Asia without America – Angmoh version

If the Americans withdraw from Asia, the region will be dominated by China and Japan and this is worrying. Why should it be? Ok Japan has a history of aggression and invading neighbouring countries, including Korea, China and Southeast Asia. Has China done that? The problem that China is facing today is to reclaim its lost territories which pesky little countries are trying to make claims to. And yes, China has to be assertive to protect its own territorial sovereignty. Other than this, China has not encroached on anyone’s territory, while many of its territories are still occupied by its neighbours. These neighbours are definitely jittery as it is a matter of time before China demands for their return. So ganging up with the Americans is for their own protection, to protect the loot they looted from China.

The angmoh’s presumed fear is that China is a rogue country, expansionist and out to control its neighbouring countries. The facts of current history proved otherwise. China has not been instigating wars among its neighbours, not provoking any country, not drumming up wars or sanctions against any country because they have a different political system, and not threatening regime change. May be the angmoh superpower is doing all these fear mongering conveniently, or insidiously planting these fears in the Asian countries for their own interests.

Now, what is so worrying of a China or Japan without the Americans when at most the Chinese and Japanese would be doing what the Americans are doing? And this may not be the case. On the other hand, to have the Americans here guarantees that the Americans will be doing all these, meddling, provoking, and threatening the weaker nations. To the angmoh mindset, this is their normal and Asians must accept their modus operandi.

The other angmoh viewpoint is that they are here to manage China’s rise as a super power. Is that their responsibility? What’s that got to do with them? What has the rise of any country got to do with them that it is their job to manage other countries’ rise as a super power? Are they the chosen race, God’s messenger and army to guard the human race?

But many Asians also have this cock mindset, thinking exactly in this way. It is a given that the Americans are the master, the empire, to control, to lead, to manage every country’s affair, to provoke, instigate, subverge, sanction and conduct regime changes according to their whims and fancies. This is the right thing, the order of things for Asians. Asians must accept the American over lord as the Emperor of this earth.


Anonymous said...

The writer seems to discriminate india.
If there is any country in asia that is able to deal with the american, it will be india. Only this great nation has the soft skill to defeat the combat hardware of the US. It is also the only nation with great religious culture that could rival the americans' christian dogma. The superstition of the american people lack the philosophical foundations of hinduism and buddhism.
All considered, with india leading asia, it will make the continent the most prosperous and peaceful place on earth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Indians are slowly taking over America through their financial institutions. Another Indian is waiting to be the American President.

Quite a possibility.,

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually it's more the general belief amongst Asian leaders that US presence in the Asia Pacific is necessary to keep those untrustworthy, potentially murderous Chinese at bay.

No Asian government "trusts" China. Definitely not the Indians.

The dynamics is like a multi player DANCE. Everybody's donning fake smiles as they flirt and skirt with each other. Trading blocks, military alliances, geo political ideologies all wrapped up and presented to the specific local populations via real politik.

Not to mention the "invisible " banking and financial interests in the background.

All parties are pursuing their own interests, and they all play BY THEIR OWN RULES.

In other words ANYTHING GOES!!

Anonymous said...

Indians are the most dangerous and pompous of all Asians. Can't even run a proper country and everyday dreaming of becoming the top superpower of the world.

Anonymous said...


Someone hit the nail on the head of the Indians. They are even afraid of opening up their retail sector because they cannot compete. How to become a great country with such mentality?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Actually it's more the general belief amongst Asian leaders that US presence in the Asia Pacific is necessary to keep those untrustworthy, potentially murderous Chinese at bay.

No Asian government "trusts" China. Definitely not the Indians'.

The dumb Asians and Africans have been fed with the hate China and hate anything Chinese for two hundred years that many sinkie Chinese also hate Chinese. This kind of indoctrination is very powerful.

So, while the west came to rape their countries and their mothers, the Asians and Africans still want to be protected by the rapists and looters and hate China and Chinese who have not raped their arseholes.

Countries like India and Japan have a lot to fear China. Both not only see themselves as big powers, they also held Chinese land which they knew, a strong China would demand that they be returned, one day. This day is getting nearer. And land acquired by conquest or unequal treaties would have to be returned to the rightful owners.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China is victim of its own success.

Actually India's also successful but somehow the negative sentiments and general mistrust generated over time has ended up in China's court. The Tianamen Square massacre and on going reports of human rights violations like public executions, locking up dissidents and bloggers... all this over time diminish China's public persona.

People tend to remember the bad stuff

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has been oppressed by the West for 200 years my friend. And to make things worst, the West have continuously been selling poisonous views of China even till today. And the unthinking Asians and Africans just swallowed everything and these become deep seated in their mindsets.

China is just picking itself up in the last 30 years, a completely new nation of people hungry and trying to catch up. The West, particularly the Americans, would not want to be challenged by China or any country to their supremacy and domination over the world. They would keep blemishing China with their vitrioles.

