Another decree from master

A forum letter to ST today by a Lee Kok Lin is another perfect example of a master servant relationship. Lee Kok Lin was flabbergasted by the notice put up at Singapore Pools outlets informing the punters that Singapore Pool will pay winnings to anyone who produces a winning ticket even if there is the name of another person with IC numbers on the back of the ticket.

What it simply means is that a winner cannot protect his winning by writing his name and IC on the ticket. Singapore Pool does not care if another person came with the ticket to claim the prize.

Is this acceptable or not? Or is this a responsible thing to do for a big organization like Singapore Pools? Who thinks this is reasonable?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Perfectly acceptable lah. Don't be such a baby lah.

Do you put your name and nric on a $10, 000 note?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not sure you are familiar with the Selegie office. Hypothetically, a punter walked in with a $500k winning ticket, with his name and ic on it, hands the ticket to the counter staff. The staff took it, pass it to another staff who quietly slips away. Then the counter staff ask the punter where is his winning ticket?

They can argue until the cow comes home, assuming there is no cctv. Even if there is, the counter staff could produce another ticket and insists that that was what he received.

Then what? Anyone can go and claim the winning ticket.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Putting your name on a winning note is not a valid argument lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The practice of writing name and ic on a winning ticket has been a long time practice. Probably some smart alec wanted to avoid this and avoid being responsible for anything.

It was quite a nuisance for claiming small prices, but doing away completely is the other extreme. Why would people always look things at extremes and turn reasonableness into ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

There are too many written Laws and Rules, but, who sees to them for enforcement? Who looks at justice in Sin?

Btw, me has to put my NRIC Numbers, Account Numbers and name even for a cheque of a few dollars.


Anonymous said...

What then is the purpose of the stipulation at the back of the ticket telling winners to write their name and IC number behind the ticket?

All along I was under the impression that this was to protect the geniune holder of the winning ticket, in case the ticket is stolen or dropped and someone got hold of it, and in the process proceeded to claim the prize.

Can someone enlighten me?

agongkia said...

No worry Uncle.
Important is to strike and they dun take advantage and keep decreasing the payout like what they done.
Very troublesome for those outlet auntie to check on ID.

Anonymous said...

LOL, redbean, I like the hypothetical scenario you painted about counter person disappearing with winning ticket.

Hey, they can split the winning among themselves haahaa.

Again it goes to show our garmen or garmen related companies don't think before they implement any ideas or speak. Bunch of idiots and overly paid useless white elephants.

Anonymous said...

It is safer to make a copy of your winning ticket to prove you have the ticket if this is such a crapy rule the Singapore Pools is now practicing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

agongkia, they need not decrease the payout. Inflation is eating away at the payout. At one time, top prize of big Sweep was $400k. This money can buy 10 freehold semi Ds.

Today, Toto pays $650k or a million or two. $650k can't even buy a EC or a good 5 rm flat.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The thing you all are missing is ANONYMITY.. the personal choice to be anonymous where games of luck and chance are involved.

Spore Pools... GOOD CALL!

I say again lah redbean... don't be such a baby! Look after yr ticket... what's so hard? Millions of people all over the world do it, and have been doing so for centuries!

Payout: Spore payouts are really small time. Even a place like kampung Perth has better lotteries/ pools. You can buy local lotteries for 6 days of every week. Last night's payout 21million. And that's just one state

Anonymous said...

The jokers just need to take care of the big prices and note down the winners. And if there is already a name and ic on it, it should raise an alarm.

The jokers want to wipe their hands clean and say not my business. Hey, the banks can also adopt the same attitude man. Anyone can bring in a passport and withdraw anything even if he is not the rightful owner what. Not the banks responsibility mah.

Use the head a little bit lah.

Unknown said...

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