American drone fell off the sky in Iran

An American drone fell off the sky deep inside Iran. This is a pilotless spy plane, RQ 170 Sentinel, which the Americans launched into countries where it collects intelligence photos of military installations. The Americans have been bully the weaker nations by this kind of espionage knowing that those countries cannot bring it down.

The drone only has a ceiling of 50,000 ft and flying at subsonic speed of 500 to 600 knots and should not be too difficult to hit and bring down. The Americans have since stopped such flights over China after several U2s and other makes were brought down in China. Dealing with the Americans, the only language they understand is force.

The Iranians can only stop these spying missions if they can bring the drones down or by blinding its cameras. Firing missiles at the drones may be expensive. Some laser technology to damage the sensors of the camera should be effective and economical.

Oh, the Americans have all the rights to spy on any country by whatever means. They are not infringing or violating the air space or territorial integrity of the countries they spied on. How about Iran, China or Russia doing the same to the Americans, by sending drones over North America?

The Americans are hopping mad with the Chinese now that their aircraft carriers cannot sail freely in the East China Sea. The Chinese can sink them by air or by sea. It is no longer a ‘I can hit you and you cannot hit me’ scenario. Soon the Americans will only deploy their carriers in the waters of Hawaii or nearer their homeland for safety reasons.

China don’t be a pain in the arse. Please tell the Americans that you can hit the carriers and how it can be done, with deadly precision. Please be transparent. Unofficial sources said that the drone in Iran was brought down with the assistance of Chinese technicians who could break the communication quote of the drone and took over control to bring it down.

This is the most fearsome technology that the Americans are still trying to fathom how advanced the Chinese are. Once the Chinese have the computer knowhow, the super computers, which they all have, they could literally take over all the satellites or ICBMs in flight and turn them around to hit targets of their choice. Such a technology is cheaper and more powerful when American weapons can be seized to hit American targets. This is what the Americans are screaming for transparency, to want to know what the Chinese are capable of. Fat hope that the Chinese will be stupid enough to tell them. It’s military secret of the highest order.


Anonymous said...

is it really Chinese know how that brought the drone down intact or iran know how, not that matter but I just need to know the truth.

my spin is, the drone was brought down by american(cia) themselves to sent a copy to iran,china and russians,(proliferation). can't do it overtly! or congress may come down with a hammer.

Anonymous said...

If China is 'deemed' so superior in it's technology by the writer and readers here, it will not be building up its' own arsenal and war machines.

Anonymous said...

It is not superior but catching up and frustrating the Americans who think they can do anything they like, attack any country they like. China is catching up very fast. And that is worrying to American's position as the world's top gangster.

America just do not know how far the Chinese have moved up the technological ladder. They can always try as one American said, he needs only one division of missiles to destroy China. He believes that China would not or cannot do anything and allows him to fire all his missiles at his own time.

The thing is that both can play the same game. One anti ship missile is good enough to sink an aircraft carrier. Disproportionate warfare but equally effective.