COE system for vehicles. So we will have money to build more hospitals, MRTs, buses, schools, foodcourts, shopping malls, roads, etc to cater to higher number. Who know perhaps we can provide social welfare after that as they told us they have no money for social welfare. Let do this. What do you think?


Anonymous said...


These r merely noises of starving mosquitoes

Nothing to be alarmed

Instead of masturbating alone, trying to maximize gratification thru internet only

Knnccb.... papigs, when will those knocks at door happen?

Anonymous said...

RB, you very lor so. Problem is ministers do not read social media themselves. Just like past emperors, they got their eunuch to tell them what happens. Problems is these eunuch will withhold information and tell the emperor what he likes. History repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

Singapore got eunuchs meh?

Anonymous said...

Worse.... men with balls

But living their lives like wimps

Knnccb.... papigs, fucking bastards

Anonymous said...

"Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?" - Lee Hsien Loong

No opposition better maybe can get 18 month bonuses on top of the world highest pay, allowances, pension?

A figure president got a astounding $40 million in his 12 years tenure?

With same period the USA president got only $5 million, population 300 Million?

Denmark around 5.6 million people and New Zealand 4.5 millions pay its minister average only $200K per year?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sinkies got the balls to vote out PAP and change government. So redbean just wasting his time.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think Sinkies got the balls to vote out PAP and change government."
Anon 1:02 pm

Not say no balls but they have good reasons not to vote out PAP.

Just imagine. Had the opposition, instead of PAP, won 93% seats in 2011, who would have become PM? Teochew Ah Hia? What kind of a govt? U not scared meh?

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that the PAP government only look, hear and talk about the good things that foreigners were supposed to bring us.

You and everyone us here can argue until we turn blue and nothing will change.

Hopefully, something more positive can be done come 2016. It is up to us to decide whether we want to just shout and scream to no avail, or make it happen with our vote. Very simple.

Anonymous said...

Having too many foreign talents is like cancer chemo treatment.

It destroys both good and cancerous cells. The hope is that more cancerous cells than good cells are destroyed.

So hope that there are more good foreign talents than lousy and fake ones lah. Or else Sinkieland may die like a cancer patient due to unsuccessful chemo treatment.

Anonymous said...

How much taxes is more important? You can have a high per GDP?

The cost of living is high? The money earn went to indirect taxes, like CPF locked up scheme for life, levies, COE, GST, ERP and other taxes etc?

No point that a countries average look better but the cost of living is extremely high, and the future is not very good, for the group of people now will be worse then the previous group who can get out their CPF out at 55?

The present generation their CPF will not be able to take out, and more and more newer citizens that might take away their jobs or their children and depress their pay?

The upper section of the population like the ministers make up the GDP with is the highest pay in the world to make Singapore look good on average?

The low gini coefficient show how much disparity Singapore income compare to other countries?

The fact many Singapore living in property, there were many one room rented flat in SIngapore? At night many homeless came out to sleep in the street, it will get worse with more new citizens?

With every year 30K of new citizens the bottom half standard of living will be getting worse? These 30K of new citizens push up the price of everything with the increase demand everything?

In the 80s Singapore is at the optimium with 4 millions people the cost of living is not so high, now Singapore is 7 highest standard of living in the world? With more coming in the cost of living continue to climb? With 5.3 million people?

Compare to other countries, many of the lower wage earner living hand to mouth? With so many credit companies and loan sharks?

Singapore have one of the widest income gap in the world? Singapore birth rate is one of the lowest in the world? The future could be worst?

With these indirect taxes need to pay the group of them world highest salaries, 8 month bonuses, pensions & allowances?

Anonymous said...

The lowest segment hardly able to pay indirect taxes or direct taxes?

Lower in the higher segment of the societies got to pay lots of indirect taxes, like CPF locked up schemes, COE, levies, GST, ERP and other taxes?

With one of the higest cost of living eat away their income?

Anonymous said...

The govt's heavy dependence on population is like being hooked on drugs. Without pop growth they will suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

b said...

majority of sinkies are NATA - no action talk only. nothing much will change with this group of people. pap will continue to be in a powerful position to shit on locals.

b said...

sinkies should not even blame the foreigners because they are also victims. it is the rulers that allow, encourage, facilitate such games to be played here. sinkies must learn to think wiser and focus their anger, energy, resentment on the real culprits - the ones running the government.

b said...

rb, your heading should be 'anger against rulers mounting' not foreigners to avoid sinkies being accused of xenophobia by the rulers again. the heading must sound right and give the rulers no excuse to slander, defame, damage sinkies again.

