More job opportunities for Singaporeans

Singaporeans that are losing their jobs to foreign talents need fear not. Singaporeans graduates having difficulties finding jobs, need fear not. I read today’s papers and am very encouraged by the news that jobs are plentiful for Singaporeans, in China. China needs a lot of foreign workers to feed its 9.1% rate of growth economy.

The Europeans are forming queues on the road to China. Employment agencies are getting requests by rich and wealthy Chinese for butlers and English butler associations are training more butlers for the Chinese markets.

Young graduates from Europe and America are also heading to China. China also needs a lot of school bus and taxi drivers. And the top job that is in great demand is English Language tutor. I am thinking of applying for it.

The problems faced by the European job applicants are tremendous, culture shock and language skills and unfamiliar with the Chinese way of life and customs. Singaporeans, particularly the Singaporean Chinese or Chinese Singaporeans, would have special advantage against the Europeans. They can easily blend in, smoothly, no need programmes to integrate like we do to our foreign workers.

Singaporean foreign workers going to China can integrate instantly, smoothly, to the Chinese society. Those employment agencies should quickly seize this opportunity to set up shops in China to provide them with true blue Singaporean foreign workers. Heard of reverse engineering? Now we are reversing the trend of employment. China’s foreign talent can come here to replace our local talents. Our displaced local talents can go to China to be foreign workers.

Fair exchange as their talents are more talented than ours. Our talents would be equivalent or good enough to be their foreign workers.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All long term unemployment is VOLUNTARY.

Sure you could lose your job - for many reasons. However to stay unemployed is a CHOICE. It means you are either too lazy, too expensive, too unrealistic, unreasonable, irresponsible and perhaps neurotic.

If you are willing to pick up a broom, mop and bucket, you'll probably never be out of work.

If however you think that certain forms of HONEST WORK are somehow "below" your inflated self-worth, then you are not only wrong but ignorant and an asshole.

If you lose your job to someone else, it is because your boss prefers that person over your for whatever reason. HE WHO WRITES THE CHEQUES WRITES THE RULES

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans should stand up, put their hands together and give a standing ovation to our PMET taxi drivers. These professionals, some very highly qualified and trained, did not say die even when they are replaced by foreign talents.

Neither did they say any job is too small or below them. They willingly take on taxi driving without complaining, and earning so much lesser. They willingly provide their service to the maids and foreign workers as part and parcel of their job. This is the Singaporean spirit.

Now which rascal is accusing Sinkies of lazy and not willing to work...hard?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Absolutely. These folks know that having a job -- honest work -- is better than being a perpetual "victim ". The fact that they have technical skills is something to be proud of even though one's present vocation might be different.

Same thing with uni grads -- sometimes there're jobs in your field, and there are times where you might have to consider Burger King.

Unfortunately there are Singaporeans who bring down the team by behaving like spoilt kids