What is Tian An Men compares to Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, in fact the whole of the MiddleEast, the killings and destruction of these countries and people. The western media would not talk about it, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib. They just keep harping at China.

Don't ever forget what they did to the Red Indians and negroes. Unspeakable, abominable. But they walked around like angels. And the silly Asians and Africans only see the angels in them and believe in the devil strawman in China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Further to add, without China as the countering force against American hegemony, the Asians, Africans and Latin American countries would not have so much room to play with. Iran, North Korea and Venezuela would have been invaded and be colonised by the Americans.

The rise of China has given the smaller nations more space to breathe and manouvre, not the other way. Imagine if there is no China today and what the Americans would do to those they declared as enemies. They have been declaring countries after countries as their enemies.

Did China do that? China is the protector of those countries blacklisted by the Empire.

Anonymous said...

India is watching while America and China are in a struggle for supremacy. Whoever emerges the stronger force will have Indian support. History has shown India to be notoriously fickle. During WWII, the Indian National Army was started right here in Singapore, then known as Syonanto, by Subhas Chandra Bose who joined forces with the Japanese to invade Burma and India against the British. It was due to the alliance of Chandra's and Yamashita's forces that led to the fast and early retreat of the British forces down the Malay Peninsula to Singapore in 1942 when the Nippon forces were victorious everywhere in East Asia. But once the British repulsed the Japanese advance at Kohima and Imphal and were losing the war towards the end of 1944, the Indian National Army turned their backs on the Japanese and started to join forces with the British once more until the reoccupation of Malaya.

justice said...

Chin Leng, you obviously have incorrigible hatred for America, and boundess love for China, for whatever reason. To you, America is nothing but a monster, and China is an angel.

Granted America has overstepped its superpower status in some trangressions you listed, but China is not such a non-aggressive and peace-loving country you have painted either. Have you forgotten China's border war with India and its invasion of Vietnam (to teach them a lesson, so claimed China bigbrother-like)? Have you forgotten its frequent clashes with Vietnam and its belligent and bullying dispute with the Philippines over the Spratlys?

The world will never forget China's bloody crack-down on its OWN people - peaceful student protestors - at Tien Ann Men. It is ridiculous to compare it to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ask yourself, would you be blogging today in English if not for America's entry into World War Two? No, probably you (and me) would be kaotow-ing to the Japs Hai! Hai! in Japanese. Shouldn't you be grateful to America, whose marines sacrificed their lives for your (and the Chinese's) freedom from Japanese rule today?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi justice, welcome to the blog.

No, I don't really hate America. I acknowledge that the Americans have done a lot of good and evil as well. It is the one sided reporting for centuries that I am disagreeing. I hope you can see the injustice since you called yourself justice: )

I want to give the other side of the story, in favour of China, deliberate. China has been thrown too much shit and the Americans taking too much credit that they don't deserve. Even when they invaded countries for all the wrong reasons, the western media just shut up. And Asians just closed their eyes and see nothing.

Your reference to Sino Indian War and the Sino Vietnam border war immediately showed that you have been reading the western media version of the truth. Both wars were provoked by India and Vietnam. They were the invaders and were chased out of China and given a bloody nose. And China withdrew after kicking their asses.

Your version is that China was the aggressor, the angmoh version. If China was the aggressor and behaved like the Americans, they needed not withdraw and could sit inside the Indian and Vietnamese territories. Why would an aggressor encroached into another country just to withdraw?

China's trouble with Vietnam and the Philippines was because it tried to be nice and these two pesky countries took advantage of it, thinking that they have the Americans behind them and China could not touch them. And they have attacked and arrested Chinese fishing boats very often. It is time that China wallop them as well to teach them a lesson.

You have already taken sides, using the western version that the Vietnamese and Filipino claims were legitimate. The rule of the law with regard to territories in the olden days was finders keepers. The Europeans went one step further by kicking out the first occupiers in all the countries they landed.

These islands were not occupied and when the Chinese landed on them, wrote into their maps, the Vietnamese and the Filipinos were still rowing sampans and never knew of their existence until recently. Neither were they countries when the Chinese were already an established country and empires.

How could these pesky countries that just became countries and just happened to know the existence of these islands claimed against the Chinese?

See, this is the other side of the story which the western media will not want to talk about. That is my purpose of taking an anti Western and pro China stand. No western media would want to write anything that is favourable to China and often twisted the facts against China.

It is time Asians and westerners read a different interpretation and viewpoints. The angmoh truths are not necessary the truths. But many westerners, including Asians that can only read western media, can only think of the western views as the truth. I hope by putting up another version, the readers can read both views and decide what they want to believe instead of ignorant believing one side of the story.

