Usman Harun – What is the drumming all about?

Everyone is talking tough and acting tough. Even in the social media, many are thumping their chests and acting like fighting cocks. We are the strongest fighting force in the region with all the latest and most expensive American hardware that on paper make us look very good. We are able to take on anyone, big country as well. We fear not, fear no one. This is the kind of silly talks that has engulfed the empty vessels in social media. These empty heads think war is a computer game. We have the software and the hardware, so we can show off, like the Americans. We can start wars and thump anyone who doesn’t agree with us or who doesn’t respect our feelings.

The difference is that the Americans are an Empire and we are just a dot. A rat standing on the head of a tiger and bossing around with bigger animals must remember not to fall down from the tiger’s head. It will be trampled to minced meat and devoured. The Americans also have this capability of taking the war to other countries and fight wars out of American soil. They could hit others and not be hit. The only time when they wet their pants was during the Twin Tower incident. George Bush was running for cover inside America when the enemy took the fight into the American heartland.

Does anyone remember and notice what really happened during Confrontation? Indonesian paratroopers landed in Johore and Singapore, also in East Malaysia. Though everyone claimed that there was no declaration of war, these were acts of war. Why was it that Malaysia did not responded by attacking Indonesia? The British were still with us and still a superior military force. They too did not start a war with the Indonesians. They were only reacting and thinking of fighting the paratroopers and marines infiltrated into our soil. It was just defensive measures, no offensive operations. Singapore also did not send any military forces to attack the Indonesians after the MacDonald House bombing. Maybe we were militarily weak. But we have the British still obligated to protect us. Their forces were still in the island.

The thing is that no one would want a war. Do we want a war? We have the superior weapons of war. Do we want to play with war?

When China was unable to detonate its atom bomb, its top scientist who could detonate the bomb did not want to get involved in making a weapon of mass destruction. He finally was persuaded by the missile and rocketry expert Qian Xue Sen to work on the bomb. The reasoning, to have the atom bomb and not using it was not the same as not having the bomb. The moral of the story was to have the atom to avoid being attacked, not to attack another country or go to war with the bomb.

Singapore may be armed to the teeth, but it must not to be eager to go to war. The powerful weapons we possessed are there to avoid wars. All the cocky and arrogant talks were provocative, unnecessary and unhelpful. Our potential enemies know what we have and what we are capable of. That is good enough to keep them from adventurism, to want to have a war with us. Our capability and military strength must not be excuse for adventurism and foolish thoughts and talks.

Our superior strategy is to be in a position of strength to avoid war. We have been very successful in this and as long as war is prevented. Our strategy depends not only on our superior weapons but on a rational, thinking and wise enemy. When the enemy becomes irrational, emotional and agitated, we have lost. When war starts, we have failed. The death toll and destruction of a war would not be 3 dead and 33 wounded. It would be thousands of times more serious and destructive. Our first strike strategy is only a strategy and is not our special privilege. Do you ever think that our enemy can also have a first strike strategy and when they hit first we are as good as gone?

Don’t always think that we are a few steps ahead of our enemies, that only we can think and plan. Our enemies also can think and can plan and know our every move. Arrogance and unestimating the enemies are the first step to defeat.

Stop the drumming please. And stop walking around and crowing like a silly cock.

Kopi level - Green


Anonymous said...

I hope our future Prime Minister is not a war monger.
Let's vote Opposition to make sure.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, we served in the SAF and know our capacities.

Our time, ah sengs, ah bengs with tattoo of dragons, tigers, scorpions of 1SIR & 2SIR.

At least ninety percent of us not specky with only a few cartoon comrades.

On drill grounds, tortured by the true professional soldiers and few of us peng san.

injured knee caps on Oso courses as pronouned by the Malay Regiment soldiers and yet next day unable to report sick as have to carry full cabinets to MO if want to
report sick.

Went for route march of 42 kms dragging our injured knees bavk to camps.

At that also do not want to fight. Just Defence exercises.

Now these present bunch of soldiers, eyes glued to their I pads, handphones, computers with ninety percent specky want to fight a war with the Indonesians??

Commit hiri-kiri???

One good example our SOC running away from the Indian rioters will tell you our capabilities.

Good to see horrible to eat

Virgo 49 said...

Just to add:

Somemore command by our present bunch of Paper Generals!!!

Anonymous said...

Please pray that this drumming don't escalate to be like old time drumming "forward, attack". Stop the silly crowing by the stupid cock.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @9.22am.

The Indonesians just need to send one platoon of their crack (real crack means siao) Kalimantan commandos to redo a dozen Mac Donald's House episodes if we want that to happen again.

Not say, I want to pour cold water.

The said...

/// Why was it that Malaysia did not responded by attacking Indonesia? ///

Look at the size of Malaya/Malaysia, and then look at the size of Indonesia. Look at the size of the Malaysian armed forces, and then look at the size of the Indonesian armed forces.

