The future is bright for Sinkies

Try reading the titles of the two articles below to get a grasp of the direction and the opportunities available for young Sinkies.

‘PM Lee assures young Singaporeans future is bright opportunities are plentiful – Singapolitics.sg’ and ‘Singapore government looking to encourage young Singaporeans to become carpenters with training and “rebranding”’. 

This is no joking matter, serious. It was reported from as far as China and by China.org.cn and I quote, ‘The NTUC, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency and the Singapore Furniture Industries Council also jointly launched a 3.5 million dollar program to train 180 carpenters in the next two years. The funding will cover their training and salary subsidies for employers. They are also considering efforts to rebrand carpenters as creative craftsmen to woo the young people.’

With the launch of this scheme they might bring in Chinese carpenters, oops I mean creative craftsmen masters, to train our young in creative carpentry. And this is not the first time ministers are talking about retraining our young. Some have been encouraged to become hawkers and crane drivers. Some have been encouraged not to pursue a tertiary education.

I wonder who Lucas Film are recruiting if young Sinkies are not encouraged to do tertiary education or IT related staff but to be hawkers and carpenters. I am too used to call a carpenter a carpenter and still have difficulties calling them creative craftsmen. There may be a rebranding of our hawkers to something like Tropical Alfesco Chef. Sounds great right? Hope it will be attractive enough to lure our young into making hawking a career.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah, no one can "assure" you of the future. Your future is partly luck (favourable probabilistic uncertainty), and partly your own choices.

That being said, Hotel Singapore is an awesome place to embark on any (legal) enterprise you desire. No one is stopping you from your own "success" or "happiness". And yes, there are PLENTY of creative people in the Hotel.

Loser-type Singaporeans are always looking for someone to blame from their lack of "success" or "happiness". They essentially don't have the balls to face their own lives HEAD ON, and do their best; and even accepting that FAILURE often occurs even when you do do your best.

Grow up, Singapore!

Anonymous said...

You are just a quitter and acting and behaving like you are a winner. What a shit.

Anonymous said...

‘Singapore government looking to encourage young Singaporeans to become carpenters with training and “rebranding”’.

Dear PM Lee
Let's cut the bullshit.
How much does being a carpenter pay?
If carpentry can pay a million dollar salary .... I'm sure there is no need for you to work so hard to rebrand or CONvince the young people.

Why not you create banking jobs for young Singaporeans.
And import carpenters instead?

As usual, you read roadmap upside down.
You import foreign bankers.
And create carpenter jobs for Singaporeans.

Double confirm
We now know how much you care for our Singaporean children.
You see our children as nothing more than hawkers and carpenters.

patriot said...

Oh holy shit.
No need to be creative with job titles.
Just pay me $120 for 8 hours job, cleaning toilet or jaga your bungalow. Me am willing to throw away all my 4 decades of working experiences into the kongkang.
Creating just nice flowery title or talk sweet to the people only show the lack of substance of the Leaders. Period.


Anonymous said...

Name me a son or daughter of a PAP Minister becoming a hawker, crane operator or carpenter.

Huk Pui.

patriot said...

The ultimate or maybe the last respect a Sinkie can give to himself/herself is not to give your vote to those nice talking PAP Blokes who are just good with words.
When it comes effectiveness in improving the livelihoods of the people, they are not able to deliver. On the contrary they exploit, manipulate and even bully. They have fed their conscience to the dogs.
Time to screw them back in anyway possible.


patriot said...

Correction to 'kongkang', it should be 'longkang'. It means stream or drain.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for MOM to show some results on the number of fakes they have flushed out. So far not a whimper. They could not find anyone is a fake.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are fooled to think that they are Floaties. Imagine, the value of the property that you've worked all your life for will evaporate to zilch upon expiry of the lease, together with the money you've spent maintaining and improving it. Nothing in your name to hand down to your heirs. Slaves get a better deal.

Anonymous said...

Leaders could always promise the future when they are no longer around or be accountable for the
promise made.

Just take the Suisse 1985 standard of living that was supposed to be achieved in CE 2000.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11.04 am .......

you are correct about the value of flats that are sold to Singaporeans on a 99-year lease.......

it has been confirmed that once their 99-year leases expired, the value of the flats will be ZERO......

so.......do you consider those who took up huge housing loans for their 99-year leasehold properties, a goooooooood buy......

if you think seriously about it.....it can be very very scary.......

what say u.......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


The idea of who owns what on the topic of HDB is really odd.

Firstly, you never truly own your HDB. What you purchase is the RIGHT to occupy the HDB -- as stated, HDB's are LEASED. In actual fact, all you are doing in PAYING RENT to HDB. To add complexity to an already screwed issue -- you can use "your" CPF toward the purchase of your HDB lease.

