The troubling fate of Sinkie PMEs – A sad story of Mr Tan

‘Mr Tan was let go by a prestigious MNC company located in Science Park some years ago. Until today, in his late 40s, Mr Tan cannot secure any permanent job. He tried to find a job in his industry but was consider too old. He went to try other sector to be a property or insurance agent and did not meet any success.

Mr Tan shared his struggles. He is paying off his debt and had to cut down extensively on their family lifestyle. Gone are yearly holidays and meals in restaurants. He sold off his car to pay off some of the debt and started taking taxi course. This is the ONLY protected industry in Singapore from FT invasion.’

Please read the story of Mr Tan in TRE under the title ‘FT converts to S’pore pink IC but ostracizes S’poreans

How long would Sinkies be willing to bear and endure such discrimination by foreigners in their own country? When would Sinkies put an end to their pathetic plight and suffering from unemployment in the hands of foreigners? It seems that the story of Mr Tan is a familiar one and many affected Sinkies suffering from the same fate simply swallowed their pain and misfortune and turned to taxi driving which some jokers claimed was a good alternative, that they could become their own boss. And foreigners happily kept coming in to replace Sinkies one by one with impunity. This is a crime against the citizens.

Boh cheng hu!

About 60 years ago, the colonial govt was running the island as their prized possession and fed themselves handsomely while throwing a few crumbs to a small group of local elite. A group of young men was driven enough to want to take over the running of the country from the colonial govt for the good of the people. They could not stomach the disinterest of the colonial govt while they took care of their self interest and the excesses of the elite. They fought valiantly to wrestle the island from the British and eventually founded a new nation. They saw a bad situation and turned it around.

Today we are seeing quite a number of citizens being forced out of their comfort zone by foreigners into a corner with no jobs. And the foreigners exploited their haplessness to the fullest, to replace them in good jobs by bringing in more foreigners with impunity. This unhealthy state of being is becoming intolerable to many citizens, even those looking from the sideline.

Would this pathetic situation be good enough to spawn a few good men to stand up for the good of the people, to take back the country and run it for the good of the people before the country is taken over by the foreigners? Would there be people driven enough to want to change this despicable fate of the PMEs?

Ask yourself, when would you be next to be replaced by foreigners?

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

Sinkie land is like the Animal farm story of 4 legs good and 2 legs bad only to be replaced by 4 legs good but 2 legs better lor. I love Animal farm story since in secondary school and I am glad that I took literature then.

oldhorse42 said...

I am happy to note that your kopi level is now green.
I went to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Eye Dept yesterday. My eye doctor is an indian so are other doctors in other consultation rooms. I could safely say that the dept is primarily staffed by indian doctors. I am not sure whether they are locals or not. But at polyclinic I can see quite a number of foreign doctors, burmese, vietnamese, etc.
Where have all the local doctors gone too? surely not all have jumped into the medical tourist wagon.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, a lot of these sad stories of Sinkie PMEs happened even before 2011 lah. In fact very bad already.

So course these Sinkie PMEs would have surely voted opposition lah, tio bo? And u know in GE 2011, the opposition contested almost all the seats so sure got chance to vote them what.

But then hor, sorry lah, only 40%, so not enough to vote PAP out lah. In fact with only 60% votes, PAP could even win 93% seats!

So will this repeat in the next GE? What do u think?

Anonymous said...

So will this repeat in the next GE? What do u think?
Anon 9:23 am

I think nothing has changed lah. It was bad in 2011 for Sinkie PMEs then and is still bad now, tio bo?

And just like in 2011, WP now is also still not ready to be govt what.

So if it was bad in 2011, yet PAP could still got 60% votes, so why not now and the next one, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

The Sinkie mind is so lethargic and will not react until it hurts them directly.

For Sinkies to wake up there must be a groundswell with many feeling the pain of losing their jobs and livelihood to foreigners. Unfortunately by then it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed the noise seems to be getting louder & louder each passing day over the years. I am sure G is aware but wonder whether they knowingly ignore the situation or is there any other valid reasons why they dont nip the problem in the bud. Is there no one in G willingly or daring to set right the wrongs.

Anonymous said...

Because the G knows Sinkies very well, like how many are rich, happy and satisfied.

From income and property tax returns, I think the G knows already. Of course RB and the rest don't know lah.

And if not enough real Sinkies happy and satisfied, make some foreign talents into new Sinkies lah. All these within the G control what.

Anonymous said...

The problem is no longer a bud but full blown like a 4th stage cancer.

Anonymous said...

But until LKY dies;
Who in PAP dare to do anything different from the books written by LKY?
Who in Opposition dare to be government?

So just tell your children tonite.
You got no balls to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition 2016 if you really care about plights like Mr Tan. If you have a heart, vote Opposition. Our VERY OWN, local born, local bred Mr Tan.

Opposition will be able to solve all your problems, from Priority Subsidized HOUSING, Ageing population, increase income, lower cost of living to Life Time Employment ! Trust me!

See you there in next GE !

b said...

All rulers will take advantage of their own people if their own people cannot organize themselves in unity against injustice or inequality. The battle of power between the rulers and the people existed since many thousands years ago. It is not something new.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know that aussies also do not like indians. Only sinkies so accomodating to them. Read the comments. The foreigners should stop harrassing sinkies.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan probably chose a private sector job over a civil service job many years ago because it paid better and more glam, over job security. Prestigious means it paid him well.

After many years working at the prestigious MNC at Science Park, in his late 40s, he probably earned many ten thousands a month, much more than I can dream. Probably driving a 2000cc car and a few condos out for rent. Or even own some landed houses.

When you are late 40s either your are promoted or you ship out, that's a fact o life. How sad can his story be ?

Anonymous said...

..... When you are late 40s either your are promoted or you ship out, that's a fact o life. How sad can his story be ? ............

Same with Singaporeans.
Either you are a PAPig crony or you ship out of Singapore tio bo?
PAP membership has its privileges tio bo?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Lesson to be learnt:

Stay competitive, and learn to manage crises -- especially the ones in your life.

Sorry, I can't find any "compassion" for the like of Mr Tan (if this fucker even really exists. I don't believe anything on the internet unless it can be verified in the real world).

The writing was on the wall at least 2 decades ago. I was warning my Singaporean teams way back in the late 1980's and 1990's -- Stay frosty people, they're coming and they are hungry, educated and motivated...and they want what you've got...a fantastic life in a fantastic place.

The sad part of the PMET story is that the complaining whingers were in DENIAL for fucking YEARS -- it isn't as if the "foreign talent" thing was new. It's been going on, gathering momentum for 20 fucking years lah.

Only now you wake up and smell the kopi? Gimme a break lah. I think there is widespread DISHONESTY from those who REFUSED to read the signals years ago.

Anyone awake yet, or are they still asleep?

Anonymous said...

Fuck you lah MS. Mr Tan is being betrayed.