Malaysia MP Teresa Kok receives threats

A video clip on political satire in Malaysia by MP Teresa Kok has gone viral and with the MP receiving threats for being anti Malay. She has also lodged a police report on the threats and asking the police to conduct a fair investigation on the accusation thrown at her and the threats.

In a country when the use of the term Allah by the Christians could lead to the threats of May 13 or killing of the minorities, the non Malays must be very careful in what they say or do. They should be extra sensitive to the feelings and OB areas that would raise more controversies and even threats of violence. A good reminder is the blanking off of pig’s faces in the media and the video of a stupid young couple about bak kut teh during the fasting month. Avoiding such controversies is not only good advice but good for their own well being despite the laws providing freedom of expression and religious practice.

The controversial video is attached below for all to view objectively and to form their own opinion if they so wanted on this matter, at least with an educated and proper knowledge of what it was in the first place. Just a caution, whatever opinions you have it is best to keep it to yourself and if you wish to express them, do not sensationalise it or be too provocative to invite undue reactions. Discuss it maturely and objectively in a calm manner. A lot of restraints are needed even if the issue is across the causeway. 

Kopi level - Green



Anonymous said...

Limpeh... also a racist,

How cum nobody threatened me?

I so fucking racist, I even hate myself

Knnccb.... but I love kuan yew, love live kuan yew... witness you karma unfolding on the familee

Anonymous said...

While Singapore pay is ministers the highest pay in the world, the Nordic, Swiss and NZ pay it minister the reasonable pay in the world of around $200K per year?

If high pay can solve the problems, the result don't showed?

Could the Singapore ministers achieve what the Nordic achieve with this type of pay? If not should they give way to the opposition parties, that might do a better job? They started as an opposition party?

Could Singapore numerous issues cause by their enormous salaries, 8 month bonuses, allowances and Pension causing them to slacken, maybe they thought they are already millionaires even they lost their jobs doesn't matter, can always find a job in the GLC and listed companies?

When their pay too high the tendencies to give excuses to their failures? Take the easy way out of keep importing foreigners to grow the economy? With non of the developed nation do that?

Most of or all the developed nations used advanced tech and developed their local capabilities and empowering their locals?

Will their pay lower to around their Nordic, Swiss and NZ achieve the level of high birthrate like the Nordic, low income disparities & high standard of living? Solve many other issues?

Singapore is facing dwindling standard of living, like the constant MRT breakdown, overcrowding, shortage of hospitals space, constant floods, casinos, gambling addictions, loan sharks, rampant prostitution, rising drug addictions, suicides, fast growing older generations, and many other challenges etc?

Like SIngaporean worrying the 30K of newer citizens, taking away their jobs and their children jobs?

Could their enormous salaries causes the rapid rising inflation, Singapore had one of the highest cost of living in the world?

Anonymous said...

Did the United Nations approved the votes top up system of the GRC, votes passing around system? Why is carry out as Singapore has no issue with race all these years?

And the $1K or the handreds of dollars given as profit sharing schemes during the 2011 election and the presidential elections, should it be given after the election?

oldhorse42 said...

I am glad to note that the coffee level is now green - a healthy level.
Yesterday was lichun. Many of your readers must have used the occasion to deposit a lot of coffee into your coffee bank.

I watch the video and I was not upset by it. May be because I am not a Malaysian politician.

My broker is a a Malaysian and SPR. He is so happy with the high property price here and the low ringgit exchange rate.

He sold his HDB and with the proceeds bought a house in Ipoh and live happily there with the money made in Singapore.

Pity those Malaysian who took up Singapore citizenship. They cannot do the same. Just have to sink with the sinkie.

Anonymous said...

It is a matter of how powerful you are, not the power of your logic, argument, humour, satire or even blog.

Powerful means really got power lah, like being (elected) the govt, and controlling the police and armed forces. Not powerful meh? Don't play play OK?

Anonymous said...

Tiok. Got power even 10,000 people demo also cannot fight one.

So go and get the power lah. How? Contest 100% seats in elections and win majority seats lah.

Anonymous said...

"He sold his HDB and with the proceeds bought a house in Ipoh...."
Anon 9:22 am

Tiok. For RM560K (S$215K) can buy a 7000 sq ft bungalow in Ipoh.

S$215K can't even buy a 3 rm HDB pigeonhole!