The CPF is also not technically "your" money. It is a tax, which is tallied in an "account" under your name. You can use your "tax" to the government to pay "rent" to the government. Anyone smell a scam yet?

Say you buy a 20 yr old HDB for $790k. You are effectively paying (at 0% interest, for simplicity) 790,000/(99-20) or $10k a year "rent" until the expiry of the lease in (99-20)=79 years time.

Of course the value of the HDB fluctuates, the trend, thankfully is UPWARDS. Again the "value" is simply the right to occupy. That's all. You do not "own" anything physically.

Contrast that to free hold private property: you own the land underneath, or the physical space in the air, and you also own the physical building or part of the building.

Anyway dun worry: HDB's go en bloc from time to time as older estates are upgraded. Actually there is no legal requirement for HDB to give any money for en bloc, because nothing PHYSICAL is owned by the HDB lessee -- as all the lessee has is a TEMPORARY right to occupy. HDB can tell you that the most they'll pay you is a for the remainder of the lease, and there's actually nothing you can do about it.

E.g.Supposed you bought an HDB in 1985 for 80k, and it goes en bloc in 2014, the time left on the lease is 70 years. Logically and possibly LEGALLY, HDB is only obliged to pay you 70/99 x $80,000 = $56,566.

If I ran HDB, that would be my policy. The fact that people can "make money" out of what is supposed to be public housing is RIDICULOUS, and is the main reason why "public housing" has become a big pain in the ass for new buyers (lessees), and a POLITICAL TOOL to manipulate the masses.

b said...

What a silly scheme. There are plenty of carpenters in indonesia, cambodia and many other third world countries earning below poverty line wages. Any training for locals should make sure the people are trained for high value added skills. Must be their vicious hidden agenda to keep sinkies lowly skilled so no one can challenge their power.

b said...

However, plumbers, electricians, tilers, metal fabricators, carpenters, bricklayers, fitters are skills you can take up to migrate to Oz. Sinkies should watch more BBC - wanted down under also available from youtube.

Anonymous said...

Red Bean

Writing this page and getting the comments in this manner must have shock you, would it be better to write your articles is in hokkien from now on?

Do they actually know what you have written??, our leader has told us to be coolies and give the places in decision about sin city to others, instead of having a say in the future of our island, we'll being told to go to the back room and to come out when its polling day, being citizens, and have broken our backs for this island, our children are now to be the workers!!!!, surely red bean, you must have miss-read, what was said, surely he would not tell his own people in such a manner.

Beside the fart king Matilah, who is stinking up the place, the opportunity to be a carpenter, a hawker, crane drivers sounds so lucrative, forget the studies, what have we become???, second class to the rest....I really do not believe it, welcome, to sin city.

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[Singapore's wealth bubble may pop -
The city-state has attracted foreign wealth,
but economists warn of trouble if tycoons were to pull out in the future]

"For years, the republic had worked to attract high net-worth foreigners to its shores,
a strategy that is unlikely to end any time soon.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said last year:
'If I can get another 10 billionaires to move to Singapore and set up their base here ...
Singaporeans will be better off...'

He indicated this would be pursued even if it worsens the rich-poor inequality.

(In the last 10 years, the wages of the bottom 20% fell by 10% in real terms,
while those for the top one-fifth grew by some 30%.)

'I think Singaporeans will be better off, because they (foreign investors) will bring in business,
bring in opportunities, open new doors and create new jobs,' Lee said.

'I think that is the attitude with which we must approach this problem.' "


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 1012:

Wah. "Fart King". I like it. I will add it to my resume ;-)

Anyway, someone (not me) else must have farted in your face lah, and turned your brain to zombie diarrhea.

There is simply NO EXCUSE to complain about the lack of opportunities in Hotel Singapore.

If you consider yourself a second-class citizen, then you DESERVED TO BE TREATED AS ONE.

You do a great disservice to the many, many Singaporeans who stop-start-fail-stop-start-again from humble beginnings.

Hotel Singapore is one place where if you get it right -- eventually -- the rate of upward mobility is astounding.

So stop smelling fart. Do it now before you become a fart-sniffing ADDICT.

And then watch your IQ improve :-)

Anonymous said...

10 billionaires only?
PM Lee Hsien Loong does not want more?
If Sinkies want to have more space, less competition, less friction and more time to smell the flowers, which btw is getting harder to find, there is a great need to piss of the foreigners.

patriot said...
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patriot said...

Mypaper Robin Chan wrote on 28 January 14 'Don't let S'pore go to the wolves'.

I thought Singapore has been a haven for Hyenas.