/// But we have the British still obligated to protect us. Their forces were still in the island.///

The British forces were in Singapore when Japan invaded during WW2 - what happened to Singapore? They had the Prince of Wales & Repulse - the most modern and formidable warships then - and what happened? The British deserted Penang and scoot secretly off. Why should the British die for Singapore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I shake my head reading some of the comments and glorifications of our soldiers during confrontation. I respect them as our heroes for fighting, defending and dying for our country.

But we must face the hard truth. A section fighting against another section is not war. A platoon or a company fight against another is not a battle.
The experience of those soldiers are hardly anything to crow about as battle hardened soldiers or war proven.

A war is not a tea party. The British ran away from a war when the Japanese came. A war is about moving battalions, regiments, divisions engaged in ruthless battles.

Don't hope for war and don't even think it is fun. Don't think our soldiers have experienced wars and are in good stead to fight a war.

Anonymous said...

I so sorry these two Indonesian heroes were sentenced to death in singapore for performing their duty.

Thank you to the msm n papigs for such information, without which I will not have the chance to honour the heroes. Thank you papigs n your mouthpiece.

Knnccb.... the problems now, kuan yew the japenis translator n prata flipper nathan, are the greater heroes than these two Indonesian martyrs?

Anonymous said...

Will the papigs n their running dogs n bitches praise n glorify anybody who decide n actually burn down the japenis yasucunti shrine to avenge the murders of victims of japenis invaders

Knnccb ... kuan yew.. how many fellow men u save in your role as the japenis running dog?

Anonymous said...

Empty vessel makes the most noise.
What war?
Send 5000 refugees here and sinkies
will panick on how to accommodate
them. And anymore added will be hell
for sinkies.
Is there a need for war?

Virgo 49 said...

Right Mr RB, the confrontation engagements are called skirmishes in military jargon and fracas in civil fights.

Resl war like the Vietnam war lasts nearly a decade.

Anonymous said...

Please see all this drumming for what it is...whipping up of public sentiment to unite against a common outside "threat" and scare-mongering to vote for familiarity and "steady" hands at the helm and finally to distract from pressing domestic issues.

If not for this timely "opportunity" provided by the Indonesians, some other scarecrows would have be dusted from the old cupboard of scare tricks (and some already have, mind you) for the upcoming occasion the public is speculating about lately.

Ask yourself, who has been playing this up to the max, and why.

Please don't be manipulated and most of all distracted from real pressing current issues.

Anonymous said...

Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get our of it is to come back to his farm in one piece?
Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship.
Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for their lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.
~ Hermann Goering

Anonymous said...

Indonesians love chilli (hot pepper).
And chilli padi makes them salivate.

Anonymous said...

Are the PAPigs using Usman Harun as an excuse to declare martial law in Singapore?
Is this an excuse to install a PAP led military junta?

Anonymous said...

Who's drumming, who's drumming?

Anonymous said...

With a simple short history, scrapping the bottom of the barrel for heroes to honour.

How about Hang Tuah or Parameswara?

b said...

PAP is very fond on inciting fear among the people. They are top fear mongers. If there is real security threat, all sinkies (male or female adults, young or old) should all be armed with at least AK47 and some simple combat skills that can be learnt from the youtube. No need to waste so much money on military training. We are not in the medieval but digital age. The royal and top class of indonesians are all living hell of a good life, they will not risk that for a stupid war with some peanut size country.

b said...

If the indon want to go to war for some stupid reasons, they will choose australia. once that happened or being orchestrated, the entire world or G20 will come in and finish indon off like no one business. they are just waiting for a chance like that like a scavenger.

Anonymous said...

Which fool is so silly as to want war with Sin?

It is now a damned liability for anyone to own it.

Anonymous said...

This is the era, that Asia should united and enjoy economic blast ! We are living in such an opportunity time - and yet, caught up in unneccesary dispute !

A war, is the last thing you want to wish ..you guys never have experiencing conflict...it's bad and so ugly, there are no honour in it..how can one expecting it ..crazy !

Hopefully you all guys can look for ways to recover your both wounds but not to make it what is already ugly become worst ! alcohol !

Anonymous said...

if you give each sinkie an AK47 i think they'll end up killing each other. so stress every little thing and everywhere they fight, in mrt, buses, in taxis, at bus interchanges.

Anonymous said...

The question is whether sinkies face more dangers from their own fellow countrymen or those outside the border.
Most will feel the threats from fellowmen more immediate than those from outside.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... finally the Indo angmoh running dog marty rear his ass to show his anti China sentiment

The wayang continue with his fellow running dogs here

Knnccb .. long live kuan yew, hope u mentally capable of witnessing the karma unfounding