The Art of RAR

I have developed a photography technique to capture images and turn them into photo paintings. The technique is called The Art of RAR, short for Reflection and Refraction. Basically the technique would not do away with all the reflection and refraction that would mess up an otherwise clean and clear image. Some of the details are in my Art of RAR blog.

Here I am talking about a different kind of RAR, the Art of being Reasonable and Ridiculous. When things are reasonable, seen or believe as reasonable, the people will accept them, some grudgingly, but life goes on. They will just shrug their shoulders and say what to do, it is the normal. When things become unreasonable or ridiculous, there will be under current, tension and anger, or more. The gap between being reasonable and ridiculous can be very wide and quite recognizable. Sometimes the two can be fused and confused. Sometimes what was reasonable, believed or thought to be reasonable can become ridiculous when there are conditions to magnify the differences.

When price of public housing was in the $30k or $50k level, it was reasonable. No argument about that. When they went to the $70k or $100k, still reasonable. People were happy to see their property prices appreciated. When the price moved up to the hundreds, $200k, $300k, still reasonable. Everyone feeling so much richer. Now the prices are $500k or more, still reasonable and affordable. Though the pain level has gone up, the threshold moves up as well. The frog in the boiling jar will get use to it. It will not spring up, no spring, unless it realizes that things have changed dramatically.

Everything is still reasonable. The young couple working through the prime of their lives to pay up a mortgage of 30 years for a public flat will not have any adverse feelings. Everyone is doing it. It is normal. This is the way things are supposed to be.

Would they ever change their perception that the normal is not really normal, not reasonable but ridiculous? It is just a matter of perception. While they are working their guts out to pay for the working class flat which is getting smaller and smaller, a retired minister could buy a much better flat quite easily with his pension, without working. And he need not have to take a 30 year mortgage, not 20 years, not even 10 years. No, he need not even have to take one year to pay. He could pay cash, in one day, instantly, with his pension.

When one compares this with the 30 year mortgage for a HDB flat, reasonableness becomes ridiculous, I think. But no, the Singaporeans would never think it that way. They would not have time to think, or would not even think about it. For the small minorities who think and are unhappy, they can get lost, be a quitter. They would not be missed. For every unhappy and unappreciative Singaporean there are thousands of hungry and appreciative foreigners waiting to take his place. It will be good riddance, a grouchy and potential trouble maker less if he quits.

For those who refuse to quit, all it needs is good communication to reach out to them, to tell them that things are so good. Everything is reasonable. Where got ridiculous? This is the Art of RAR, to be able to keep an even keel, to explain and ensure that everything is seen, believe and accepted as reasonable, even if they are plain ridiculous.

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Malaysians like to say Malaysia boleh.

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