Surrendering one’s right – part 2

My first part dealt with the right to live decently and respectfully in a home with sufficient breathing space, not in a dog’s kennel. Just because someone thinks that the average Singaporeans deserve only a space as big a dog’s kennel doesn’t mean that Singaporeans have to accept it. Vote in a govt that will give Singaporeans bigger and cheaper homes and cheaper car ownership. The servants must decide who they want to be their masters.

The related issue is that Singaporeans must not allowed a govt to dictate to them that it would build flats for them and only be ready in 3 to 4 years time. The govt must anticipate the demand and build ahead of demands with flats available at short notice, better over the counter, like selling luxury cars. If they can’t do a simple thing like this why pay them so much?

Please keep the crap excuse that the govt must not over build and landed with 10,000 or 20,000 units hanging in the air. That is stupidity. Decide how much supply is needed, and how many flats to be held as reasonable stock with a bit of give and take. It is a policy decision after weighing the opportunity cost. Million dollar super talents should be able to think and plan ahead and not be floored by a small problem like making housing available at short notice.

The arrogant policy of building only when there is sufficient firm demand is bull. F the bugger. Pure arrogance of the highest order. Only in a master servant relationship or a king subject relationship would such thinking be tolerated. 3 or 4 years wait is just too long. Unacceptable!

Secondly, every Singaporean must be entitled, yes entitled, to buy a public flat. If the govt refuses to let them buy, then what is the purpose of National Service, to defend what when one does not even have the right to buy a public flat and does not have a place to stay? Don’t give the crap that there is always the resale market or the private market.

As citizens, all must be treated equally in issues like basic housing. No citizen must be left out in an inclusive society. Maybe inclusive means something else. All citizens are one, and citizens of the country. The PRs are not citizens. If PRs can buy public flats (a citizen and a PR can form a family unit), why are citizens that pledged to defend this country deprived of this right? Ridiculous or not?


agongkia said...

Uncle Bean

What you mentioned are not important issue to me.Whether you pay idiots billions to sing songs or not is not my concern.Stop whining.
Go and concentrate and suggest for the more important issue instead of kpkb.
Whether I can own a car or not or need me to serve 4 years of NS is not a issue to me.
Go and suggest the most important issue NOW....................

That is to
Allow Polygamy.
Why must I surrender my right to have more babies by having more wives?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh dear me, a thousand apologies. I have completely forgotten about what is good for you. I thought I know what is good for you.

Can you put your needs through the official feedback channels? Here I only kpkb and no one listening. So even if I scream, it would not be heard. Sohli hor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Another reason I can't support you although in my heart I am all for it, is that Aware will not be happy about it.
Don't pray pray with them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All your arguments are based on nonsense.

1. There is no such thing as a "right to live decently"

2. There is no, and should never be ANY entitlement rights (aka state welfarism) such as being "entitled " to a home just for being Singaporean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is if this is your country and the govt is elected by you. If it is a dynasty, a dictatorship or anything else where the people are just digits, then they cannot tell the govt what to do.

The people has rights and power. They can use them to their advantage or give it up.

If there is nothing the govt can promise or give to the people, what is the purpose of an election? What is election campaigning all about, a wayang?

Anonymous said...

Conscription is against Human Rights no matter how it is interpreted. Anyone thinks Singapore does not have the ability to have professional fighting men to conduct high-tech warfare? Is our national security not outsource to Gurkhas and Malaysians??

Is Singapore not INVADED by foreigners now and more are coming?

Public housing MUST BE made affordable to EVERY Native Singaporean whether or not they serve NS. Single parent of both genders should also be entitled.
When Singaporeans cannot afford to buy their own houses, rental unit should be available for them for shelter.

AND IT IS NOT PRIVILEGE NOR RIGHTS OF CITIZENSHIP, IT IS ON GROUND OF HUMANITIES. How can we let our people to be homeless and live like strays in our First World, Swiss Standard Society?? Singaporeans must not forget that those who abandon any pet are committing offences. So, how can the state not provide basic shelter and utilities of which water is essential to living?

Come on! Millionaire Leaders!


agongkia said...

Last time they need to secure votes and the Head's husband is handsome and young.Maybe worry.I understand.They have this law for her benefits.Now Ah Choo is not around.Must repent.Time to change law according to needs,if not others needs,my needs.I cannot wait leow.I must produce more babies to protect my country.

What is Aware role?Against polygamy only?Rich Tai Tais' or AngMor club?
Why do I still have to console those poor and lost divorcee or widowed who ask me for my shoulders?Can Aware get me someone to produce a son?They know what is Pu Seow Yew Shan,Wu Hou Wee Tar?
How am I going to face my ancestors if one day I fail to produce one handsome one to carry on my surname GOH?
Tell my Pa Ah Ma Garmen dun allow?Tell them I cannot break law?Tell them Aware is bigger than them?
Am I asking for too much.
Marry till I produce a son is my right.I find hard to surrender.Over my dead body.Period.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, you said it. The servants must tell the master what is good for the servants or else they will be taken for granted. And master will set the rules for the servants to follow.

Agongkia, quick, quick, go and produce as many as you can when you still can. Time is running out.

Anonymous said...

Another unreasonable request,another useless suggestion...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore = republic.

In a republic the understanding is that a benign dictatorship gets to make the rules. However there is on going dialogue with the people. However the elected benign dictator always has the final say.

So far - benign dictatorship - 60/100 not bad, not so good either.

The Sheeple - 20/100 ie 80% of the sheeple are FUCKED and if they get their wish, they'd take down THE WHOLE FUCKING CUNTRY!!

In this case - the benign dictatorship is the safety/ fail safe device