What is the most difficult thing to find in Sin City?

Angels? No, there are plenty of them floating around, including immortals. Money, no, there are so much money floating around that some don’t even where the money is coming from but their bank accounts keeping growing. Talents? No, there are plenty of talents in Sin City, I mean the real local ones. Take a cab and you are likely to be driven around by a local talent who has lost his 5 figure job and could not find another that pays $2000. So they all end up as their own boss, driving taxis

Foreign talents there are also plentiful, nearly 2 million of them and all happily employed, replacing the local talents. So what is so difficult to find?

Fake talents, foreign talents that have fake CVs and qualifications are a rarity. With 2 millions of them in the island, and many came from countries that are notorious and infamous for fake talents, selling degrees and dilplomas on the road sides, these fake talents must be very easy to find. Statistically, every 10 so called foreign talents, there must be at least 3 or 4 fake talents.

The problem is that these fake talents are so ingenious that they cannot be found. The latest report, a paltry 25 were found as reported in the media a couple of days back. There is another possible reason why they are so hard to find. If they are not so clever to conceal their fake qualifications, then it is proof that Sinkies are really daft that they could not outwit the fake talents and could not find them at all. Another possible answer is that they don’t even bother to try.

But all could be false assumptions and the truth is that there is really a dearth of fake talents in the city. All the foreign talents are real talents and that is why the authority is unable to find the fakes in the city. This may be another case of needing 50 man years or more to find a single fake talent. They are really a rare find.

And we can hear the official view being flouted daily, we need more foreign talents or else we will perish. Have we perished when we were 2m or 3m? Now we are 5.4m and we will perish if we don’t bring in more, 6.9m to be exact, and the truth is that it is going to be more than that. And we have many silly young things being made to write about how selfish Sinkies are in wanting this island to themselves.

We have shared this island with more than 40% foreigners. Not enough? We want them to be 90% and Sinkies become an absolute minority? The bigger countries are already crying foul for having 10% foreigners in their countries. And we are asking for more. Who’s silly idea is this? Would anyone who is so confident that this is the way to go stand up to claim ownership of it? If it is so good, be proud to tell the citizens that it is your idea and claims credit for it or gets shit in the face when things turn bad. Don’t ask na├»ve little children to say it is good. No sensible people would want to be lectured by little boys and girls on this.

They don’t have this phrase, ‘pai jia zi’ for nothing. Oh it means a prodigal son that squandered away his inheritance by his stupidity. Many rich families turned to dust because of ‘pai jia zi’. Countries too can be taken over by foreigners if it is run in the same way, by ‘pai jia zi’.

The COI of the Little India riot has a lesson that the police learnt the very hard way. Little India was so peaceful, crime rate so low. So they found it not necessary to have the riots police on standby until the very nice and peaceful mobs attacked. The same lesson can be superimposed on the island. All the foreigners are so peaceful and helping to grow our economy. By the time they decided to take over the island all the riot police would not be enough. And the ugly signs of these ungrateful asses and arrogant beasts are showing everyday with Sinkies being abused, insulted, threatened and beaten. And the people that could make the meaningful change are just turning the other way. And the official line is still being pandered by kids. We want more foreigners. We must not be selfish. They don’t even know that they are selling their country away.

Kopi level - Red.
Yesterday hit the lowest level for this month.


Anonymous said...

There is a chinese saying "Fortune don't last for 3 generations". How very true and it's due to "pai jia zi".

Anonymous said...

Not only fake foreign talents hard to find, but also real Sinkie opposition talents too.

If only there are enough real Sinkie opposition talents, the strongest Sinkie opposition party would have been ready to be govt, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Even if they have fake degrees and qualifications, the fact that they can hide it and not get caught is already talent.

So in this sense, they can also be considered talents. Talented in cheating and bluffing lah, I mean.

Anonymous said...

What really matters is being talented in winning elections.

So if opposition cannot win is because they are not talented where it really matters.

Anonymous said...

Fake foreign talents think it is not easy for PAP to catch them.

Opposition parties and most Sinkies think it is not easy to defeat PAP in elections.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The hardest thing to find in Singapore are locals who are not deluded Sheeple.

But I consider that a GOOD THING. If more people were less deluded, they'll be too difficult to control.

Deluded sheeple need to be controlled; to be reigned in. Otherwise they pose a danger not only to themselves, but to the rest of us who have no problem being happy, motivated and extremely positive about being in Hotel Singapore.

agongkia said...

Not interested in those whatever Phua Kay Kias , fake certs. or fake talents that you mentioned.

My only disappointment as a Sinkie is that I am born in a city who refuse to allow bigamy or polygamy.And the most difficult thing to find in Sin City to me is the You Know What who refuse to produce me dozen of talents .How to live with these unproductive Cecilia or Linda who only love ice cream and whining but refuse to produce me dozens.
Why am I make to produce talents elsewhere .Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Something wrong with yr kopi gauge, and many of the adverts ask for registration??

oldhorse42 said...

Aiya coffee level red again!

Why does RB drank so much coffee one? It will make him more grouchy and rant more in his blog. Especially against foreigners.

I have to put in some work to visit the advertisers to restore the coffee level to a healthier one!

Talking about foreigners,ST has a piece today written by Denise Chong on pg 46 in the "think" column.In bold letter, this piece says " Some folk born here want Singapore all to themselves...Make sure it is for good reason.

There is also a picture of a presumably local chasing away foreigners who have different accents.

Fake talents difficult to find? I do not think so. The authorities are not working hard enough. Just catch a few for show only.

Employers who employed fake talents are let off?Shouldn't employers be accountable,too?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks guys. Kopi level back to Green.


Anonymous said...

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Nasiim Ahmed, working with BBC Inside Out, discovered a group of clinics in Singapore which were willing to provide a form of female genital mutilation called Sunat.