Following the Americans blindly into the shit hole

The USA is a great country by accident. It was discovered by incident and became an Empire by incident. It is a country that fumbles along but with the help of providence and an abundance of wealth built from the blood of the native Red Indians and the sweat of the African slaves, and China coolies, continues to grow and prosper. God is biased when one knows how much cruelty and savagery the Americans have committed in the past and in recent history and still doing everyday.

The USA benefitted from an open door policy, initially very selective and racist, and benefitted from the ablest people around the world. It is still having an open door policy today to welcome people across the world. But there is a big difference between and open door policy and an open leg policy of a small island city.

There is another big difference in what the Americans can do and get away with it and what we can’t get away with it. They have a continent as a country and a large European based majority to form the core of the population. Whatever core we think we have could easily become a minority or even be wiped out if we are silly enough. We are too small and too little in people to follow the Americans blindly in letting everyone in and thinking we have space for the whole wide world. The Americans can let in another 100m people with no strains on their system. Another 3m is enough to through our little island into a mess, suffocated and unable to move.

The other crazy thing we are following the Americans and thinking it is the right thing is their financial system, their stock market system, and all and sundries in derivatives and fraudulent products and allowing conmen, cheats and fraudsters to run their finance and banking industries. The fact that nearly every one of their big banks is in debts, and literally bankrupt if the books are not cooked, should send a chill down the spines of our leaders. No, they are so brave, wondering if brave is the right word, to imitate and follow the Americans blindly down to the road to financial destruction. We forgot we don’t have a printing machine to print fiat money at will, we don’t have a greenback that is the default currency of the world, and we don’t have a multi trillion economy to absorb the losses.

The American banking and finance system are fake, the greenback’s strength is fake, their corporate leaders are fake, the accounts of their big banks are fake in chalking up billions of easy profits. How could banks make that kind of money so easily is still puzzling , other than pure gambling and selling gambling chits in the forms of derivatives. They will wait for the next downturn to open their books and declare bankruptcy all over again and asking for govt handouts.

We are following the Americans in their ‘unlimited money’ defence policy, always buying the best and most expensive equipment for the military and thinking we are going to take on the Russians or the Chinese or another superpower, and to be the policemen of the world. The Americans have a lot of reserves to squander, and a self arrogated role as the Empire and policemen of the world. What are we and why are we behaving like the Americans and spending like the Americans? When we are broke, we are broke for good and to recover our losses would take a few generations.

We are also stupidly plunging ourselves into the same dangerous health and financial scams of the Americans, allowing health cost to run wild and trying to chase it with an equally wild health insurance scheme and ending like a dog chasing its tail. We knew long before that the American healthcare and insurance scams are not sustainable. We blindly allowed our healthcare and insurance systems to go down the American way. We will inherit and face the same problems as the Americans in an outrageously expensive healthcare system compounded by and equally scam health insurance scheme that benefit the health and insurance workers at the expense of the people, allowing the two industries to rob the people at will and with higher and higher cost.
We cannot be like the Americans. We don’t have the size and resources and the exceptionalism to loot, rape, kill, murder and squander without bringing the whole country and the people to bankruptcy.

Our exceptionalism in paying ‘out of this world’ salaries to immortals should pay back in kind with wisdoms to avoid the pitfalls of the Americans. The truth is that we are sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss by imitating the Americans without thinking. Our financial system and stock market are screwed, our health and insurance system are also screwed, our immigration policy is screwed doubly hard, and our defence spending is still having a party like money is never an issue. We can’t print money like the Americans and buying the most expensive toys available. We cannot practice exceptionalism like the Americans. We have no depth, no history and no resources to fall back on.

We are just a flash in history and could be history at the slightest turn of events.

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Anonymous said...

We are only a little red dot in the whole wide world. We do not have the resources and size to allow in more people. It has not rain for the past 20 days. I'm feeling suffocated with the heat and the dust, hope we have enough water. Hope that we would not end up like the fishes in AMK-Bishan park.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There are many libertarians -- I am one of them -- who look on Singapore as the "new America" -- which takes the best of American culture: individualism, individual enterprise, individual liberty, individual responsibility and the fact that "profit" is not a dirty word...and discards the shit aspects of American culture: racism, butt-fucking-crazy religiosity, crony capitalism, debt-based currency system, food which makes you fat....etc

The best part of this is that one gets to pick and choose the aspects which aid "success" and "happiness", and discard the ones which lead to self-sabotage.


Virgo49 said...

Indonesia still does not forget that we hanged TWO of their marines during the Indonesian Confrontasi.(Confrontation)

To us they are terrorists who bombed MacDonald House in 1965 killing three and injuring another thirty three.

To them, they are HEROES and naming their Naval ships after them.

So, as what Mr RB said, hopefully, the PAP can still remember the first few batches of CAS (NS) men who joined the ranks of the SAF in the defence of Sinkie Land at that time as Pioneer Generation and allocated medical benefits to them also.

Think susah lah!! Lau Goh even in his GST credits during his watch had allocated less benefits to the OLD Servicemen as been given to the current active servicemen as to him what is past is past.

NO more useful service to them so chuck them aside.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@Virgo 49:

The feeling I get about Konfrontasi from the Indonesian standpoint, is that many would rather forget that embarrassing aspect of their history. Soekarno was president at the time. "Kontrontasi" was the undeclared war with Malaysia over the federation of Malaysia -- States from the Malaysian peninsula, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore.

The two commandos were soldiers on a MISSION. Of course it is natural to honour the fallen. Malaysia and Indonesia were at WAR.

Medical benefits for military personnel -- sure, during their service and if they are injured in battle or on the job. If they are not, I don't see any reason to award them "special favours".

Anonymous said...

It is our right also to put a plague at the site to say the two terrorists were hung for bombing MacDonald House.

Anonymous said...

Are those victims of the japenis invaders.... Heroes?

r those running dogs of those japenis bastards..... heroes or traitors?

knnccb........ r we ignoring historical events? Long live kuan yew

Anonymous said...

How many of you believe the billions of profits the banks are declaring every year are real? What did they do or sell to make that kind of profits? They are talking of making 100 or 200 millions or more every month. Selling snake oils or gambling could make this kind of profit.

Be sceptical and ask how real are the numbers. The Morgan Sachs, Citis, SBCs, the Lloyds, HSBCs, the Lynch, etc, were all reporting billion dollar profits and turn turtle over night and needed to be bailed out.

What is lying? Anyone lying?

b said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Any country as powerful as usa will behave like what usa is behaving now. All politicians are wicked else they cannot end up as one. There is no solution except to wait for the world to come to a near end due to their destructive actions. Going against the will of the americans or europeans or russia or china is not wise for a small red dot.

Anonymous said...

Individual al the way.
Please live in yr vacuum.