Anti American Law Professor a Singaporean in US

Professor Tai Heng Cheng, ex police officer and a Law Professor in New York Law School, also author of an anti American book, ‘Shaping an Obama Doctrine of Preemptive Force’, is defending four Singaporeans accused by the Americans of cheating American company Digi International and sold radio parts to be made into IED. I got this info from John Harding’s blog.

While the Americans are applying for the four to be extradited to the US and they are under hand and leg cuffs like fearsome terrorists, Professor Tai or is it Professor Cheng, (He testified that the charge of conspiracy to defraud the US is not an extraditable offense under a treaty between the two countries.)

My God, could there be such a clause in the treaty that only a Law Professor from New York Law School, and a Singaporean some more, knew about and no one else? The Americans too appeared to be ignorant of this provision and wanted the four ‘terrorists’ to be extradited. It is very funny if what Professor Tai testified is true.

Makes me damn proud of him. And being anti American is not criminal in America. That is what true democracy is all about. They can even fxxx George Bush or Obama in their faces and it is freedom of expression.

Oh, a note of caution. When exporting hamburgers to Afghanistan or Iraq, make sure that the latest IEDs are not embedded inside a hamburger. Otherwise the Americans could brand you as terrorists and apply for your extradition for selling hamburgers to these countries. And you could end up handcuffed and legcuffed, looking very dangerous.


Anonymous said...

I think it is time Singaporeans take up cudgels with the government for not protecting the rights of Singaporteans vis- a- vis foreign governments. Sometime back a few Singapore ladies were falsely accused of illegal entry into Johore Bahru and were forced to strip naked and making squads. Now a few lawful innocent Singapore businessmen are being accused by the most irresponsible terrorist country in the world USA of unlawful export of radio frequency monitors to Iran. Basic questions must be asked. If the export of radio frequency monitors is illegal why did the US government allow its companies to sell them? The Singaporean businessmen did not procure them illegally. They bought them through proper channels or legal means. If the radio frequency monitors are not allowed to be exported to countries which US considered unfriendly or refusing to toe US line or dictates why was it not stated clearly in black and white in the trading articles. Buyers who buy US products legally reserve the rights to resell or export them to any country they so wish so long as there are profits to be made and so long as the transactions are done legally. Finally if US government decides the products should not be allowed to be sold to Iran because of US sanctions against that country the the first and the last charge for the offence should be on the US company or companies. Singaporeans should not be the scapegoat for bearing the blunt of the offence. Singapore government should not be too obsequious to the US and always bent over to do or please whatever the Evil Empire dictates. It is a shame and a disgrace , a lost of self redspect and dignity to Singaporeans if the government does not protect the rights of these businessmen so accused of the false offence and proceed to extradite them to US which exert high handed pressure on the government.

US has seen fit to put up sanctions too freely on countries which refuse to follow its dictates and frequently force its allies or gang members to follow its evil means of sabotaging the victimised countries. When will it be time for the world to pass sanctions against the Evil Empire - US.


Anonymous said...

I think you could check that Tai Heng Cheng was a President's scholar. (Cheng should be his last name.)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes Cheng is definitely his first name, not last name. Chinese write their family name first. Another confusing way of writing Chinese name to fit the western mold.

Anonymous said...

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