But then money and house is not everything lah, tio bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi oldhorse, and everyone, thanks for the kopi,. Actually the level barely crossed the green level.

I watched the video and though it was just a humorous satire, a lot of puns and sometimes rubbing some politicians on the wrong side but nothing to warrant the kind of attacks. But then again, different people have different level of sensitivity and tolerance and take things differently.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Love the video. The MP is so creative and full of satire. Thks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some of the jokes you need to be Malaysians to appreciate.

Anonymous said...

GRC could have retarded Singapore growth by ten or twenty years? Which the brought in MP that then to be agreeable with the main party, even if they disagreed they can use the whip?

When there is 4 opposition candidates in the 80s came in the main party panic? They think of the GRC after that only 2 MP CST and LTK came in the parliament out of 80 over MP?

In the 80s China still romancing with the doctrine? Singapore have not much competition for foreign investments at the usually the lower end?

As Deng Siow Peng came to Singapore he saw the rapid industrialization?

He decided to copy Singapore model?

After 2000 Singapore began to hollowing out, Singapore simply can't compete on cost with China billions of cheap labour? A minister said Singapore experience many recessions around that period, so Singapore decided to have two not one casinos?

If Singapore have more oppositions like the Nordic multi parties system, Singapore will concentrate on developing its local not the foreigners, which is something wrong?

The type of mentality still didn't change until today?

Tan Jee Say and Nicole Seah could have came in the parliament and speak?

With only 2 opposition MP in the parliament how can they speak out or have the time to speak out? Which lead to many social issues of today?

Because of not much competition using the GRC the main party can keep counting their money, giving excuses they can give to increase their pay again?

A figure head president went around shaking hands and take photos made a astounding $40 millions in his 12 year tenure?

The GRC system cause Singapore much regression, if at that time don't have the GRC system? With the rapid rising of China, Singapore could have went the way of the Nordic , Israel & South Korea to counter the rising cost?

Singapore could have close it income gap, birth rate, increase its standard of living? Less depend on cheap labour or labour intensive foreign investment?

Singapore could have been a advanced nation like the Israel and South Korea?

With more opposition came in and give their better ideas, the leader could have sense something wrong earlier, not wait until Singapore hollowing out then bring in the casinos which had tremendous social cost?

Without the GRC, Singapore could have like the German after the heavy defeat in World War rebuild their shatter countries which concentrate on their production and making better machinery?

With the state controlled medias, not much ideas the same stuff only listen and see the right stuff type of news?

With the rapid improvement in internet and handheld devices, brought out all the social issues that Singaporean can't heard it in the parliament, where 2011 more then 40 percent are opposition voices, only 8 percents or 7 oppositions out of 87 candidates?

Which the 28 candidates supposed to give their feedback and ideas how to solved the countries woes were not present?

With little competition, main party can devise policies to their favor?

Anonymous said...

Because of little competition in the Parliament the can keep find ways and excuse to increase the indirect taxes to maintain their world highest political income?

Anonymous said...

Singapore voters are maturing?

Usually new citizens prefer the western or northern side because of less congestion and cheaper housing? But they are internet savvy?

Previously the newer or new citizens about 30K of new citizens likely to vote the main party, but with the rapid improving in hand held internet device and cheaper, more new citizens realize the situation they are in?

It show in the Punggol East, which many of them are new citizens?

These coming 2016 could be a rude awakening for the main party? Because the new citizen know they are entice here to support their world most expensive pay and all those direct or indirect taxes and vote for them?

The Punggol East BE should a massive change of support to the opposition party just halfway between the 2011 and 2016 election?

In the future as more opposition parties follow Li Lian footstep knock on every new citizens doors and explain to them the rational of the oppositions parties and the situation they are in?

It is likely they will change their mind voting for the oppositions?

With the most expensive ministers you need to pay the most expensive taxes directly or indirectly? Of course they said it is low taxes but indirect taxes is much higher?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Sinkie satire cartoonist Leslie Chew kena called up for questioning by our beloved anti-Sinki pro FT police force. S'pore M'sia both same lah.

Anonymous said...

why you ask so many questions in your reply?

Anonymous said...

i think his full-stop key spoil lah. so he press the question mark key.

The said...

/// Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...
Some of the jokes you need to be Malaysians to appreciate. ///

Nah, both you and I are not Malaysians - but we know the jokes.

