Iskandar will be Singapore’s nemesis

The Iskandar Economic Zone, if it flourishes from all its potential, will be Singapore’s nemesis. Is has all the advantages over Singapore. It’s proximity could allow it to exploit fully, Singapore’s weaknesses and advantages to grow into a major economic centre. Given the right attitude, strong and task oriented management that is tenacious in the pursuit of its economic goals, the bulk of Singapore’s economic activity could go north, right into Iskandar.

This is the potential that Iskandar holds for the future. But there must be a political will to want to do that, to accept that economic growth and a highly intensive growth programme could also demand a price from the state. The cushy and laid back life style would be compromised, the pace of life fasten, and cost of living will rise.

Singapore has on its own way driven itself out of competition except for some key areas where it can still hold a big advantage over Iskandar, the financial centre, the expensive and presumably good consumer markets, education, perhaps medical sciences, and high tech industries. But for these Iskandar can live with as there are many areas that Iskandar can take over and grow with a big advantage in cost of labour and land.

Singapore would have to give up many of its industries that are no longer competitive. It would only be able to hold on to some core interests. The rest of the economy, the bulk of its economic activities, will have to flow into Iskandar.

And it is not all bad really. Both will benefit from the expansion of the economic zone from Singapore into southern Johore. Of course Singapore would have to give up and lose out in many of the service industry and relatively lower skill businesses. Some of the higher skilled industries too will find a place in Iskandar to complement their operations in the island. A new level of cost versus benefits will be established, with the cost of living coming down in Singapore, and winding down also of many economic activities that will go the Iskandar way.

Iskandar, from a new and lower base, will absorb and inherit many of the businesses from the island as long as it plays its card right. And Johore will be the main beneficiary of a vibrant economy arising from a bigger base, bigger land and catchment area, a bigger workforce and more investments and economic activities.

The caveat, is the Johore govt and population ready to make this leap forward. If they are, there is nothing to stop Iskandar from becoming a fully developed and integrated commercial centre of a larger Singapore, an extension of Singapore as a regional economic hub. It will rise to replace the failed golden triangle of Batam, Singapore and JB. Singapore and Iskandar will be good enough to grow into a bigger economic zone which could eclipse Batam and Bintang temporarily but not eventually.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, Singapore has to face competition lah... cannot maintain dominance forever.

Chinese-Malaysian business folks (men and women) are some of the best in the region, and thankfully it is them and not the UMNO crowd who are running things.

Some of my S'pore friends have already built homes in Johor and begun setting up shop in the area.

Ishkandar is huge, and investment capital is pouring in. S'pore is still relevant however costs of living and space are high. For many enterprises you might be better off relocating or starting in Ishkandar.

I can see myself moving there. I hate UMNO, but I do love Malaysia.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P. S.. Contrary to the argument, it shutting borders and limiting foreigners will make S'pore more uncompetitive.

When they get the hi speed transport together, you ll have S'pore workers billeted in Johor, and S'pore companies operating in Ishkandar.

S'pore 's premium real estate prices will only make sense to enterprises which can justify the cost of doing business: email. Eg luxury apartments and houses, up market hotels, high value-added biotechnology etc.

Singapore -- still relevant-- as long as they stay competitive and adjust to change. The old citizens have old thinking... and they will hold the cuntry back if they become a political force.

More people should be encouraged to migrate to S'pore as now is the time the cuntry needs "new hearts and minds" as the old locals are showing their true colours of entitlement mentality, the-world-owes-me-a-living, fake victimhood, and a general hostility to their fellowman who happens to originate from "somewhere else".

Open those borders MORE!

Anonymous said...

I say cull the old Singaporeans to make way for more dynamic people from the third world.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should wise up and migrate to the many other lands that will provide better environment and much lower cost of living surrounding us.

Many Singaporeans love Singapore too much to give up living here. BUT, be reminded, the State does not love You, neither does it make any effort to cherish You! This is the REALITY that Singaporeans MUST ACKNOWLEDGE.
However, if one is an elite, no problem!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Horseshit lah patriot. Your kind of thinking is proof positive that the damn cuntry needs new brains.

Success doesn't depend on one being "elite". S'pore is still one place you can start from NOTHING and make something out for yourself.

There are simply no excuses - especially for the chi bai mouth ls locals. Nevermind the fact that their ancestors came and made a go of it in S'pore... the new immigrants are re writing the same story: that ANYONE regardless of their background or economic circumstance can "make it" in S'pore.

Tired old Sporeans with their tired old thinking need to feel ashamed of themselves and wake the fuck up... Otherwise... It's


Anonymous said...

Otherwise... It's




Anonymous said...

If people want to go, they will go, whatever the pros and cons. If people do not want to go, they will not go, whatever the pros and cons.

Good or bad is a matter of opinion and one man's meat is another man's poison.

I like the place up north, but not the people running it.

Anonymous said...

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