An act of war

Many people still believe that the sinking of the Choenan was committed by the North Koreans, except the South Koreans. I am not preview to the full facts, and so are many people. But from afar, one can still make some logical assessments based on the facts available and the actions of the parties concerned. It may not be right but at least it must be logical and not just some blind belief based on the most corrupted source of information, the media that have a private agenda for printing the story. Then there are media that were told to print, some paid to print and some simply print, believing that it was innocent facts.

The South Koreans are begging for war with the North Koreans, conducting regular and provocative war games with North Korea’s arch enemy the US. The US are most eager to precipitate a war in the Korean Peninsula with everything to gain, gaining a bigger foothold at China’s doorstep with permission to station more troops and bases, more control over the South Koreans who would be fully be dependent and beholden to them, the opportunity to sell more weapons to South Korea and Japan, and other countries and making more money and influence. And the opportunity to start a war outside of the US with the Asians killing themselves, and next to China, would be a great bonus.

The South Koreans have a reason to want to go to war. The US have all the reasons to want a war with the North. All they need is a good reason for them to attack the North. The Choenan was the best reason ever presented to them. It was an act of war. No buts, a serious enough incident, the sinking of a naval ship with many seamen dead.

Then one may ask, what was holding back the two protagonists who are bent on a war with the North and given this great opportunity, refrained from doing so? I am not going to discuss why the North Koreans were so stupid, knowing that this was what the South and the Americans were waiting for. The only reason was that they were mad. And many believe this too.

Why would the South Koreans hold back? And why weren’t they be pushed by the US who were so trigger happy to do so? I bet the US was pushing them real hard to start that war. The South Koreans chickened out at the face of war? Obviously not. The last thing they wanted to do was to plunge into a war for the wrong and stupid reason, a false flag incident.

Some may think the two Koreans are mad, but they are definitely not stupid. They might be led by the nose by the Americans, but they would not be fixed by some party or parties to go to war. They would have thoroughly examined the wreckage for the conclusive evidence that it was a hostile act by the North. And if it was, they have no reason not to go to war. It was South Korean lives killed, property destroyed and national pride at stake, the credibility of the govt.

Why didn’t they go to war if they have the proof? Why were they able to ward off the pressure from the Americans who wanted them to attack the North? The North Koreans committed the first act of war! The world opinion and the UN would be on their side. The South Koreans would die to defend their country when attacked and their own people killed.

What is happening? No guts to go to war? Or they did found some conclusive evidence, ….that it was not the North Koreans who sank their ship and killed their sailors?

You may have your own reasons to still want to believe the North sank the Choenan. Good for you.

PS. Please excuse me for belabouring this issue. Forget about the Koreans. The moral of my posting is to remind people not to take the information from the media, particularly politically sensitive information for granted. Think a little and try to see through the issue. You may see something, you may not. If thinks are too hazy, don't jump to conclusion and allowed the scheming parties to fix your thinking. The joke is on you.


Roy said...

"The South Koreans have a reason to want to go to war."

I went through your post. Nothing on this. So what is the reason that make them WANT a war?

Your whole post is about people should not just have blind beliefs. Yet, you did not have a single tangible fact or evidence that your readers can rely on.

Your whole conspiracy theory act very very unconvincing. Show us evidence otherwise how can we believe.

BTW. Conducting exercise = begging for war. This is new. The last I check, there is a concept called training. How many military exercise happens in a year in the world? All are begging for a war? Really?

FYI, if US wants a war, it gets a war. Look at Iraq war 2. US doesn't need a reason. The reason N Korea is not attacked yet is: N Korea has no oil.

FYI. You used to post sensible stuff on your blog that is thought provoking. Now you are slipping into lunacy.

Anonymous said...

One has to look back not too long ago during the Korean War to understand the psyche of the current situation. North Korea could have easily taken what is south Korea today if not for the arrival of the UN/US led armies. The US led pushup north was almost reversing the fortunes of the North Koreans only to be met by might of the Chinese Forces.

