The End of Progress

While we I was kpkb about the illusion of progress, economist Professor Graeme Maxton wrote a book titled ‘The End of Progress’. His main theme is rather familiar. The obsession for the word progress by modern economists is going to run down this earth. Progress as interpreted by the modern economists, is laced with greed and irresponsibility, is violating the basic principles expounded by the great Adam Smith.
Govts today wave the word progress as if it’s the end all prize for any modern being. You want progress or not? Progress is even used as a threat to frighten the lay people, invokes fear in them that their life style will suffer without progress. So every donkey will shout, yea, yea, we want progress.
Today’s progress, in the macro level, is going to eat up all the resources this world is able to provide, from minerals, energy, vegetation and livestocks. Progress will lead the world’s population to a point of exhaustion, running out of everything, even land to farm and to live. Imagine every country only thinks of increasing its population in order to progress? Quite silly isn’t it?
At the micro level, progress often is an illusion when everything is eaten up by inflation. When money is inflated to give the illusion of wealth while in real terms, nothing change. In many cases, the money value is even smaller than before.
Is it progress to live in smaller and smaller flats? Is it progress when one is deprived of the convenience of car ownership? But we have limitations of land and owning bigger living space and cars are not possible. Oh, I see, we have limited land! How so, how is it that we don’t know? Why is this not taken into consideration when the little space is flooded with people and more people? We need to progress, of course. The bigger population will lead to more progress.
I can’t beat this kind of argument. We shall have more progress then, and progress to living in dog’s kennels and take public transport.
Thank you Prof Maxton, to tell the nitwits what it really is, I mean progress. Still want progress, still want to be threaten with no progress? If the cost of living is lower, the same unit of money will have greater purchasing power and is progress in better quality of life. It is foolish to think progress when every cent earn is eaten away by inflation. It is fiction.
Now, for a start, don’t believe in anyone that says smaller space is good, is progress. And not owning a car is a natural thing and also a price to pay for progress.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'm all for individual action: ie how much "progress " should remain an individual, independent and personal quest. If you want the lifestyle of the rich and famous... Up to you. If you prefer the low frequency lifestyle of a masturbating beach bum... your choice.

The problem with collectivised progress is that POLITICS come into it. Once politics is involved, you get corporate and polical interests in "partnership " with each other to sell "progress " to the masses who love "progress"as much as they love bread and circuses.

As usual -- follow the money. When an elite speaks of "progress", look out, someone's about to make A LOT OF MONEY!!

agongkia said...

Not end of progress,its bottom end of shit holes now.
No worry,be confident.
Dragon will bring me hope.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, shouldn't you be making dragon babies with your favourite consort : )

agongkia said...

Uncle Bean,
Hehe..If I am lucky,I can be a father who produces 3 dragon babies in one year.
Got guinese record for that?
I dun need progress,I just need more babies.More babies means more progress to me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, you forget about triplets and quadruplets? You would need about 6 to stand a chance for the record my fren.

The definition of progress has changed ah. More children, more head counts, more progress. Thanks for your contribution. Give you 6 months productivity bonus.

Anonymous said...

We can see your individual action. Up down up down heaving and panting till the monkey in you goes..ahhhhh.

Anonymous said...


They rule the planet LOL

Anonymous said...

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