Foreign talent and the suicide of nation states

‘Switzerland voted in favor of new immigration curbs, risking a backlash from the European Union and thwarting the ability of companies to hire top talent abroad.’

European nations are waking up to the hole they dug for themselves with an open border and freedom of immigration under the guise of foreign talents. And every asshole is talking about the goodness of hiring foreign talents at the expense of the well being of their own citizens. Smaller nation states like Switzerland would be the first to feel the pain and is now taking actions to stop this idiocy. More European states would do so in times to come.

When one is talking about talents, countries that have a big pool of trained talents would have the benefits of exporting their talents overseas when there are silly political leaders willing to sell their countries freely. China and India would eventually fill the whole world with their talents. In smaller states, the top jobs could easily be replaced by these talents when their pool is so huge, more than 2 billion people to choose from among them. It is a simple number game.

When would the idiots realize that this game cannot be played under laissez faire terms when it is as good as no rules? When this is the case, small states could be taken over by states with big populations. It is as good as selling out the whole country to foreigners.

Is this the new world order? Is this something that citizens desired at their own peril? No, it is not the new world order. It is small nations courting their own demise, willingly, voluntarily, and stupidly. The big powers would be there to grab these silly nations who are willing to lose their sovereignty in the name of ‘meritocrazy’ and thinking that they could get a free ride from foreign talents. They would get a lift for sure, from a stick shafted into their arse.

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Anonymous said...

You can ask Jet Li and Gong Li whether they are China citizen or sinkies. They will say they are China citizen. You can ask Eric Moo also (sinkies PR), he will said he is M'sian. Where are the loyalty and their contribution to sinkapore?? No wonder the people are angry. Still want to scratch your head?

Virgo49 said...

PRCs born a PRC will die as PRCs.

Hear their Song, born a chinaman die also a china ghost.

Opened doors policies to one and sundry and yet the India government required strict Visas to visit their cunt tree.

Work there?? Do business there??

Everything also protectionism and yet we allowed millions of their trashes here.

Anonymous said...

"It is small nations courting their own demise, willingly, voluntarily, and stupidly."

In Singaporeans' case.
It is daft Singaporeans courting their own demise, willingly, voluntarily, and stupidly ... bu voting PAP in GE 2016.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The idea of "nation state" is fast becoming passe, and it is a cause for celebration. Whether "old fashoioned" and "out-of-touch" people like it or not, the human race is moving toward a borderless world.

The EU is essentially already an internally borderless block -- they only have EXTERNAL borders. There is virtually free movement of capital goods, labour and culture within the EU.

Death to the Nation State. Long live the idea of "Hotel". Fact: very soon these idots with dinosauraus thinking will be long dead and gone, along with their ideas of "living in the past". Those who embrace and take opportunities in the so-called "new world order" will prevail, prosper and enjoy the fruits of LESS regulation.

Singapore, keep your borders OPEN!

b said...

Nothing is free. Free movement is all along a bullshit benefiting only a selected few. It should be abolished but the union should still stay. It should just be a defense union. EU was formed to counter the A untamed influence.

b said...

I think many foreign talents or scholars here are fakes especially those from a certain type. Most likely the gov here is covering up those frauds, scams for them.

Student visa system 'abused' to gain illegal entry to UK (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/10627100/Student-visa-system-abused-to-gain-illegal-entry-to-UK.html)

Student visa system fraud exposed in BBC investigation (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26024375)

Indian student Rajesh Kumar jailed for Curtin University English test bribes - (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/indian-student-rajesh-kumar-jailed-for-curtin-university-english-test-bribes/story-e6frg6nf-1226310459720)

b said...

'keep your borders OPEN!'

- open is fine but too open is wrong. Thats what the country gets when borders are TOO open : FAKES.