The Sheriff invites himself here

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State is marching into town in the capitals of East Asia and South East Asia to tell the regional leaders what is expected of them and their behavior. The USA has an interest here and the Sheriff will call the shot. Ignore at your own risk. At the moment the Sheriff is waltzing around with a wide grin on his face. When this fails to work, when the regional leaders do not toe the line, the next move will be to expose the gun tuck in his belt.

The regional leaders do not know how to behave, do not know what is good for them. They need the Emperor to think for them, and to back them up with the firepower if needed, to do what is right, according to the plans of the Emperor.

Indonesia better remember how they twisted the arms of Suharto during the Asian financial crisis. If they don’t behave, even haze can become an arm twisting excuse. Be afraid. And for the smaller states, be more afraid. There is free choice, freedom of choice, to join the Empire.

The Sheriff is really a very nice man. See, no guns. He comes in peace, to bring peace to the region that needs peace badly. Without the Sheriff around they will go to war over very silly things.

The Sheriff has invited himself here. Let’s welcome him for more peace in the region, and no arms twisting. Did he also take the opportunity to warn the Indonesians not to bully American allies in the region while he was in Jakarta?

What is clear is that the Sheriff did make the Indonesia to come up with a statement that they would not accept China’s ADIZ in the South China Sea. Actually this matter did not really concern the Indonesians but with the Sheriff breathing down their neck, they just have no choice but to do the Sheriff’s bidding. What the Indonesian failed to understand is that they would not have the backing of China or anyone should it decide to have its own ADIZ over the airspace facing Australia.

Anyway, whether the Indonesians accept it or otherwise, it was an unnecessary statement that the Chinese would simply ignore but would cost Indonesia dearly one day. It also forces the Chinese to want to declare an ADIZ to show the Indonesians and the USA to mind their own business in their own backyard.

Indonesia has cowered under the pressure of the Sheriff and this would undermine its image as a regional power to be. If it has to take the cue from the Sheriff, it shows how weak it is, and how it could be made to toe the line by a superpower. It is weak and does not have a mind of its own.


Virgo49 said...

It's Ok lah!

Sin City sponsored us one frigate and requested us to name after our two Heroic Marines who bombed MacDonald House.

Ok lah, got FREE one frigate and becomes their Bogeyman just for a while.

Their GE coming you know and we got to help Adik/beradik or Abang/Adik.

Bluff, bluff make noises in Parliament and not welcome our ship. Ok Lah! They have not sponsored the fuel yet how to go??

Same LKY's tactics in the 60s

Their Register comes out ready for elections and Sinkies can now check to get 4D numbers to buy Wed 4D draw.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Virgo, you think of every scenario possible. What is real and what is fiction, very hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

Don't take the Indons as daft. They are going to kick asses soon, but not the Americans of course.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

He's not only a Sheriff. He's also a billionaire (by marriage).

I think the Pinoy's will be going ape shit. The Pinoy government likes to talk damn big, thinking the USA has got its back. So the Pinoys are going to suck Kerry's balls and lick his asshole (a common skill amongst many of the women and also the men) so that the Philippines can continue with its "brave talk" directed at China.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Americans have offered more training areas for our boys and we are going to burn bridges with the Indonesians.

Anonymous said...

You need to go for a check up at IMH for Tourettes Syndromes or worse.

Anonymous said...

Haha... wat cunt be worst than a tail waggling dog of papigs?

knnccb... long live kuan yew,

b said...

Where is Putin? Must be busy with the winter sochi olympic. I think he will not mind showing up if he is not too busy. Curry clearly knows when to pick the time to visit.

Anonymous said...

How could Indonesians tell the Asean countries that they are a leader when an American could come to Jakarta to squeeze their balls and force them to say what the Americans want them to say?

Last time they squeezed Suharto's balls dry. No difference this time.

b said...


It does not only happen to indonesia, even the europeans have to 'listen' to papa cowboy.