Changes in CDP operations

The big change, by SGX, is that client’s shares will be kept or be accessible by broking houses. Whether this is going to make the market better for the clients and the industry is a moot point. It could be all for nothing. What I don’t feel comfortable is the reason given in support of this change, because developed markets worldwide are doing it.

The important point to note is that the developed markets worldwide are sick. And we have adopted many of the practices of developed market and the big question is, is the market getting better or getting sicker?

When there is change, change must be for a good reason, for improvement. Change must not be introduced for the sake of change or because other people are doing it, and worst because developed markets are doing it. The developed markets created the toxic notes and sold many snake oils to the less developed markets too. What the developed markets are doing is not necessarily good for less developed markets, and may even be bad.

Is our market getting better or going to get better? I may be insane, but I am seeing many systemic flaws in the market. Maybe I am dull and cannot see the good and brilliant things that are happening in the system.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Markets are indeed sick.

...but they do not need "fixing".

They need to be left alone, so they can fail quickly, and the capital/ resources re allocated to "healthier" players.

Time to recruit more M & A greedy pigs...time for them to feast.

To prolong failure is to make it more expensive in the long term.

Fail fast. Fail cheaper.

...and then move the fuck on.

Anonymous said...

Can we say "They went in with their eyes opened" in this case?

Anonymous said...

The CEO and other directors of SGX are paid millions in salary annually. Their incompetence has brought woes and sickness to SGX thus causing shareholders and investors to lose money. Still they have to pretend to do something whether changes are good or bad , relevant or irrelevant so as to show that they are doing their work and thinking out of their coconut shell. Whatever they are doing now is inconsequential for they are bleeding the market to moribund death. Are they really worth the salaries they are being paid? If not they should be asked to go.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When is everyone is making money, those guys are heroes. Everyone dreams of become a market maven.

People start boasting about how "tua ki" they are in the market, about their "market kung fu", about their favourite picks, about their broker, or software or their good luck charms. In other words, more unproven BULLSHIT.

Then when market corrects, or collapses, everyone working in the financial sector immediately becomes an EVIL ARSEHOLE WITH NO CONSCIENCE OR SOUL..the higher up they are, the more evil they become. (again, hanging labels and making accusations that no one can prove. Even more unproven BULLSHIT)

Human nature has many facets and subtleties. I find the UGLY SIDE of human nature to be the most ENTERTAINING.

Anonymous said...

selling snake oil is not acceptable. setting up a system to cheat is criminal.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If there is money involved, chances are there will be instances of criminal activity -- namely fraud and theft...sometimes extortion, violence and murder.

Therefore when dealing with matters financial CAVEAT EMPTOR.

Capitalism is war. Learn to fight and play the game or forever be exploited as a wimp.

Anonymous said...

If the market is to survive they need to remove the vacuum cleaners. If not, just count the days before it runs itself to the ground, like an empty shell.