As long as you follow the Malaysian political scene, you will be able to appreciate the jokes.

Screw Horse - lor see ma - Rosmah.

The fat women in the middle is clearly trying to be PM's wife, with all the blinks blinks.

b said...

The rulers of malaysia love to use religion as a tool to 'divide and rule'. hope the people whatever their religions able to see the hidden agenda behind their scams.

b said...

But the malaysia rulers wickedness is only a small percent of the sink rulers wickedness and they learnt all their wickedness from sink rulers. an average malaysian can have a freehold house, a family car and a stable job - things that sinkies can only dream of. Furthermore, sink rulers are also teaching the middle kingdom to screw their people using COE and ERP.

Anonymous said...

When Najib became PM, LKY made a visit to KL. He asked to see the PM's wife, Rosmah. LKY had a one to one meeting with Rosmah for an hour at her home. Old man don't anyhow ask to meet people wan you know. I think after 1965 old man go KL only 3 times.


b said...

In a way, the malaysians are the ones that weaken the ringgit for chasing the foreigners out. Many foreigners are pissed off by their MM2H requirements.

Anonymous said...

U r absolutely wrong

Daft singaponang r better, narrow minded boss will recruit shit to protect their business n their careers

Long live kuan yew, hope u enjoy the fruits of your actions as they ripen on your descendants;

Human evolving into ape, ...... etcetera

Knnccb... may I reap the karma for rejoicing during this festive season.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I thought the video was FUNNY. Honestly, the Malaysians are capable of making beter quality humour than our mostly straight-laced and overly-ANALytical Singaporean kiasu.

To me it is clearly evident that UMmmm...NO!! and religious assholes are purposely witch hunting for the sake of making trouble, or out of sheer jealousy targeting the Chinese...at New Year, no less.

Now they are trying to regulate SPEECH, by regulating the use of a word...yes, it's just a fucking word: ALLAH. What the mother fuck?

I am reminded by the events in the 1930's Germany, when the smart, productive Jewish class was eventually subjected to "regulation" by political will. The recent events in Malaysia look similar to me.

Fuck you, UMNO. Lick my asshole, and suck my balls.

Allah ku Akhbar! (Ka-Boom!!)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you were born in the 19th century and be a quitter in the USA, you would also be regulated by your idol country to be a laundry man or a cook or just be a coolie in the gold mines or building railway tracks.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> you would also be regulated

This is what separates your limited "prisoner-of-circumstance" philosophy from my unlimited possibility "create-your-own-destiny" CODE.

Yours is a way of thinking, and then subsequently acting within limited constraint -- never escaping the self-imposed limitations of "victim-hood".

For me, I say "Fuck all the constraints imposed by other humans who presume to be 'superior' to me. I will be the one to decide who I will be, and what I will strive to achieve".

I would hate to be you :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are just behaving like the little red dot believing that you can punch above your weight.

You think the hundreds of millions of red indians, the millions of niggers and hundreds of thousands of little Chinamen did not think of wanting to decide their own lives?

But you are exceptional. I should have thought of that: )

KNN, when they have the chains on you then you will know what is the meaning of cannot break free.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Again, it is clearly obvious that you and I are so different, and I stand by my claim -- It would suck to be you :-))

If you are "downtrodden" your only option to improve your circumstance is to punch above your weight. Otherwise you've made the choice to just be a PASSIVE prisoner of circumstance, and you deserve to die slowly and painfully.

Punching above your own weight means you are going to get beaten up and bested many times. Yes, you will take losses. If you are unwilling to accept this as FACT, then, stay where you are and die lah...on your knees, as a slave, knowing that you couldn't muster the courage to at least give a jolly good shot at improving your lot -- despite being so "unfairly" dealt a losing hand by nature. Fuck you, you really deserve your fate :-)

It took nearly 400 years, but the Black American Negro Slave finally broke free from their chains...and one day became President of the United States, and leader of the free-world. Achieved the MAXIMUM 2 terms in office. Both election wins: landslide. In another part of the world, another black man beat his white apartheid oppressors, and also became President.

redbean, please lah. You make claims of slavery as a fixed destiny, people like Barrack Obama and Nelson Mandela if he was still alive will slap you in the face lah.

Piak! Piak! Wake up your ideas!