The Western myth of China threat

The West has assumed their supremacy over the rest of the world for the last 500 years. From Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Germany and Britain to the US, they have taken turns to rule the world. Today, American supremacy, arrogance, assertiveness and war mongering are an accepted way of life in international politics. The Americans can bully any country it likes, attack or conduct wars, declared or undeclared, behave like gangsters trampling or violating the sovereignty of countries in international waters or in the targeted countries with impunity. No one would utter a word, or no western media would condemn the Americans and said it was wrong. That is the mindset of all western and westernized reporters, journalists, researchers, analysts or academics and politicians.

Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defence of the USA is in town and harping about the rise of China and growing assertiveness of China. Yes, this is new and news. China has been under the domination of the West for more than 150 years, it is unacceptable for China to be assertive. This assertiveness is a threat to the American Empire and its self arrogated role of exceptional assertiveness. It is okay for the Americans or any western powers to be assertive but not China. The rest of the world is warned and chided to get together to stop this Chinese assertiveness but not the assertiveness of the Americans.

In an article in the news.com.au, Australia’s biggest threat is China, it talked about the need for Australia to work with the Indians to counter the Chinese. No westerners in his right mind would ever talk about the rest of the world forming an alliance to counter the assertiveness and threat of aggression by the Americans. These are acceptable norms of American behavior that the world must abide by.

What kind of threat is China posing to the world? China going to start a war with the rest of the world, to conquer the world? Not that it is impossible, it is not necessary. China is prospering without having to conquer or go to war with any country. Look at the following statistics reported in the same news.com.au.

‘China is the leading trade partner for 124 countries, compared to 76 for the US and its stock of inward foreign direct investment (FDI) has risen to $US832 billion.

It has the largest foreign exchange reserve of $US3.7 trillion followed by Japan with $US1.3 trillion.

Growing threat ... members of the Chinese Navy, a division of the PLA. Source: News Limited

China had 122 billionaires in 2013 compared to 422 in the US, 110 in Russia, 39 in Hong Kong and 26 in Taiwan.

It is the world’s largest manufacturing nation and in 2012 China built 19.27 million vehicles up from just 2.1 million in the year 2000.

That year the US built 10.5 million vehicles, Japan 9.9 million, Germany 5.6 million Korea 4.6 million.

China also accounts for 28.8 per cent of global sales for Volkswagen, 28.9 for General Motors, 20.9 for Nissan, 19.5 for Hyundai, 17.7 for Kia, 17.1 for Honda, 14.8 for Peugeot, 13.8 for Mazda, 8.4 for Ford, 8.0 for BMW and 7.6 per cent for Toyota.

It also produces 75 per cent of global output of mobile phones, 87 per cent of personal computers and 52 per cent of colour televisions.’

Why would China want to risk all the above to go to war with any country or to give the Americans a reason to incite the world to go against China? This is a number game and China is a number game. It is winning in every hand it is holding. Any war would destroy everything the Chinese have today and going to win more at the rate they are doing.

What is all this western hype about a China threat when war is the last thing that China wants or needs? The longer there is peace in the world, the more prosperous and powerful will China be, economically and militarily. A war will end all of these.

What is your problem Frank Kendall? What is your problem America and Australia? Why is China a threat to you? Or is it you a threat to China and world peace?


Anonymous said...

Knn... China is a real threat, no doubt above it

A threat to the americunts n her running dogs, papigs is one

Knnccb... long live kuan yew

Anonymous said...

Russia was once a threat. Now China is the threat.

The West need to have a bogeyman to scare the shit out of the doggies in order to exert their continued control over them.

I am sure that without China, it would probably be someone else playing the bogeyman. You can trust the Western governments, media and poodles to peddle their nonsense to divide and control the tail waggers.

b said...

The person who wrote that article has an hidden agenda and is very biased. That person must be an indian residing in australia using fake qualifications to gain visa rights who is trying hard to savage the situation of hatred between the white australians and indians.

If history is a lesson, we will all understand that America dominated the world using military aka weapons and monopolies. Japans wants to dominate the world using propaganda and porns. India wants to dominate the world using scams and frauds. But China wants to dominate the world using trade thru friendly exchanges and not military. The reason is to bring more goodness and fair price to a world being made a mess by america and form a more peaceful world where people in the world (west or east) are not exploited by their rulers and where race and religion no longer separate but unite all people against the few common enemies of human existence.

b said...

