HDB – what a pleasant gesture

It is a nice feeling to read something in the news that brings a smile on your face. A HDB parking ticket stuck on the windscreen spelt trouble or money blown away. Jocelyn Loh had such a ticket on Saturday on her windscreen and her CNY mood crumbled immediately. How much would she have to pay for visiting her newborn nephew during the CNY season? It was a double happiness affair!

To her pleasant surprise there was a little note scribbled on the parking ticket with the words, ‘I give you chanes(chance) . Happy new year’. It was a little gesture that made the day for her. Hopefully other motorists who did the same act would also have the same little surprise in the spirit of the New Year. Hopefully the warden would not be slapped by HDB for the little discretion exercised to show a little graciousness in our talk money only society.

Compare this incident with the NEA and AHPETC incident, one can only shake the head and feel embarrassed by the unthoughtful act of making people miserable during a festive season. And we thought kindness is in the air with a Singapore Kindness Movement campaign being launched. What happened, they did not coordinate this matter and only the SKM people know and want kindness to be spread but not the rest of the establishment?

Nice gesture HDB. Still waiting for SMRT to show some kind gesture to the student being charged in court. Oops, they can’t do anything now. Only the authority can exercise some mercy.

Happy New Year everyone. And Happy New Year HDB, especially the warden. We need to have a soul and not unthinking and unfeeling robots that do not have any feelings or life in them. Can't imagine them talking about kindness.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year RB. Yes, programs initiated by government are all bull. More for political gain then genuine. There is no compassion any more. No minister is really listening to the grouses by people. They just walled up and think all is fine out there. Same pattern as past dynasty in China.

patriot said...

Says that me am too cynical and I will readily admits that I am so.
Giving 'angbaos' to 1, 500 elderlies? Parking warden having 'discretion' to give chance?
Why not give the Red Packet to ALL ELDERLIES, Why not let all the Parking Warden one more day to celebrate or rest? Are all offenders given a chance?
Many are speculating that the Next GE will be held soon. And it is all because of all the unusual behaviours and 'extra generous' gestures of the people in authority.
Wayang more and more wayangs will not work anymore. The sweet talks and the 'kind gestures' will only make the people more skeptical and more disenchanted.


Anonymous said...

/// Why not give the Red Packet to ALL ELDERLIES, Why not let all the Parking Warden one more day to celebrate or rest? ///

So why not give Opposition politicians a chance?
Vote Opposition in GE 2016.
Give all Singaporeans a chance to start again.

Virgo 49 said...

Nowadays, free parking in HDB estates for public holidays and weekends, very few already.

let me relate about the NEA summoned ATC. My ex-colleague, a PAP constituency grassroots leader told us that every year, a big open field in her estate was leased out for CNY pasar malam sales.

The bidding was cut-throat and the exhibitor paid obscene sum to secure the site. In return, obscene rates were also charged to the hawkers. Most if them actuallu spend long hours doing their business and everything went back to the PAP leeches.

The amount, the RC made as spent to sponsor holiday trips for all the RC members and supporters.

Why got NEA summon them. NEA just closed all eyes to the unlicensed hawkers a0nd even hygiene.

These RC leeches really suck the blood of these poor hawkers and Singaporeans.

They only know how to bully non PAP constituencies and true blue Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Every cost, high rentals, high COEs, high ministerial salaries, high GST ... with be passed to the average and poor Sinkies.

We are paying for every cent they made, the millions they are being paid.

b said...

all politicians are evil. they will screw the people fully once they are in full power.