Anonymous said...

How much HDB earn?


Anonymous said...

A compliant populace is a dictator's dream.

Anonymous said...

/// Just imagine. Had the opposition, instead of PAP, won 93% seats in 2011, who would have become PM? Teochew Ah Hia? What kind of a govt? U not scared meh? ///
February 04, 2014 1:14 pm

Lee Hsien Loong as Prime Minister after GE 2016 scares me even more.
Because there is also the entire LHL team.
Ho Ching managing our billions at Temasek scares me.
All the PAP Generals & Admirals scare me.

A government of Generals is the definition of a military junta.
I don't know what you call a government of relatives and cronies.

Anonymous said...

The successful multi parties system of Nordic, Swiss could be a model of SIngapore?

Excluding TP walkover, the main party support is 57 percent, minus the $1K of profit sharing scheme is 43 percent, using Punggol East result?

The election result of 2016 is likely the main party with only 32 percent of the votes?

Due to the following reasons?

1. No more profit sharing scheme during the election, which can only be given after the election? Due to UN rejection?

2. No more use of GRC due to UN rejection, using the NMP and NCMP if not enough other races MP came in?

UN rejection of topping up of the votes of loser MP at the expense of the winning opposition MP, both ways, the main party and the opposition party?

3. GRC causes as much as 28 opposition voice MP from coming in?

4. High inflation?

5. Many main party MP retired?

6. Better quality opposition candidates?

7. Deteriorating main party candidates?

8. Over saturation of the handheld devices which now most got their info rather then the state controlled media?

9. Died hard fans of the old generations of the main party died after 5 years, many internet savvy younger generation able to votes?

10. Locked up of CPF for life?

11. 30K of new citizens every year until 2030?

12. Low birthrate rate?

13. One of the widest income disparity in the world?

14. Sliding standard of living due to heavy competition from cheaper low cost countries foreign workers?

15. Mounting social problems like loan sharks, casinos, rampant prostitution & growing drug addictions and other social problems etc?

16. Voting opposition MP you will get get two MP, another MP of the main party will work harder?

17. WP economic of scale running the GRC altogether 7 seats cheaper then the main party?

18. Continue transport breakdowns, flooding, shortage of facilities etc?

If the opposition get 68 percents of the votes?

NSP will first time after many years, have many candidates became MP previously they got only 13 percents of the votes, their votes could increase to 18 percent in 2016? Around 15 seats? With improving quality of candidates?

SPP is the party to look out it is likely, these time they could get at least 6 seats? Potong Pasir and Toa Payoh & Bishan GRC?

SDP could be a surprise dark horse?

WP could improve the seats to more then 20 over seats from 7 seats?

So Singapore is moving to the first world standard of democracy with multi parties system?

Anonymous said...

Fix. To get revenge on another.

Anonymous said...

Anger against foreigners no use.
Anger against PAP resulting in more votes for Opposition. This one got use.

Anonymous said...

Fix. To influence the actions, outcome, or effect of by _______. (Do feel free to fill in the blank)

Anonymous said...

Scared of what?

Anonymous said...

Scared of money no enough lah, not whether PAP or WP is the govt.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. If u are poor under PAP, u think u will not be poor under WP?

Anonymous said...

WP is a Singaporean party.
Of course we will be better off.

The founder of WP did not work as a translator for the Japanese Imperial Army in World War Two.

denk said...

yet another angmoh rider bully a lady driver !

dont be surprised if one day u see a sign outside botanic garden
*dogs n sinkies not allowed*

Anonymous said...

One day one of the MNC CEOs will summon our ministers to his office to get a lashing from him.

Anonymous said...

We have a bankrupt government - bankrupt of morals, bankrupt of ideas, and bankrupting the treasury with their mind-boggling salaries and gradiose schemes to host 6.9 million people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How can be angry with the govt? They tried so hard to bring the foreigners here to help Sinkies and create jobs for Sinkies.

Should be grateful, very grateful.

Anonymous said...

RB, it's even happening at my church, now once a month there is a special Filipino mass celebrated in Tagalog by a Filipino priest who had been a long time resident in Singapore. This will further strengthen their own Filipino community.

Chan Joon Yee said...

I don't think any government will take all these anonymous postings seriously. So what if there are a million of them? Make no mistake, Singaporeans are still as kiasu, kiasi and gian png as ever. Inject some competition. Pander to their greed. Hang a few carrots. Show the rod and regardless of what they say on social media or opposition rallies, they'll still vote for their papa.