The crux of the issue is not war between north and south koreans per se. The bigger forces at work ultimately boils down to covert exchanges between China and the US. The US wants to play the good old game of creating war/demand for weapons/US dollars/strategic foothold so that the rise of China can be curbed.

China will rise and it will outstrip the one sided dominance of US and it's cronies , it's only a matter of time.

Too bad for the US , the sinking of Chonen , did not bring about anything more than a little ripple on their grand scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

If the two Koreas go to war , don't be too happy. We sinkies will have to decide which side we are on, the US or China. Don't forget , all these years of cultivating our relationship with China and at the same time kiss USA's butts is going to make our position very very very uncomfortable. When the Elephantsand Hippos have a clash , the grass gets trampled. Peesai is just an ant on the grass.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'm quite convinced the N Koreans did it and KJI had full knowledge of the attack.

However I don't really care if I'm right or not.

As far as I'm concerned a state of war still exists between N & S Koreas. And therefore acts of aggression, hostility and retaliation are not only to be expected, but also to be encouraged

We pay good money to see combat -- be it on video gaming like Call of Duty, or Pay-Per-View Ultimate Fighting on Rupert Murdoch's Fox . Kani nee nah...violence is entertainment. Have to buy the "gear" too: Game box (Nintendo, X Box, PSP...etc), then continually spend time, effort amd money getting your rocks off by avoiding being killed and killing as many others as you can. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!! We enjoy this shit!

...anyway I digress. all this talk about "world peace" is bullshit. N & S Korea are AT WAR for the last 60 years, so STOP WIMPING OUT and FIGHT MAN! The more you fight, the more we can enjoy and the LESS we end up paying Rupert Murdoch for delivering UFC into our homes like we ordered a pizza.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Roy, that's what you are capable of, calling names. So I am lunatic, ridiculous and talking rubbish. I will make this my last reply to another lunatic.

The conduct of wargames as part of training is normal. The conduct of war games with live rounds at the border between two nations when there are hostilities, and with a huge military force, is not normal.

If you have children, when your children play and scream outside your neighbour's house or flat, it is normal. When relations are bad, try to do that and see if it is normal or provocation.

The constant and regular major war games conducted by the US and the South near the border with North Korea are reported very frequently in our media. You are someone who read the papers and did not know? You refuse to read them or they are normal? Well, I won't call you a lunatic for that, don't worry.

Just try to conduct a major wargame in the Straits of Malacca or Johore Straits with the Americans simulating an attack on our neighbours and see if it is seen as normal. Or if Malaysia were to move several divisions of combined arms to the south of Johore to simulate an attack on us, see if that is normal.

Thanks for your thoughts. I would not engage you anymore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, one last point why the Americans did not attack the North. The Americans can try and they will be met by the Chinese for sure. I am not guessing.

Anonymous said...

Acts of intolerance in play here.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Americans are not scared of the Chinese. They can't wait to smash the yellow peril (of course it won't be that easy). It is in their plans, and we all more or less accept that sooner or later China will have to face off the US and it's allies (ball carriers)

China is playing a smart game by silently taking the insults, building its own defenses and concentrating on making the cuntry and its people wealthier.

China has no real friends in Asia except for N Korea. All the other Asian govts "mistrust" China hence they kneel down, open mouth and allow Uncle Sam to set up bases and bukkake all over their Anerican-cum-hungry faces.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sure the Americans would want to wallop the Chinese. They are not scared? The Korean War scared the shit out them. They would not dare take the Chinese headon.

And the new China is something that they cannot fathom. What the Chinese are capable of militarily is still an unknown and that scares the shit out of the Americans. They do not know what would be the outcome. Definitely not a cakewalk like in Iraq where they could walk in and walk out at their own time without being crippled.

Sure they would flatten China. But at what cost?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

ASEAN governments should be ashamed of themselves for kow towing to the USA and helping (handsomely rewarded of course) the motherfucking broke-bankrupt fraudsters (borrow money, no pay money) expand their EMPIRE.

