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'Wednesday, December 14, 2011Stranger Than Fiction
So America flew a spy drone over Iran. So Iran bought the spy drone down. Now America…asked the Iranians to return the spy drone that was used to spy on them?

I thought this was a joke when I first read it but evidentially it’s true. President Obama himself said that the United States had asked Iran to give the downed American reconnaissance plane back.

Fact is truly stranger than fiction. The Iranians has rejected the request with its state media poking fun at the American’s expense. I agree with them.

What is God’s name made the American believed for a second the Iranians (and the rest of the world) won’t laugh their guts out upon hearing the request? Hell, I am.'

I actually wanted to write something but Musings from the Lion City has beat me to it. The American arrogance is funnily silly. But to the Americans and the west, it is not. They have the right to send spy planes inside people's country and the right to demand that it be returned if taken down. If not, this will be a justifiable excuse to attack Iran, not just imposed sanctions.

So is this anti American? : )


Anonymous said...

America offers the world two things.

Priests and Prostitutes in the same bed.

What is there not to like?

That's why they are so powerful.

Anonymous said...

Iran should charge a fee for keeping the drone in its' territory. If the US refuses to pay, extract whatever is important and useful out of it and have it destroyed in public.

Anonymous said...

They are doing like what the Chinese did in Hainan Island when they forced down an American spy plane. They are tearing it apart to learn everything they could. They even said that they will be doing reverse engineering and will build replicas to sell for profit.

Now that should be the way to deal with the bully.