MOE thinking frugal

Front page news in the ST, ‘Funding cuts of top independent schools in Spore’. The MOE is cutting funds to the top 6 independent schools and on top of that it is telling them to moderate fund raising activities for campus upgrading. The schools have been told to switch classroom ventilation from air conditioners to fans.

This is definitely a costing cutting measure. The question is why? Not enough funds or curbing on excessive expenditure on perks and luxuries? Many parents see this as a good move, to stop schools from going wild with money and what money can buy for comfort and the non essentials.

While the MOE is cutting such funding, presumably to curb waste, hopefully the savings would not be diverted to provide more scholarships and assistance to foreign students here. And hopefully there will also be substantive cuts on funding for foreign students and divert the money saved to assist the children of citizens. I said children of citizens, not children of locals. Must make this doubly clear.

So, what’s up MOE?

PS. I must acknowledge that we have the finest and most modern infrastructure for our schools. Not very sure about the software, which so far has proven to be quite shitty as we are producing duds that cannot compete with 3rd World talents who comfortably came here to replace our local talents from our education system in top jobs. What kind of shit is happening? Don’t ask me for answers.

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Anonymous said...

Some of the policies are puzzling. Ask any Singaporean and none would be able to tell you why MOE came out with such a plan. Maybe is an election ploy. No?

Anonymous said...

The best policy so far is the hundreds of millions or billions given to foreign students.

Anonymous said...

RB, local uni produced dud cause our ministers also dud what?

Veritas said...

We need to beware what comes out of fucking MOE. MOE is a great lever to create feudalism, caste system and incite racism.

I give you an example. Once upon a time, MOE was tasked to screwed the non-English speaker. Keng Swee and Kuan Yew invented the P3 streaming, everything tested in English.

As a result, vernacular speakers were channelled to Mono-Lingual (the name for EM3 then). Syllabus and content were cut in these lesser stream making sure that even if you mature late, there is no way you can be back mainstream school.

From P3 onwards (during my times), those who failed English go to extended or Normal stream. I nearly got inside there few time and I was being treated as a big disciplinary problem.

There are so many evil intentions of MOE that I can a fucking book.

MOE this time may want to cut funding of elites schools, that forces these schools to raise school fees to price out the poor Singaporeans.

Before, these elites schools were government and their fees were same as others. MOE can cut their funding then and no one care.

But now, we got to beware of MOE intention. Also these elite schools have plenty of foreigners as MOE deprive Singaporeans admission. These foreigners are fully sponsored with MOE generous scholarship.

I suspect MOE would want to prevent Singaporean poor of gaining elite education.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is part of the plan to "fix" Singaporeans.
To make us repent.
For voting Opposition.

Veritas said...

MOE is never a frugal institution as every single of our civil services. MOE is a mofo that pays her staff, especially the senior guys exorbitant wages.

Last year the total remuneration for 95% of MOE staff are 16-17 month of monthly salary.

12 month basic salary
1 month AWS
2 month bonus
1-2 month PB

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a teacher starting pay at 4k. And within 5 years, a average teacher hit 5k. That is SGD80,000 annual remuneration, or equivalent to a manager in private sector.

Even SME junior management never hit that amount of scandalous salary.

PAP know the fucking odious reputation of MOE and there are so much asshole in MOE. PAP like asshole very much. To sustain their fucking management style and people are voting by feet, MOE give very very high salary.

The more sado-masochism a person is the more likely the rise up like a rock star in MOE.

MOE fucking managers aka HOD sit there idle. HOD teach 10 hours or less per week. Then they take in NIE intern and delegate their teaching workload. Effectively these lazy pig teach 5 hours a week.

Their salary is 8k to 9k ++ (for old bird) or annual remuneration $130,000 - $160,000.

That is only HOD, the fat guy got even more "huat ah".

Today it is naive to think civil service pay is lower than private sector. In reality civil service pay, is far far higher than private sector. But their reputation and capability sucks.

Civil servant are piece of shit. They are stupid, ignorant, lazy...etc

They do not care about the country. All they care is how to get promoted, buy more condos, buy cars, go fancy countries for vacations...etc..

When LKY and LHL see these, they orgasm and cheers. They have successfully turn Singapore into a mad house.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew having orgasm and ecstacy.
Long live Sir and keep enjoying your good karma.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

MOE clarified that only 4 schools were affected by fund cuts and some actually got more. The media report was inaccurate.

b said...

of cos they need to cut funding so they can visit those underage prostitutes more often. the moe heng guy looks just like a pedofile.

Chan Joon Yee said...

It's just like trimming the privileges of PRs to make citizens feel favoured.