An avalanche of mishaps

The recurrence of breakdowns over a few days is bad enough. But they said when it rains, it pours. It was pouring the last few days. And after the breakdowns, ceiling fell down and injured people in Sengkang MRT station. Then SMRT bus passenger fell and went into coma when driver braked abruptly.

What is going to happen next? Taxi drivers unhappy as takings fell by 20 to 30% instead of going up with the fare hike in time for Christmas. If the fare is not going up, instead of bonus and Christmas presents they are going to be angry. When unpleasant things all coming in a row, they tend to aggravate the situation to become unbearable.

This Christmas is going to be very different.


Anonymous said...

I hope this Avanlnche is start of something significant .... to wake up the psyche of numbskulled sinkie. Or maybe that's asking too much? 60% is afterall quite a hurdle/inertia to cross.

Anonymous said...

Eh , MAtilah for an aethist which you so proudly expound about, you sure talk like someone who wields godly powers... no?

De Leviathan @ Sg said...

SMRT - A Public Transporter that Went Terribly Wrong with its Business Model


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Levianthan, welcome to the blog, and thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

This PRC family whose wife is now lying comatose in the hospital wished that he had never set foot on this island.

He thougght bus drivers in China were bad but this one in Sinkie is worst! but he probably din realise that the guy who caused the mishap or criminal negligence is probably the same driver he once a upon a time took the bus ride in

He forgot we got a lot of foreign talent bus drivers in this cuntry and most of them are either from the PRC or India and they are also prone to losiing their way around the roads.

jeszuz what the hell is this jplace coming to?

Anonymous said...

Yikes...so many FREAK events..BUT

..."Every event is a new learning experience for us." - Minister Yaacob Ibrahim

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Read somewhere in the paper a comment that our MRT is as good as any other place. I agree. But if I am paying the management 10 times more than the management of other places, is it fair to expect the competence and quality to be 10 times better?

As good as people being paid 10 times less is not good, it is BAD!

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura knows well that imaginery or imagined deities provide false and fake hopes propagated through misled believers. He had witnessed the power of nature, however to call upon nature to do more is a little superstitious. Man(kind) does not have the power to demand or order Nature. Only the superstitious think that their gods can do everything.

Anonymous said...

Hypothetical Question. What happens one day when all sinkies "wake-up" and realise their are in a shiity little place , with a shitty usseless overlords who have robbed them blind... for eg HDB flat cannot be sold , sell oso money cannot see. What will happen ? chaos ? or just carry on living in hell??

Anonymous said...

When it rains, it pours. We get flooded with PRCs and Indians n lots of other nationalities. That probably caused the trains to break down sooner, property values to overinflate, too much ill goten money pushing up inflation, so on and so forth. Some day, this will all end.

Anonymous said...

How to end this avalanche of mishaps?

GE 2016. Vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

You never know what else is going to be wrong with the SMRT system. Computer chips have very short life span and things that run by computers can go very wrong without warning.

Should I call that mother nature or human failure when it happens?

Stay alert for the next mishap. It will come.

Anonymous said...

Driver is sleeping.

Time to slap driver.

GE 2016.
More slaps needed.

IMAGOD said...

I seriously doubt that voting differently will change anything.

"Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite" - Joseph de Maistre


"La société a les criminels qu’elle mérite" - Alexandre Lacassagne

Anonymous said...

You are right, voting in a different party to change government is not going to change the shitty condition we are in. But waking up the sinkies in slumber land to effect strong actions to change pappy's relentless squeeze/choke may slow down the screws somewhat and deter them from treating sinkies as easy slaughter.

IMAGOD said...

Sshhhh... Let the babies sleep. Don't wake them, for they just might be "safer" in blissful slumber than awake and agitated. :-)

Anonymous said...

Slap for fun also damn shiok lah!

How many chances do you get to slap an elite?

I had 2 chances in 2011.
The feeling was damn shiok!
Watching these elites going around begging for votes.

Just like us Sinkies going around begging for jobs and money.

Looking forward to give more slaps in 2016.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ok, the thing you're not paying attention to are the numbers. By 2016 the ratio of new citizens to locals will have grown substantially.

Therefore I think the PAP are going to hold the line -- we knw how the majority of new citizens vote.

Also, why limit or confine your slaps to 2016?? Cmon, have more fun.

Actually the fun starts soon. 2013 or so most people will be running out of money to service the rising cost of living and the collapse of financial institutions and economies.

Get prepared for entertainment extravaganza!!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans need the help of IMAGOD to save them.
IMAGOD, if he got conscience, must come back to save Singaporeans. He got to help Sinkies to sue the SMRT. And he got to do it fast before the number of newly mint citizens surpass that of the native-born. Singaporeans need a man with the guts and intelligence!

IMAGOD said...

No thanks. I happy staying the bum I am.

Singapore is, and will always be a HOTEL to me. I come and go as I. please. No obligation. No emotional issues or ties. Eat too much, drink too much, fuck plenty, sometimes make little bit money, enjoy my kampung Holland V and all the wonderful folks I've known forever.

Forget the idea of a "saviour". Unless you like bullshit fairy tales or bible stories B-)