Justice – redbean hates America

I am just using this comment from blogger justice to start a discussion. Lately I have posted several articles that pointed out the faults and flaws of American involvements in Asian and African affairs. Some will find my views rather unconventional as they are completely against the norm, against what was reported in the main media and the western media. These media only have good things to say about the Americans and nothing else. Everything the Americans said and did must be right and good, and ethical, morally righteous.

Now what I am saying or writing are contrary to this belief or version of the truth. Unfortunately what I have written are factual and no one can dispute the facts as untruths or distorted truths. So the only position that they can take me out is that I am anti Americans. Is that so? It is like some doggies who would come here and failing to argue against my points, would attempt to attack me personally. They could not disagree with me as the doggie’s heads are empty of ideas, or they are here simply tasked to discredit me.

The comment by justice is slightly different. The adaptation of the nick justice is an indication that justice is important to him, right and wrong matters. But be careful, what is right to A is not necessarily right to B. I welcome all bloggers to disagree with my views and my facts, tell me my facts are wrong, that what I said did not happen. I will be proud of them. Put up strong and sensible arguments against my position, and this will make the discussion more interesting and enlightening, and educational.

Why are my views so difficult to accept to the WOGs? When one is fed with eggs and bacon every morning and hamburgers every meal, eating porridge and chicken rice is strange and difficult to accept. Probably they may think eating porridge is for poor peasants or eating chicken rice is just not the right thing to do.

For two centuries, the western media have ruled the world and fed the readers, western and eastern readers, with their sets of world views and western oriented ideas of righteousness. The world is seen from Europe and America, and what is good for Europe and America is good and vice versa. Their dominance over the rest of the world cannot be challenged and must stay that way. They even have the audacity to want to manage the rise of China or any country outside Europe and America. It is fair that the westerners accept that kind of world view and positioning.

Why should Afro Asians accept that kind of views? Are Afro Asians supposed to be ruled and led by the westerners, to be fed views and on how to think, to be made to think like westerners and in the interests of westerners? What is education all about? Would Asians and Africans start to think and see the world differently from the west and in their own interests? Would they dare to think differently from the west, from the western media, disagree with the distorted and one sided truths that are fed to them? Would they look at the west, what the Americans are doing and ask, are they doing the right thing, the good thing or the bad thing?

Would there be a revival of Afro Asian civilization, a renaissance of sort, when the Afro Asians could take positions in their own interest, or in the interest of justice and moral high grounds? Would they dare to challenge atrocious views that are obviously biased or distortion of truth? Or would they continue to be dominated by the west, even in their thinking, that everything west is good and right? It is not a matter of being anti west or anti Americans. It is a matter of being yourself, being confident of yourself and your world view. I used to tell some of the bloggers, when one is a student, one often quotes so and so say this and that. Those are learning phases, a time when our ideas are young and we need to learn from more mature and intellectual minds. As we grow older, and hopefully worldly wise, after seeing a life time of controversies and contradictions, it is time to form our own opinions about things and about what is right and wrong, what is good for us, what is not, and what is justice and what is treachery or high falutins.

My articles and views are not necessary right or agreeable to all. But one thing for sure, they are provocative and force one to think and disagree. That is what my blog is all about.


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My favourite China blog

Think aloud said...

It is said that one should not accept (what he does not know much about) hook, line and sinker what is passed off as factual by a supposed superior thinking man. Try thinking authentic. For example: The US and the West realising military might can no longer continue to power them to control global economy, invented globalisation as an alternative route to sustain their hold. Alas it is backfiring because China, India and others are benefiting immensely out of this and posing real threat to the economic interests of the West. The latter countries also have or about to acquire the awsome military might the West have been having hitherto. So the military advantage is no longer there.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For so many years, Asians were made to believe that western media are credible, reliable and serious institutions. What they wrote are truth and by reputable individuals.

Is that the case? The more one knows the more one see the nonsense that are printed in western media as authority views to be pass around like gospel truths.

In truth many are simply craps, biased one sided views with a political agenda. Be careful of what one reads. Don't take anything for granted.

Hahaha, the Sino Indian war and the Sino Vietname war were started by China and the Chinese were the aggressor. And so many innocent and ignorant readers just gobbled them up like golden truth. Never even bother to ask and starts to throw them around as facts.

Anonymous said...

US to station combat ships in S'pore. Singaporeans must oppose and resist it fiercely.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:38 pm Post subject: US station combat ships in S'pore. We'll oppose it fiercely. Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster
According to newspapers reports US will station combat ships in Singapore.Singapore must not be a partner either willing or unwilling to US ( The Evil Empire ) hyenas intentions in Asia especially in East Asia, South China Sea and Sino-Indian borders in China's southern province of Si Zhang or Tibet. For the last seventy years after the Second World War how many countries have US attacked and how many savage unjustified wars have it declared on weak defenseless countries all because it has might and power. Through might and power US assumes it is synonymous as its right to bulldoze its ideas and doctrine on others and therefore it will assasinate leaders who do not follow its dictates and carry out regime change of these countries who do not toe the US line.

Singapore should not be blinded by US satanic influence to allow it to use Singapore as a military base for its insidious plan and design of aggression and conflict in Asia under the guise of protecting freedom and democracy and hubris talk of supporting freedom of the sealanes for safe shipping in the South China Sea. US evil design in Asia is part of its overall strategy to hold sway and hegemony over every country in the whole world. Is Singapore willing to die for US aggression and world domination?

It is regrettable that Singpore defense minister is so naive as to fall prey to US evil intention to start potential conflicts in Asia as part of its drive to distract American citizens from its economic and financial woes . Singaporeans are non-plussed when the defense minister Ng Eng Hen said that Singapore is working with US to work out details of the plan to station US combat ships in Singapore. If war breaks out between US and another Asian power because of US extreme provocations and aggression Singapore cannot hope to escape attack and destruction. If our politicians want to be a pawn to US aggression and terrorism and willing to die for their US masters by all means do so, but don't drag Singaporeans along for they have no right to sign Singasporeans' death warrant or death penalty.

Singaporeans must now wake up to the danger that our politicians , our naive ministers are exposing us to the great danger of big power destructive politics especially from the West headed by US. Singaporeans can no longer keep quiet but rise up to protest and resist fiercely the US evil scheme of using Singapore as a military base for its evil designs of aggression in Asia. We must not allow our ministers who are obviously too simple minded and obsequious to US to decide our fate.