For example, the cheap and good solar panels from china will have benefit the people (e.g. cheaper utility costs) in the world if not for some restrictive embargoes to protect some empire already ridiculous astronomical wealth.

b said...

Indonesia and india is the biggest security treat for australians. Just look at the map.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is the only one in the whole where you give a crown higher votes he can give it to a crown that had less then 50 percent of the votes and came in the parliament?

One lady MP called them crowns, there is some element of truth, because only crowns can think of these crown system, where whole group of their own kind of crown came into the parliament?

In the white paper, one crown had said there is no group think, but the crown system proved otherwise, 77 crowns voted for the white paper, no one against, which one crown said no group think?

Any where in the world, any countries developed these crowns system which they invented the word call the GRC, which can top up votes of the losers, if they are obedience and not got against your policies?

Should we change the GRC to call the crowns system, where birds of feather flock together?

Singapore is the only country in the world that allow votes to be pass around and losers can be MP, what a joke of the world?

If don't have these crown system maybe Tan Jee Say and Nicole Seah can come in?

Look like a group of children playing toys passing the toys around masak masak?

Anonymous said...

Let said one crown which people support he got the higher percentage of votes in the GRC, but this crown doesn't like the opposition to come in, so he devise the crown system, where he can pass the his extra votes to those that are obedience to him who have less then 50 percent of the population support?

Maybe he didn't like the oppositions MP to come because they might threaten their pay? The have the highest pay in the world?

So another winner MP from the oppositions because on the whole group the lost the average in the GRC he can't come in, approximately 28 seats or 32 percent of the opposition votes out of 40 percent of the votes of the opposition candidates can't came in the parliament to speak on behalf the opposition voices?

Funny how the whole world views if they know these crown system, as one lady MP called them crowns?

The crowns or the world can bring in the same type of mentality, which only SIngapore can have in the world, which make it a laughing stock of the world? What a crying shame?

Anonymous said...

'From Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Germany and Britain to the US, they have taken turns to rule the world'

Long ago, the arabs and mongols ruled the world before the whites. The white were once slaves and bullied by them.

Anonymous said...

The main party still think the population are stupid?

Let said one of the crown have a high percentage of votes, he don't like the oppositions candidates to come in to vote against his schemes, so he device a crown system, that those who are obedience to him can come in, which is likely this type of persons would lose if they are in a single seat contest?

But the loser crown because he don't have more the 50 percent of the votes, so the crowns with higher votes think of the GRC, which he can top up the votes of those will support his policies no matter what and prevent those who against his policies to come in?

It maybe another excuse or reason, that he don't like the opposition MP to vote against themselves to pay themselves the highest pay in the world?

Singapore probably had the highest indirect taxes or direct taxes in the world?

Anonymous said...

The crown is smart enough to device the crown or GRC system, he know the less opposition candidate came in the parliament, the less they can vote against their highest pay in the world?

Anonymous said...

These crowns, are clever, they are not stupid, they are creative in words, and know how to give excuses and use the the state own medias?

As a lady MP called them crowns, they are clever to device the GRC system so that they can limited the entry of opposition MP?

With limited opposition came the parliament, so few people can prevent them from getting or vote against them from getting the highest pay in the world?

They some of the most clever people to device a system of passing votes so that to get the highest pay?

Anonymous said...

These group of crowns are extremely clever they know how to implement what the coin the word GRC, to top up those who didn't been vote in by the population to support them?

So that less opposition vote against them in the parliament?

If too much opposition came in, they could not have these highest pay in the world, pensions, 8 month bonuses & allowances?

The know how to give the excuses that these GRC or vote passing system is good for the racial harmony?

Everytime they implement a scheme favorable to them they will come up with clever excuses or beautiful words, which they sugar coated it and used the state own medias to broadcast it?

No wonder one lady MP called them crowns?

Anonymous said...

You got really respect these crowns who can develop ideas that no other countries had done it before?

Anonymous said...

As one foreigner said in 2006 when they raise the pay, they know how to implement scheme that line their pocket?

Anonymous said...

Extremely clever, because of money they know how to make use of the medias to sell the snake oil policies, they don't said direct taxes, they know many of them the indirect taxes are already take away their income and CPF, high cost of living?

To convince the population you need the right words or sugar coated it?