What. China and its guilt in Tian An Men. Can think of something new and more evil, like the genocide against an entire Red Indian civilisation, like slavery against the whole of Africa, like Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, like the reckless destruction of the Vietnamese country side with napalm and agent orange, like the murder of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi and all the regime change in Latin America?

What is Tian An Men? With more than 1b people living in centuries of poverty and still living with an ancient mindset, without the tough and harsh laws, China would return to disorder and decay in no time. The new China's story is less than 30 years and it would have a lot of self discovery of what modern ethics and behaviour are all about.

Anonymous said...

Blogging in english is big deal? Those blogging in other languages are no class, have contents only suitable for backward people???

For those with piecemeal knowledge of history, there is need to read My Singapore News more frequently. Those that have little idea about culture, all the more they should be here reading.

In My Singapore News, one finds more substances than forms. What is the use of good command of a language when fact and substance written using it are shallow, superficial and even distorted!

China did have clashes with neighbours that have incursions into its' territory. Is anyone here suggesting that China just let the neighbours did/do what they wish? Is that the understanding of a reasonable person?

Me suggests that those who have just came to My Singapore News go into it's archive to understand more about facts rather than history per se.


Anonymous said...

You should not expect everyone agrees to your argument simply because you are telling the truth, the hard truth. Otherwise, there won't be 60% daft Sinkies vote in that way.

This world is about money and then power. No money no power. Have money have power. If no money, find money and one way is to use power to get money. The history tells you Japan has done this, British has done this, American has done and is doing this. It is simple.

Gunboat policy still exists today but in a different form, in a more implicit form. WTO, WB, ADB, IMF, etc international organizations are results of modern sugar-coated gunboat policy. You will understand this only if you know some inside stories and have a clear mind to think otherwise.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with you anon. That is why I always tell people not to agree with me but disagree with good reasons.

And thanks Patriot.

Anonymous said...

The Americans is using the TPP as another WTO to squeeze China's balls. This the Asean countries will be used to help the Americans to do that.

Anonymous said...

To be colonised inside the head is more frightening. The colonised subject does not even know and will listen to the master and obey the master subconciously.

Anonymous said...

"No, probably you (and me) would be kaotow-ing to the Japs Hai! Hai! in Japanese'.

On record and in the History Of Sin, there are at least 2(two) such Singaporeans. They worked for the Japanese during the Latters' occupation of Singapore. And they are bootlickers of the US since they were given to rule Singapore by the British. So, these are the honourable men? They are respectable for they not only worked for the Japanese Imperial Army, they are also stooges of the US??

They also made english the OFFICIAL and FIRST LANGUAGE resulting in the Locals bastardizing their very own cultures.

By the way, Sarkozy speaks French, Merkel speaks German, the Italian and Dutch Leaders speak their own languages in the European Summit. At least the whites are more fidel and proud of their own cultures. Sinkies are easily misled into rootless beans.


justice said...

Chin Leng, you assert your aim in taking an anti-western and pro-China stand is to present the other side of the story, as opposed to the western story. I don't believe this approach is productive – or cuts any ice with any right-thinking person. By taking sides (something which you accused me of doing - the pot calling a kettle black?), you are undermining your own credibility. Your assumed partiality would create doubts in your reader that what you say is coloured by your stand, and of course your mindset.

On the other hand, if you would take a detached stand, and present a BALANCED picture of the West and China, I (or any sensible person) would treat your views with respect.

The West is capable of presenting their actions and views to the world. So also is China. Both parties have in fact done so, capably, on many international issues and at various forums. I don't believe you are more capable than either of them - least of all China, with its 1.2 billion minds!

Whatever the justifications (“poverty” or “ancient mindset” of the people, law and order), I still think it is simply not right of China's leaders (who should have a less “ancient” mindset) to gun down their OWN people - peaceful demonstrating students.

Ha,I can read your mind – you are going to say that the TV footage showing the peaceful sit-in students was doctored by the Western media! Who is to blame for my line of thinking?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi justice, thanks for your comments.

There is a world of difference in the way I write about the abuses of America and the western powers against Asians and Africans. My approach is not to tell the untruths or distorted truths. I just say the truths as it is and look at them from the Afro Asian perspective and interests. They are not biased facts or prefabricated facts.

If I were to do that, then my credibility will be at stake and readers will be disappointed. I take my readers as thinking and sensible people and will not be misled by falsehood and misinformation. Every piece of information or fact that I posted is defensible as truth unlike the western versions.

I strongly encourage all readers of my articles and articles in the professed reputable media to question the facts and the integrity of the author and media. If they are lying or printing misinformation, no need to believe them.

A person who wears the robe of a doctor is not necessarily a doctor or a knowledgeable doctor who can diagnose the sickness. And journalists or even academics, many are frauds or are paid to write things the paymaster wants them to write. Many have private agendas.

I am subject to criticism and scrutiny by my readers like everyone else.