American’s rule of law and justice

The Americans are chiding the Chinese for not conforming to international law in claiming the islands in the South China Sea. China has retorted that it is abiding by the international law of the day and historical records to support their claims.

Let’s see how the Americans abided by international law in its claim of the north American continent compares to what China is doing. When China claimed the South China Sea islands, it was during a time when the rule of law was finders keeper. This is still valid when an island, a no man’s land is unclaimed by any country. When China made their claims, the islands were all no man’s land. And they have made their claims several centuries back. The littoral states that are claiming these islands don’t even know that the islands existed until recently and are contesting China’s claim. China could simply show them the middle finger.

When the Europeans claimed north America, the continent was NOT no man’s land. It was populated by millions of north American natives. It was their land. The Europeans simply took the land, murdered the natives, historically the worst genocide in terms of numbers. American historians have recorded the death toll to range from 70 million conservatively to more than 100 million.

What kind of law were the European Americans talking about? What kind of natural justice were they standing on today to comment about the claims made by China? The Americans are the last people to talk about international law that they have been violating for centuries and still doing it everyday. The Americans should be the last people to talk of human rights and killing of the innocence when they have done that for centuries and still doing it daily.

What kind of rubbish are the Americans talking about? What audacity and a distortion of the rule of law and natural justice that the Americans think they are on moral and legal high ground to comment about China?


Anonymous said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Americans are not only the world's police. They are also acting in proxy for the Asian cuntrees who have NO BALLS to stand up for themselves against China.

Take the Phillipines for example: they like to talk damn fucking big about China. But they with the aegis of a heavily-armed USA. Do you think the Pinoy cocksuckers will stand up to China on their own?

Anonymous said...

You stupid american cock sucker. Why not stand up to the americans and must be stand up to China?

b said...

Justice is a commodity and it is all about whose gun is bigger. The bigger the gun, the more chance you will win. Before the whites are powerful, they were also slaves of the arabs. Based on old principles, Oz and NZ to return to aborigines? usa and canada to return to red indians? I think the best is to auction it and the money distribute to me so that I could use the money and help kids from poor or broken families? Unfortunately, I have no gun.

Anonymous said...

If R and C invade A, A sure die cos the people are enslaved by drugs from LA. E will most likely stay neutral cos E is already bankrupted by A.