Singapore welcomes Japan’s military role?

At the Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Fullerton Forum held on 13 Jan 14, Singapore’s Minister Ng Eng Hen told the Japanese to ‘assure her neighbours as it beefs up military’. Japan is rearming, the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has visited the Yasukuni Shrine, a symbol of Japanese militarism, and sending out a message that Japan is proud of its militant past and aggression against East and Southeast Asian countries. The Japanese PM is paying homage and honouring the Japanese soldiers and war criminals who committed brutal and barbaric aggression against Japan’s neighbours in WW2, including colonizing Singapore and brutalizing its population with hundreds of thousands murdered in broad daylight.

Only China and the two Koreans were fuming at this act of defiance and treachery by the Japanese PM. The other Asian countries have not breathed a word. Many must have forgotten or forgiven the Japanese for their invasion, looting and bombing and atrocities against their countries.

Now Japan is rearming, just like it was before it invaded Asia and SE Asia. Japan’s military strength is second only to China and could easily do a repeat of WW2. No one is protesting except of course China and the Koreas. The rest of the Asian and SE Asian countries do not believe that they would be invaded by Japan again and in a way supported, or tacitly supported the rise of a new militant Japan.

Does Singapore also forget what the Japanese did to its people, ruling the island by force and coercion? Does Singapore also support a strong militant Japan that could do another Syonanto? The memories of the vicious Japanese hordes here and the pain they inflicted, the lives they murdered in broad daylight are still vivid to many who are still alive. Many may want to forgive the barbarity of the Japanese, but would we want to encourage another militant Japan?

Should the world stop the rearmament of Japan? With the new geopolitical forces in play, with the Americans needing the Japanese to fight a proxy war to contain China, no one, not even the Americans that suffered a Pearl Harbour would mind having a strong military Japan.

The forces and factors that could lead to a WW3 are in the making with the tacit approval of all the victims of past Japanese aggression. Japan has dropped its pledge on not going to war. The Pacifist Constitution is being annulled and revamped to allow Japan to conduct wars. Thanks to their American minders who are so happy to have Japan as their top fighting dog. If there is retribution, let’s hope Japan will nuke the USA one day.

PS. Why are we reacting so strongly to the Indonesians naming a naval ship after two terrorists who killed 3 people and wound 33 while condoning Japan’s remilitarization and the honouring of war criminals by their Prime Minister in Yasukuni?


Anonymous said...

Singapore under the Hakka Lee family will always a puppet and a running dog to its own people as well as being talented licking the balls of the white men. Typical f*king hakka problems all over the place included Lee Teng Hui, Chen Shui-Beng, Adhisite, Thakshite, Marcos, Ne Win and etc.

Anonymous said...

Sometime you feel sick listening to what the Americans and Japs trying to preach about wanting peace and censoring China just about on everything. Even the Chinese farting is a threat to peace.

I feel good about the Chinese dismissing those mad dogs barking every day and just continue with their vigilance and doing what is necessary without being distracted. What China spends on it's military is just a fraction of the amount of the US. why isn't anyone picking on this issue? Poodles are poodles. They just bark when their master tells them to do so. Brainless hypocrites!