The most hilarious article posted in TRE to date

The editorial post in TRE titled ‘Dr Ng condemns TI’s defence spending rating for SG’ is drawing a lot of laughters and funny comments from readers. The latest count on the number of comments is 65 and growing. This is a great thread for laughter but some might have their eyes popped out or their throats choked for lost of words.

Great thread. Highly recommended for jest and entertainment reading.


Anonymous said...

Sinkapore group in category same as Iraq and Afghanistan and Shittimes range same as North Korea. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Even the Hen's own words lack credibility! Can pigs be trusted to tell the truth? He said Singapore is lumped together with Iraq and Afganistan in TI's ranking:

"So the difference between MINDEF's hard-earned and well-known reputation of being stringent, transparent, cost-effective in our procurement practices, and that of Transparency International's defence corruption risk reports which place us in the same category as countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, point to a credibility gap of TI's reports."

Here is TI's rankings for Singapore (Band D+) and Iraq and Afganistan (Band E) ie 2 ranks below Singapore:

BAND D+ - High Risk (15 COUNTRIES): Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, India, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, UAE

BAND E – Very High Risk (18 COUNTRIES): Afghanistan, Bahrain, Cote d'Ivoire, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe


Anonymous said...

I guess he expects Singapore to be ranked A, together with Germany and Australia, because anything else would debunk the assertion by the pigs that the high salaries they are getting is a deterrent against corruption. Go figure.

Anonymous said...


Fail to see any hilarity in TRE article, all I can see is the normal rebuttal and then later justifying the rebuttal by posting one of their own later, but the clarity with TI is Defence Anti-Corruption Index,which is a cause for alarm.

Having scored D, one would question the integrity and demand a more transparent model but the who call who and who did not show what is again reflective of the leadership. In a we say you do island it proves again that the million dollar pay cheque don't necessary justify we have the correct people on the pedestal, the billion dollar buying of Sin City of weapons from the US is taunted to be a rescue rather than a need, as there were no reason of the F35 to be bought, at least I did not see any explanation of it....please highlight if there were reason given that we need billion dollar weapons being bought over and over again, and after stating that Sin City is not rich over and over again?.

The contradictions of what is said and what is done is overwhelming, a billion dollar would be more than sufficient for education to be free is ignore time and time, they are not hearing for sure, but now it has come to they do not even bother, raw report or index not in favour....so what....it's flawed???

Funny, ya, but the more hilarious, would be they keep coming back after fixing the opps, and the people still wanting them each and every time, many of you still say the opps are not ready.....and again I say, so what, can they do any worse if not better?


b said...

If it takes 50 years to compute the reserves, there is no transparency whatsoever in other words in this small island. The defense minister has several high end luxury mansions all over the world in the most prestige locations. No need to be a genius to understand how he gets his commission? High pay means no corruption? only an idiot will think of that. a corrupted mind is addicted to corruption whether high or low pay.

Anonymous said...

Well, and they had the cheek to attempt to make AHPETC look so bad, just because of their qualified audit reports for the last two years, when GIC needed 50 laughable years to put its accounts in order.

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

How disingenuous of the defense minister to say that Singapore is categorised together with Afganistan and Iraq in the TI rating. At least get the facts right if he wants to discredit TI. Proclaiming MINDEF to be lily white in it's procurement practices will cut no ice without transparency and proof. Well-known reputation my ass.

Anonymous said...

With all the animal diseases now in vogue, like mad cow, bird flu etc. you can't fault our ministers for making funny noises every now and then. They are suffering now, no doubt, and ought to be put to sleep.

Anonymous said...

If TI knows what to ask the answers would readily be available. But don't ask for things that would take 50 man years to work out. TI needs to be reasonable and ask the right questions. There are things that should be asked as Sinkies have been asking all these years but no answers.