Bloops can be good too

It is official, Seng Han Thong is not a racist. Shanmugam has spoken and no man in blue will be going after him. It was just a bloop and not necessary to put words into his mouth. The SMRT official is definitely more astute politically. It is not fair to put a label on Seng Han Thong for misquoting him. I support this trend of not putting labels on people or jumping quickly to put a label on anyone. We will become a more tolerant society if we refrain from doing so.

The biggest and most notorious of such bloops was the darkness in Little India by an MP. I must be careful and quote the source or else people may label me as racist too. I did not say that, but quoting an ex MP. Then there was another bloop, or more serious than that, by a member of Young PAP in his blog about trainee terrorists.

And this is Christmas. All will be forgiven in good spirit. But I do wish for Christmas that more bloops will come out and be forgiven. They will set the precedents, the benchmarks to forgive people who blooped and be spared from being labelled as racists.

The Christmas Spirit is thriving.


Anonymous said...

This is funny. I choose to remain anonymous in case I also bloop. I agree with you. Blooping can be a good lesson for all if it does not come with a painful price of being sued. But do not mislead our young to bloop all they can or our society will evolve into an island of nincompoops overtaken by growing offshore talents.

Anonymous said...

depends on which side you are from when you bloop.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for them. How come when their members saying something incriminating, it is "bloop"?

But when you are not their "member", it becomes liable? And can be sued till you "craw on your knees". Why huh??

Anonymous said...

Things like this sometimes evoke the question of whether there is a set of rules for MIWs and their cronies and another set of rules for ordinary Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Simgaporeans not ... hehehe, bloop yes and must also be realistic.
merry xmas

Anonymous said...

I remember correctly, GE 2011 TOC debate.
Tony Tan said to Tan Jee Say:
"That is a serious charge....."

If we do it, it's a serious charge.

If they do it, it's just a bloop. And they stand corrected.

(I stand corrected if I have blooped in my above post.)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Just express yourself and be damned lah.

About the school bus of trainee terrorists... is there a possibility he could be CORRECT?

Mathematical probability would suggest that in any grouping of kids, a small number will grow up to be anti social criminals - regardless of what religion they are

Anonymous said...

@ Matilah
"Mathematical probability would suggest that in any grouping of kids, a small number will grow up to be anti social criminals ..."

What is the mathematical probability for politicians?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I would say quite high. Anti social ciminals = illegal. Politicians = perfectly legal. Although often it is difficult to distinguish between the two B-)