Another sign of the declining US influence

For more than 50 years, the Americans supported the Israelis in keeping the PLO out of the United Nation. The stupid Arab world meekly accepted that the Americans were their overlord and could not do anything about it. So, while Israel was assisted by the Americans and the western world to become a full nation, the plight of the Palestinians was nothing better than homeless beggars. Their fate laid in the hands of the deceitful champion of human rights, the Americans. And the Americans made sure that the PLO would stay that way forever other than some lip service to defend their rights of existence without a country.

Yesterday the PLO’s flag finally was raised at the UNESCO, a significant moment to recognize them as a nation of people by the UN. Of course the Americans and the Israelis were furious. It is understandable why the Israelis behaved that way. Now the Evil Empire revealed its true colour and removed all its disguises about supporting the cause of the Palestinians. They were angry that the PLO is now recognized as a state by the UN. They were angry that despite their string pulling and coercion against their crony states, the latter voted against the American’s dictate to keep the PLO out of the UN.

The countries of the rest of the world are standing up against the hypocrisies of the Americans. They are not going to be pushed around anymore by the Americans. They are going to support what is right, and in this case the PLO, to give it recognition as a member nation.

It is victory to the free world against the evil Empire. The Empire will find that it is no longer the trusted power. The deceit and deception have gone on for too long. Wither Pax Americana?


Anonymous said...

A membership in the UN, which is a toothless tiger by the way ain't going to benefit the Palestinians much.

Unless and until Palestinians themselves stop their infightings and wrestling for power within, they will remain weak even if it is officially accepted as a state.

Sometimes, it is not the enemy/opponent's strength and power that causes the misery in a country. It is the inability to stay as a people of a country that cause all the woes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> > The countries of the rest of the world are standing up
against the hypocrisies of the Americans. <<

I don't think so. The moment there's a crisis, they'll start screaming for 'help' from uncle sam... especially when it comes to FOREIGN AID.

Anyway, it comes as no surprise from the quasi communist global wannabe fake government -- the useless UN.

Recognising Palestine as a state makes the UN and its supporters soft, even friendly towards terrorism.

However since they are now a state, Palestine can be conquered and occupied. Israel and it's IDF should waste no time hammering these rag head/ pedophile- worshipping in-bred barbarians into typical Biblical surrender.

The wonderful thing about warfare in the Middle East is that you can always bring religion into it. Religion is THE BEST way to justify killing, and thus should be used specifically for that purpose because religion is useless for any other purpose.

Kill those sand niggers, brave children of Zion!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> > Wither Pax Americana?

My theory:

Over time it'll come to a tipping point. Then the decline will be rapid.

America will fall from within. Eg another civil war, violent overthrow of the federal government, perhaps even the US Federal Reserve.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The great Palestinian Lie
Check it out: