China’s meekness as a super power is courting trouble

China has never learnt from its past mistakes. It is a super power that is afraid to use its clout and allowed pesky little countries to climb all over its head and kick its ass. Look at the USA or even India, who dares to trifle with them knowing for sure they will be whacked?

China is being threatened and provoked by the Japanese daily and not doing anything. The worst case is to be provoked and threatened by the Philippines. The Pinoys are threatening to use force against China if its fishing boats are attacked by the Chinese. So what can China do? It did sprayed water at the Pinoy fishing boats in the Scarborough Shoal or Huangyan Island. And this has angered the Philippines govt.
Why is China behaving so meek to the Philippines? In the past, the Pinoys had towed many Chinese and Taiwanese fishing boats into Manila Bay from the area and demanding fines and ransoms. The Pinoys even fired and killed a Taiwanese fisherman. Neither Taiwan nor China could do anything.

The precedents set by the Pinoys should be used to China’s advantage. China should simply tow Pinoy fishing boats to Hainan and fined them for fishing in Chinese waters. There is no need to go further and shoot at the fishing boats like the Pinoys. Is China acknowledging that the Scarborough Shoal/Huangyan Island is a disputed territory so it has no right to do so? This kind of meek behavior is unbecoming of a super power and little pesky countries like the Philippines would see it as a sign of weakness and would continue to tease China, even threatening to use force against Chinese ships.

When is China going to learn to behave like a super power, to be respected or if not feared by little irritating countries? The inaction or meek reaction will only embolden little pests to continue taunting at China. It is time that China put a stop to the pomposity of little countries like the Philippines to make them behave and know their proper place in its relationship with a super power. If the Pinoys were to try the same act to the Indians, they will be whacked until their butts bleed.

A super power must behave and act like one to avoid trouble from trouble makers.
A super power must behave and act as a super power or it will be plagued by constant irritations from little pests. China cannot be nice to trouble makers and think they will go away.


b said...

(Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5)

- China is waiting for the right time to strike. The true enemy is not those barking dogs like japs or pinoys.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China is not a super power yet. It will take sometime, but she'll get there, but not yet.