To be happy or to be more frighten?

Read a summary of the Blog TV programme on the recent SMRT breakdown. Did they miss an A in SMRT? What I read is that SMRT is ready to handle a terrorist attack but not a normal breakdown. And the problem is really communication. If they could communicate well, the problem will be solved.

Did they say 21 claws fell off? Could communication prevent the claws falling off? Could good communication prevent the UPS from cutting off and allow ventilation to go on without suffocating the passengers?

Scary isn’t it?


Anonymous said...

Well, UNLESS SMRT had ruled out sabotage(s) was not the cause of all the recent breakdowns, it is NOT IN A POSITION to say that it is able to handle terrorist attack on it.

The Public WILL NEVER believe nor hav any faith in the CLAIM(that it is able to handle terrorist attack)

Anonymous said...

Sinkies dun noe what is happy . Only know to be afraid of this and dat. sinkie - > sink !

Anonymous said...

If they can't even handle a "normal" breakdown of this scale, why would anyone have such blind faith that they can handle a "terrorist" attack of any scale?

In fact, to say they can handle terrorist attack but not normal breakdown is utter BS. Attacks of any kinds (such as hijacking, bombing, sabotage etc) would all invariably lead to communications or operational breakdowns - and that would critically require staff and public to act quickly and alertly. And that requires key Communications immediately to public as well. So how can they possibly claim ability to handle one and not the other..! Utter BS

Let just say that I am glad SPH is the SMRT CEO. Imagine she's the SIA or Scoot CEO..!! You will have to choice to board another plane!

Anonymous said...

What is scary is that there are idiots who still think Singapore should build a nuclear power plant.

Cannot control a limping terrorist.
Cannot run a small train network.

But think they can run a nuclear power plant.

Now, that's really scary!
(Bloody deaf frogs)