Consider local contractors for MRT projects

Chin Kee Thou wrote in the Today forum pleading to the authority to consider local contractors in the award of contracts. We have been in the train business for about 40 years and there should be enough expertise to do it ourselves. Why continue to award contracts to foreigners, to be forever hoping for the transfer of know how to our local boys. China opened up for less than 40 years and they are building bullet trains on their own and many other things without the need for foreign talents. Or shall we wait to recruit train experts from the recently commissioned Mumbai LRT to run our trains as they would then be deemed as foreign talents and better than our no talent locals even after so many years of running our train system?

Actually I am crossing over, or bought over by this craze for foreign talents. I think I am getting the disease. We really need more foreign talents or we will sink. Let’s have more of them. We have foreign talents in DBS and the bank is getting better and better. No bluff. And our stock exchange is so vibrant, the best in the world.

And we have quite a number of foreigners in the stats boards. Ok, let’s open up the ministries to foreign talents, and to make it more palatable, any position that is equivalent to the premier admin service the employee shall be given the pink IC to be seen as one of us. We can start by replacing our permanent secretaries, deputy secretaries and assistant secretaries with foreign talents.

I think all our senior civil servants will love the chance to work with foreigners as their bosses, more oomphs and creativity. They have been the ones pushing for this policy and they would not oppose it for sure. Let’s start with SPH, MHA and Mindef.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

We actually have the best talents locally but the problem is that the famiLEE has a monopoly on them and there are not enough to go around.

And the best of them is too busy going around disseminating his Hard Truths.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Looks like only Lum Chang JV learned the trade?

Veritas said...

PAP cling on to power for so many years precisely due to the fact that she kill local entreprenuers and sell us to MNC.

Giving local contracts means the emergence of an independent power pole that will threaten PAP. By all means, Singaporeans must not allow to prosper.

For example foreigners can come here set up banks but locals are ban from opening bank. The last one being Tat Lee.

In IT, all contracts if possible are given to NCS which then farm it out to HP, IBM...etc

In short, GLC and MNC got all public spending. Singaporeans are being designed by Kuan Yew to be condemned perpetually to be the workers, of MNC and PAP GLC.

Veritas said...

Kuan Yew is a mother fucker who will destroy a country just for personal gain. Kuan Yew is also a fucking idiot. Singapore economic model can bring us only to hell. It will lead us nowhere.

The NE Asia model is much better. Korean Chaebol never mind they are cronies are far better than fucking scholars and elites of Singapore.

Pak Chung Hee despite being a tyrant groom the Samsung, Hyundai..etc who are today the leaders in technology.

If Kuan Yew farm out IT contracts to locals, we may have our Samsung. Instead we have fucking NCS, ST, DSO, DSTA, A* who are notorious among engineers for politicking.

There are no places a Singaporeans can go if he want to pursue technology. What about US MNC? PAP import FT Indians who act as PAP agents to kick talented Singaporeans from job.

Anonymous said...

At all cost, Singaporeans must never be allowed to prosper.
The last thing we want is to have another Singaporean power base to rival PAP.

Anonymous said...

Just go to any MNC office here n see for yourselves the number of Indian FTs n Pinoy FTs. The numbers are so overwhelming n it is unbelievable that our efficient government is not aware of it. And it can't be there are no Singaporean who can take on most of the jobs other than the labour intensive ones. 99% of the FTs have no relevant experience n are here to learn from the locals n boot them out. Their numbers are so large now that they openly speak n converse loudly in the office in their own language, much to the ignorance of the minority Singaporeans. Singaporeans hav to converse in their language to help them understand. What a joke!

Many years back, the government used to talk about technology transfer. Now? All the big projects, including government projects go to the MNCs who engage FTs. So with our taxpayer money, we trained foreigners like the Indians, Pinoys, Mynamar, Malaysians...etc.

On the surface, everything looks calm n fine. But underneath, there is severe rot n this will b revealed when the surface caved in.

This policy misstep is very serious n the government possibly know we are now on the slippery down slope. The uproars over the recent months just go on to show the enormous implication of this policy misstep n the difficulty of U-turn. How it ended up so serious wrong like this, only the government can explained.

b said...

Third world foreigners are talents? That is the biggest propaganda fabricated by pro alien party. Unfortunately, 60% of the voters believe that propaganda is truth.

Anonymous said...

Considering local contractors also not sure proof of locals expertise being involved in the projects, if the local contractors employ foreigners to do the job. We still go back to square one via the back door.

Same as MPs under GRC. Defeated elsewhere, they still enter Parliament via the back door. What can Singaporeans do? We are screwed for good.

Anonymous said...

PAP believe that doesn't matter black cat or white cat, if it catches mice, it is a good cat.

But if only a white cat is strictly allowed, then convert the black cat into a white one lah.

Why do u think they need so many new citizens, u tell me lah?

And there are even new citizen MPs!


Anonymous said...

Would it be interesting if they replace the head of ISD and his officers with foreign talents?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I would rather see the job go to the Koreans, Japanese or the Europeans -- people who are NOT SCARED of the PAP.

Local contractors can/ will be (easily) manipulated by the PAP None of you fuckers even see that. It is not that local contractors are "not as good" or "less creative". Many Singapore firms have got ISO credentials...BUT...the motherfucking government can bully them, and the will BALL DROP, just like most Singaporeans.

Wake the fuck up. Yes you especially, redbean. In this case you need foreign talents with BIG BALLS.