Yes folks, EMPIRE, and it comes carrying The Holey Bible -- operating manual for the defective brain.

Fuck The Bible

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean there is nothing wrong with feeling any emotion -- fear is the primal negative emotion.

However it is not always "beneficial" to act on emotion alone.

So if you say the Yanks are "scared" --of course, as a natural human emotions.

However scared or not, they are warmongers -- driven by the bible and the profit motive to make money, all nicely wrapped up in rah-rah freedom, manifested in cultural icons in music, movie, literature and media.

Americans dominate the media. In that way, they've already won lah. Firing ordnance and flying sorties are just "bonus". No one want to be Chinese. Everyone, including many Chinese, STRUGGLES TO BE MORE AMERICAN.

Go Lucy!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Sorry, I forgot:

Fuck the Americans and their favourite useless theatre prop -- The Bible

Anonymous said...

Communist China doesn't have a dominant religion given it's political roots , hence it is very difficult for the USofA to use the "bible" against it unlike it's current victims. Russia was in a similar situation except , it imploded because of the covert forces of economic war. China is heading in that direction, but being the birthplace of 5000 yrs of cultural wisdom , the relatively young punk , US of A is going to find it hard to beat.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 3:59,

I would have to disagree with that observation. When the Europeans set out to conquer the world, they carried the gun on one hand and the bible on the other. The conquered countries were never Christians or Catholics. Most have their own pagan gods.

But the conquerors were powerful, guns on one hand, robbed and killed. Then passed the loot to the other holding the bible to preach peace, love and God and also offered some of the loots to the potential converts.

If you read the underground news of China today, they are overwhelmed by the bible and the goodness in the bible. They are more Christians and Catholics than those outside of China, absolute pious and god fearing to a cult. Calling these believers to rise against the atheist regime will be so much easier. They will die for their beliefs. Their faith is strong.

Anonymous said...

History is littered with wars in the name of God. I think that's why the communists abhors religion. If what you say about the ferver of the christians in China is so strong , it is no wonder why the regime is clearly worried about such groups that could coalesce to form formidable forces of anti-establishment. Needless to say a prime example of a target are those that excercise in a certain type of qigong. Coming back, if that's the case , Matilah has a point again, religion is a great destabilizer. Of course , in the wrong hands it is a very powerful tool as well.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

To make matters worse, the Christian Church is growing rapidly in China. Next thing you know the Yankee turns the conflict into a religious war, and the Christian Chinese inside China betray their cuntree to the Americans in jesus name.

That Christian backed military doctrine of the American military-industrial-political-financial complex.... Dun pray pray. These are seriousky DANGEROUS people.

But gotta hand it to them -- they've definitely got STYLE. Obama, for example looks like a movie star in a suit. Add to the fact he shoots terrorists and pirates in the eye, the guy is mlre garang than Shaft

Bad ass motherfucker!

Rpy said...

So many post later. All you have are speculations and conspiracy theories.

Oh and you believed that the exercise with live rounds took place just because you read them in the news? How do you know they are not lies? Jokes on you no?

Conspiracy theories are interesting if there are evidence that suggest the opposite is plausible. Belaboring your tales without factual support is just sad.

Guess what you wun have to reply to me much more. Like many of my friends agreed, the quality of this post is sliding rapidly. It used to be near Lucky's or Singapore Notes. Now its just sad.

I_Read_RB_Daily said...

RPY, readership at this website is very high. If not for the quality of the content, the responses would not have been so fast and furious. Comparing this website to others is really not important and uncalled for. Afterall, in the first place you chose to comment and respond to this blogger in his site so it already says a lot , no ? One should at least observe basic etiquette. RB , please carry on , your views may be your own but it certainly is thought provoking, everyone is entitiled to his or her own view. Healthy exchange and self reflection is always an added benefit.

Anonymous said...

Whether truth or speculation, it exists in every media, both big and small all over the world, and some people read and choose to believe while there are also some who do not.

