Leave it to the Malaysians

As I was pondering over how Iskandar Economic Zone could rival Singapore and turn Johore into a blooming state with all the vibrancy that this island wants, the Malaysian govt just threw a spanner into the works. Instead of facilitating travel between the two states a breeze, they are going to raise toll fees into and out of Johore. And it is reported that the increase is 6 times the current rate. There you have it.

So, will more Singaporeans go over? Or will the cost of doing business going to be cheaper? Actually still cheaper because of the exchange rate. But it won’t be long when more and more cost are added into it.


agongkia said...

Dun always think of business , Iskandar and profit.
There are many things to explore there.
Think of their productivity.I want to find a wife there,produce many children where I cannot afford to do it here.This itself is a profit.
Many time better than business.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What cock are you toking lah redbean? Many Singaporeans already gone over lah. In typical S'pore style, the houses they build are 'tak kalah'. Finally, cheaper land!

If I need to get my 'urut kotek' at a JB "health centre", I have several kaki form S'pore I can call on now.

The days of robbers and car jackers, and whilst not completely gone, are fast diminishing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have relatives who are Malaysians. The security situation has improved. If things get better, more and more Singaporeans will go over. But they should not increase the cost unnecessarily or raise more barriers.

Free and easy mobility are important if one is to live there or be there a big part of the time. Going over once a week or a month, putting up with a little inconvenience is okay. When it is a daily thing, a way of life, the tolerance level is much lower. And cost can be killing.

An example are those Sinkies living in estates that are served by LRTs. Convenient to have LRT but the cost of 4 heads travelling on LRT daily is going to add up to a significant sum.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wise productive move Agongkia.

Like that, how can Singapore improve its productivity, humanly speaking, with all the producers thinking of sprouting second wings abroad.

Wally has gone to Lijiang, also a productive move. That is why he is so busy nowadays and has given up visiting this blog.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally must be in seventh heaven. No time for worldly worries. All his worldly desires taken care off: )

Anonymous said...

If Iskandar knows the inside story of Singapore, it will beat Singapore anytime. But, if it only looks at the outside of Singapore and tries to emulate it, Iskandar will fail to take over Singapore.

Unfortunately, Iskandar has yet to study the Sun Tzu Art of War Strategy, that is, know yourself and know your enemy.