Tan Cheng Bock - I invite, I disinvite

There are many ways to look at this comedy. I like to call it so and I am going to drum about it. What I am saying is pure drumming as there is no element of truth in it. Just for a little giggle.

Think that this invite could be real, intentional, carefully choreographed. I invite you to this grand party. I know you like to be there as it is the right place to be at this time of the year. Then I disinvite you. This is like telling the guest, see, you could be there. All I need is to send you the invitation. But you must know which side is your bread buttered. Now I am letting you know that you could be there but I decided not to let you be there.

The above of course is based on the assumption that there is no mistake in the invite. But it could be a simple mistake. It could happen in several ways. One way is that the junior executive that sent out the invite was just doing a routine job. Get the list compiled which is an annual exercise and sent it out with the clearance of the immediate boss. They have been doing this every year. It is like second nature.

Then the bigger boss read the list and decided that something is amiss and decided that some must be dropped. And the order came down and someone has to do the job of telling the unpleasant truth of the disinvite.

Or it could be a genuine mistake like the CIA using an outdated map to bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. It was a genuine mistake that the loser must squeeze his balls and accept the explanation as genuine and it came with a sincere apology.

The stature of Cheng Bock has risen since he came so close to be the President of the country. Many believe that he is the President but somehow was robbed of the post by many funny reasons. And many believe strongly that he would definitely be the President if there is a reelection.

For being such a near miss President, would it not be nice and respectful to invite him to the Istana that could be his, or he could be the host for the party? Would his presence make people feel uneasy and be confused as to which one is the real people’s president?  Thus it is better to do the disinvite to avoid any red faces even knowing that Cheng Bock would not be there to claim that he could be the party host that night.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

What do you think of the present govt.? There is even an error in handling simple matter like invitation list and the aftermath of it. What a joker. Sigh......

Anonymous said...

Daft.... daft....

Tan cb..... okay guys dun like your minds run wild! It's not chee bye but Cheng bok never learn from his kaki experiences?
Devan nair, Francis seow, Tang liang hong et al.

All blue eyes boys of kuan yew, suma chop chop.. no need to elaborate

Knnccb... long live kuan yew, do u see your friend devan waving to u?

Anonymous said...

What is it all about?
Tan Cheng Bok missed the Companies of his Fellow Parliamentarians?
Is it not a storm in a teacup?

Anonymous said...

If a Singaporean like Tan Cheng Bock gets slapped by a Singaporean Traitor ... then all Singaporeans must stand firm and slap the traitor in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Lose means lose lah, what near miss President.

When it's not yours yet, it will not be yours.

Anonymous said...

Just as WP is not ready to be Govt, PAP is not ready to invite Tan Cheng Bock to Istana this time.

And maybe all the time from this time.

Anonymous said...

A lot of things do by PAP is half baked.

Is Desmond Kuek operationally ready to be CEO of SMRT?
Is LHL operationally ready to be Prime Minister?
Is LKY operationally ready to retire as MP of Tanjong Pagar?

Anonymous said...

My apologies to go off on a tangent, but what do you think of this: would Cheng Bok (hypothetically) allow his First Lady to be insulted this way?


The link is to a Japanese newspaper talking about Singapore's First Lady, but it's not who you think.

Anonymous said...

We paid them millions in salaries and they cannot handle this properly....

What is an extra mouth to feed...Maybe TCB can tell them..HE WILL BRING HIS OWN DINNER

Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear who wears the pants in THAT family.

Anonymous said...

It's just a comedy of errors, involving the greatest clowns in the PMO. They forgot this advice from the Khaw on how to organise a banquet: "When one invites 1,000 guests, one must cater for all 1,000, he said, even if they have not RSVPed and perhaps only 600 or 700 ultimately turn up."

Anonymous said...

Skali next election, Cheng Bok become President. Ha! Then he can invite anyone for the Istana Garden Party. Joking aside, we can see this incident that these Papigs have very black hearts. Black face, black hearts. Today President Ong Teng Cheong death anniversary. Still cannot forget and forgive what they did to him and the First Lady.

Anonymous said...

RB, please write something about Ong Teng Cheong. Just a few lines.

Anonymous said...

If any lesson can be drawn from this farce, it is that the PAP and their supporters are petty minded, TCB included. There you see the typical PAP supporter being so proud to get an invite. Sometimes it is good for business to have your picture taken with the bigwigs. Better still, get a PBM, BBM and what have you and get your MP and others to congratulate you in an advertisement in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who's on the invite list. Must read like a who's who of the arselickers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I did post a comment in TRE on Teng Cheong. Many have been presidents and remembered by the people as nice president, good president, people's president or handshaking president.

Only Ong Teng Cheong is being remembered by the people as a great president, a president who did his job seriously for the people of the country. His family and children should be proud of Teng Cheong and his legacy.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a loser, whether as Presidential or general election candidate, or as a Sinkie.

For loser Sinkies, it means money no enough lah.

Anonymous said...

For loser Sinkies, it means money no enough lah.
Anon 6:45 pm

Tiok. If only money got enough, then Sinkies will not think PAP govt is that bad and even deserve the vote, tio bo?

And Tan Cheng Bock is only a loser candidate, not a loser Sinkie, so not that bad lah.

Anonymous said...

Cheng Bok should know that this is the result of him challenging the PAP.

We all know very well what happened to Devan Nair and Ong Teng Cheong. In fact, I don't need a crystal ball to know that they will give him the cold shoulder after his foray. He is lucky they did not give him the cold store treatment.

In any case, I think it is a blessing in disguise that he lost, because had he won, he would probably end up like Ong Teng Cheong or Devan Nair, knowing that he was not the one supported by the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Bull shits.... lah

Prata man... his name? Fucking shit, I cunt remember,.. nanthan?????

is the most loved preshitent of Singapore... dun believe?? Check out tekka market... down to earth, down to grassloots level... see his photo with many.

OK.... I admit, not in japenis army uniforms.

Knnccb... but I confess, kuan yew is mybestest loved idol
Long live kuan yew

Gintai_昇泰 said...

I'm definitely proud of Ong TC. We really love this great man!

Anonymous said...

"Only Ong Teng Cheong is remembered by the people as a great president......"

It also proves how dirty Singapore politics can be, although they profess to be white and clean. Do an honest job that the position entails and OTC ended up being removed for trying to be too honest and conscientious in attempting to uncover the dirt under the rug.

Ever wonder why so many Asian leaders ended up behind bars the moment they step down from office. And ever wonder why dictators never want to give up their control. It figures.

Anonymous said...

The American President is elected to protect the American Constitution.
If the President violates the Constitution, he can be removed from office.
The American Generals similarly swear loyalty to defend the American Constitution against all internal and external enemies.

How about Singapore?
Will our Generals defend the Singapore Constitution against all internal and external enemies?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Singapore Generals do profess to protect. What is not clear is what or who they are protecting.

That is why we have so many paper generals in the cabinet. Some will defend the front and sides, while some will defend the rear. I mean isn't that what rear admirers are expected to do?

b said...

Another childish game played by some pap toddlers - I friend you, I dont friend you . Grow up and stop exhibiting this kind of childish and embarrassing behavior. Paying them millions in salaries does not make them a better person but turn them into spoil brats.