So they device many forms of indirect taxes to taxes people, they said is low taxes, actually probably the highest taxes in the world, those indirect taxes which brought up the business cost of doing business?

So they allow cheaper workers in to mitigate the high cost of doing business?

All these indirect taxes, like CPF locked up schemes, GST, levies, COE and ERP and other taxes etc are actually taxes will increase the cost of business, sooner or later business got to look for cheaper foreign workers?

Whereas M'sia cost of living is much lower, they CPF were returned to their workers at 55? M'sia ministers only 5 percent of Singapore ministers income? M'sia workers are easier to retire then SIngapore many got to work until they died can't even smell their CPF?

So their workers are protect against any downside? The Nordic which pay their minister only 10 percent of SIngapore ministers pay had various retrenchment retirement benefits and free school?

Overall all their direct taxes were giving back to their people but SIngapore different many of the indirect taxes got to support the leaders extremely high income?

The plan all these indirect taxes but actually they indirect affected everyone, if not how to pay such unusually high income, the money don't come for the people?

Denmark with the population of 5.6 million and New Zealand with a population 4.5 millions only pay their ministers $200K per years.

Yet Singapore ministers were pay an astounding 9 times their pay, without any resources, only one of the busiest location, with only 5.3 millions, soon something got to give way?

So the Singapore ministers need to consider reducing they pay package to that level of the Nordic, to reduce the burden of the people?

Many of them in the lower bracket hardly had money for them to tax?

With their world highest pay, allowances, pensions & 8 month bonuses?

A figure head president got a staggering $40 millions during his 12 years tenure? 9 times that of USA president?

After 4 opposition MP came in the 80s, clever device the GRC system vote top up system, to limit only one or two oppositions, MP so they can increase they income? The state controlled medias play apart of their success?

After they successfully prevent the opposition coming in they keep increase their pay always had some excuses?

But the internet could soon change the scenario, previously many got to rely on the state controlled main stream medias, but now with the ever improving internet, more and more new citizens know their tricks?

Especially the newer citizens? Importing 30K of newer citizens every year to tax them and vote for them? Which jerk up the inflation?

Anonymous said...

They are extremely clever device all these housing priority, educational scheme, car park scheme and others to lure those gullible to work for them or volunteer free?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Make no mistake, China IS a threat, a very real one, if your cuntree is uncompetitive, lazy, and stuck in the past -- reminiscing about past glory, long dead with the people that managed to exploit, divide and conquer.

Both China and India combined make up one third of the world's population, and these fuckers are DRIVEN and MOTIVATED to succeed -- from the rural folks to the elites who captain industries and administer the governance.

Everyone else -- no exceptions -- in the world will have to compete with the Chinese and Indians -- level playing field or not-- for jobs, resources like WATER and ENERGY, the marketing of goods and services, capital goods, land and territory etc.

Western civilization is rapidly sinking into DEBT, because these lazy welfare-entitlement-mentality motherfuckers cannot moderate their consumption and spending with their dwindling productivity and lack of CAPITAL -- which they squander on "social programs" like universal healthcare, aged pensions, dole and other loser-supporting money-wasters.

So the Chinese and Indians will eventually own the planet, and the rest of us will eventually end up working for them.

The Chinese and Indians will WIN, simply because they deserve to.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the person who wrote this piece is an American economist David H Hale and you can understand where it is going
Why would an independent Australia need an American to write their strategic policy paper in the first place?
Australia economy is highly dependant to that of China's and yet the current govt is even more lapdog of Uncle Sam than the previous govts.
And horror of all horrors, they even sided with Japan in its dispute with China over the territorial issues.
The clowns Abbott and Bishop are going to take their nation Down and Under, literally.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Absolutely. I've lived in Oz for 30 years. It is a Lucky Cuntree full of lucky cunts - - meaning the people here are "lucky' that the 3 governments - - federal, state and local haven't fucked it up completely...yet.

The cuntree is awesome. The governments are FUCKED. And the sheeple deserve it!

Anonymous said...

China rolling back on their investment?

Anonymous said...

No doubt Americans are arrogant. The Chinese ain't saints too. Didn't they recently declare a humongous area of the sea their terrority? Or when their general in chief declared it is China's RIGHT to attack Taiwan?

Anonymous said...

If China did not claim, someone else would. The Americans may claim it just like they claimed the American continent as theirs, they found it and killed 100m Red Indians so that they would not stand a chance to fight back