A small increase every now and then

The Govt’s policy of having small increases every now and then is working quite well so far. It is easier to boil a frog that way without creating any alarm.

What about small cuts every now and then instead of a big and painful cut at one go? No, no, I am not talking about salary cut. That one cannot cut under whatever circumstances. The consequences are much more serious and severe.

I did write about minus one zero from our dollar notes. Indonesia has decided to minus 3 zeros from the rupiah notes. It is high time that we start to cut one zero from our dollar notes. We must not wait too long and have to cut 3 zeros at one go.

Small cuts are less painful and more palatable. The only thing is that people no longer can call themselves millionaires by owning a HDB flat. The Indonesians must be tired of being billionaires for too long. Our millionaires could turn nasty soon when they have to make ends meet as their HDB flats and savings in the CPF are untouchable and really not worth that much.

We are a country with the most millionaires but with many living from hands to mouth while smiling at their CPF statements. Come to think of it, better not to cut the one zero. It is good to believe one is a millionaire.

Yesterday's millionaires drove big Mercedes and stayed in big landed properties and live a different lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Little wonder we are the land of the 3.5 million smiles. Not the fake smiles for the sake of foreign visitors at those prestigious meetings, but all smiling at their CPF statements every year.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wealth is not measured in nominal numbers, but in the purchasing power of the unit.

You can call $1 100 cents. Remove the two zero's...does it make a difference?

Absolutely not.

Indonesia has been inflating since Soekarno in the 1960's. Lucky the current fellow is the best President they've had since the Dutch left, and at least the average Jo can make some money now in erstwhile tong-sampah ekonomi, thankfully now "ok" Indonesia.

What hasn't changed is that, man some of those javanese women...wah, sedap sekali....kong kek sapai mati! Adooooi!

Anonymous said...

A little medicine regularly is far better than a need for a huge dose. Or worse having to suffer a major surgery or painful death.

Anonymous said...


The little doses of changes we had over the years with our election rules certainly make all the differences in our political landscape. Small doses sometimes can be hugely damaging too, collectively.