For example, was the WMD story in Iraq real or illusionary? It was later proven to be just a pack of lies cooked up to start the war, yet the well respecterd western media spent so much effort to repeat what the Americans leaders claim to be the truth.

Some things are just taken to be truths because some big country with big leaders or big medias said to, but later proven to be lies. Big leaders tell big lies, small people just tell small lies, maybe just white lies.

So, what is to be believed? What is not to be believed? Each has his own mindset in evaluating the news.

Again, to quote David Rossi in 'Criminal Minds' - If you believe, no proof is necessary. If you do not believe, no proof is possible.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Who pulled the break on the South Korean's Sunshine Policy which was proceeding smoothly and will lead to the reunification of the two Koreas?

The Americans are so peaceful people and that is why there is no wars in the American continent. The Europeans are also very peaceful people and for the same reasons there is no wars in Europe.

The Arabs, Africans, the Indians and Pakistanis, the Asians, are all war mongers and are always at wars with each other. The Koreans are no different and would want to kill each other in another war.

There is no American or European conspiracy. The Afro Asians are doomed to kill each other because of their bickering nature.

Please note one common factor in all the wars in Asia and Africa. From the Korean War, Vietnam War, Invasion of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, in Pakistan, there is one common element in all these wars.

Anonymous said...

"The Americans are so peaceful people and that is why there is no wars in the American continent. The Europeans are also very peaceful people and for the same reasons there is no wars in Europe". Unquote.

No one should be too sanguine and sure about no war in the US and or Europe. There was Hitler, Mussolini, Napolean Bonaparte and the North South War fought in the Americas.

With Occupy Wall Street still ongoing in a number of cities in the US, one can never be sure that ugly development will not happen. Natural disasters had also resulted in some disputes between the victims and the political leaders in some of the White-occupied Lands, these too can become ugly.

Anyway, if there is one huge successful terrorist attack that resulted in tens of thousands of casualty, one can be very sure that chaos will ensue there.

There is no wish of any sane man to have any land in trouble. BUT, unfortunately, there are plenty of MAD leaders creating havoc and causing damages all over the World. This is a fact.


denk said...

*The conduct of wargames as part of training is normal. The conduct of war games with live rounds at the border between two nations when there are hostilities, and with a huge military force, is not normal.*


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Patriot and denk.

There is a world of differenc between seeing things with a clear mind and seeing things with a clouded mind.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No such thing lah. First of all we CONSTRUCT a representation of the world. And we do so through the filters of our cognitive biases

denk said...

*seeing things with a clouded mind

it certainly doesnt help when all they have got is the st, which is practically a local edition of the WAR street journal

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, War Street Journal.

Every war that is fought after WW2 has the American thumb print on it with one or two exceptions.

denk said...

hello chua

ur site is the antidote to st brain washed sinkies, if only they know what's good for them

btw have u read this ...?
gulf of tonkin redux ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks for the link denk. I have not read this one but different versions. What is startling is the admission by the Korean military that it was definitely not an act by the North as they admitted, any North Korean ship in the vincinity would have been detected. The area is like a war zone and tightly monitored.

Anyone who wants an objective report of the incident should read this. However the report still avoided naming the real culprit and tried to pass the blame to the corals. It was definitely an internal or bottom up explosion if you look at how the hull's steel panels folded outwards and upwards. No corals could do that.

Lee Myung Bak is following his God and his God is the same God that Bush prayed to for guidance before he sent his troops to kill the Iraqis and Saddam.

Matilah would definitely agree that this is a very dangerous man, as mad as George Bush.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

OTOH humankind needs crazy, bat shit individuals who are convinced god is talking to them to give our species a whack on the side of the head with a hammer every once so often.

Nut jobs who are not only free to roam, but become elevated in status, position and authority -- instead of being institutionalized and locked away so the rest of us are safer -- create some of the best "interactive entertainment" imaginable.

So on with the electrocutions, the mutilations, water boarding and other creative ways of torturing your fellow man!