Don’t come back

The recent measures to curb property prices may offer some relief to Singaporeans that are still homeless because of the screwed up policies of recent years. It may be helpful to some but many are still left in the lurch, particularly the young professionals who were booted out of public housing by silly regulations that decreed they are rich enough to be skinned by the private property developers.

There are many such young professionals, highly qualified and living abroad and may want to return home. My advice to them is don’t come back. The opportunity cost is too high and so is the ransom to start life in their home country.

For a start, being highly skilled professionals, they would not be allowed to buy a public flat which would still cost them at least half a million bucks. They are expected to cough out at least a million to get a shitty little mickey mouse flat from the private developers. By the time they ended paying up in 30 years, it would have cost them $2m, just for a miserable little space to live in.

And the cost of a car, a cheap one, would be a hundred k. Being professionals, don’t expect them to live a life of the average Singaporeans and travel in MRT or buses. They are high earners and wanted a better life. Otherwise what is the point of their training, skills and qualifications?

The options for not returning, with three or four hundred k, they could get a very decent landed homes in any of the developed countries, like US, UK or Australia. A big car will not even cost half the COE they have to pay here, and can use for as long as they want. Funny, the cost of living in these countries are now cheaper than this paradise they would want to call home. And they could even command a higher or better income than returning to compete with foreigners with better comparative advantages.

They have all the advantages to remain PRs or even take up foreign citizenship and live a better life elsewhere, with lower cost of living than paying a huge ransom for a poorer quality of life here. It just does not make sense anymore for highly qualified young professionals to come home.

Don’t come back unless you don’t mind being robbed of all your savings and incomes.


Anonymous said...

The best solution for these group of sporeans is to renounce their citizenship and return as foreign trash or PRs to reap all the benefits from the pro-foreigner policies that MIWs have come up with.

Anonymous said...

Another example of anti-people policies.
Or more specifically, anti-Singaporean policies.

By the Party Against People.

They don't like fellow Singaporeans.
"If you think Singapore no good, then why don't you leave?"

They don't respect fellow Singaporeans.
"daft", "need spurs", "what you want? 3 meals in a hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant?"

But they claim to represent you as your political leader. Since 60% of us voted for them.
Ask your conscience.
Do they really represent you with their million dollar salaries in their bungalows protected by Gurkhas?"

Vote Opposition. It's time we give real Singaporeans a chance to represent us in Parliament.

Don't worry about freak election results.
40% votes = 6 Opposition MPs
80% votes = 12 Opposition MPs.

PAP will still form the next government in GE 2016.

But would be nice if they get less than 50% of the votes.
Then can no longer claim to "represent" majority of Singaporeans"
Like Tony Tan.
Our 35.19% President.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah redbean, you re such a wet blanket, and what I consider to be a TOXIC personality who shits on people's dreams.

Some of the young stuff is doing very well, and being smart fuckers they understand why it is important to have some kind of roots in a free-market place like S'pore -- especially in today's global political climate balancing on a global financial system in REAL RISK OF COLLAPSE.

Whether they buy private or HDB doesn't matter -- at least they get something and interest rates are low.

If the prices go up, well that's just the market moving. No one has the right to prevent the market doing what it does. And to try is futile.

No one is prevented owning a place in Singapore. Like everything else in the world - decide what you want, then PAY for it and it becomes yours.

All this tinkering by implementation of socialist / communist housing policies just leads up to an EPIC FAIL in the future.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am just pointing out the flaws in these unfriendly policies for highly qualified Singaporeans to return home.

What's the point when they could have a better life elsewhere. Leave the paradise to more foreign talents to take over. There is really nothing to bring them home except intangibles and nostalgia. And they can always spend their vacations here if they needed to.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Redbean, you can justify some more!

Tell me, where in this world is the PERFECT place? Every cuntry has its challenges.

IMO, and the strategy these days is to go for safety by diversity : put roots in as many cuntries as you think you need ala 3 Flags or 5 flags theory. I'm essentially a lazy bum, so I go for the minimum : 3 flags -- Oz, S'pore and CUNTRY X (undisclosed)

My 3 Flags Philosophy

1 Living: live in the cuntry which offers the BEST lifestyle and standard of living.

2 Working/ productivity and enterprise : conduct profitable enterprises in the cuntry which offers the best chance for success/ maximum profitability.

3 Retreat/ fortress or simply to "get away": this 3rd flag is the " buffer". Ideal cuntries are where you can bribe the government to get special favours and protection.

I'm not alone. Many young S'poreans are globalised and internationalised in their own right. Why not? They're 30-40yrs younger than me and have energy and time on their side.

There's no excuse not to succeed as a Singaporean. Not these days.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

PS A ridiculous, illogical underlying assumptions :

That everyone is EQUALLY ENTITLED to an 'affordable ' house and it's the government who has to ensure this.

Don't be butthole stupid lah. Such assumptions can never fly in the long term.

Anonymous said...

"That everyone is EQUALLY ENTITLED to an 'affordable ' house and it's the government who has to ensure this."

Just vote wisely in GE 2016.

When the votes for Opposition reach 51%, we'll get what we want.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you may have your own assumptions and formula to succeed. Sinkies will have different formulas and will choose what is good for them.

If the sinkies did not kpkb and vote in the WP in the last election, today the masters will still be masters and the stupid HDB policies will continue. And daft sinkies will still have to wait in the queue to pay affordable housing and LL wait for 3 or 4 years for their flats, because the master says so.

The sinkies must tell the masters/servants what they want and the masters can pretend or act as servants for as long as they like. But sinkies must do the necessary in the next GE if they find the masters are still going back to the master way of doing things.

That is how the stayer sinkies will have to do. The quitter sinkies can go along with your formula.

Anyone wants to go with Matilah's formula ki chiu.

Anonymous said...

"If the sinkies did not kpkb and vote in the WP in the last election, today the masters will still be masters and the stupid HDB policies will continue". Unquote.

All the latest implementations of higher property tax, taxi fare changes and housing rule changes are due to Singaporeans kpkb and WP elected members? And not because PAP had won near 90% of the parliamentary seats?

Anonymous said...

All things will come to pass. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Our foreign talent is also demanding his right to buy properties like Singaporeans. Why can't Singaporeans demand his right from a govt that promised to look after their interests!

All inclusive my foot!