Another good catch for Singapore

Botanic Garden has appointed a Briton as the head of the
Garden after an international search. With his reputation as head of the fame Kew Garden in London, his credential is unmatched by any Singaporean. With this move to search the international arena for the best talents to help Singapore to become a betterer country in everything, it is a matter of time before they go on an international search for the Prime Minister’s post. They may also look into the position of the President. George Bush is here, and they may want to sound him out if he is interested. We can’t have these high profile positions filled by nerdy looking candidates.

We have sent so many students to the best universities in the west to learn from the best. Many would have studied in the same university as the newly appointed director. Why is it that he is betterer than all the best Sinkies we have? Did they keep a few secret chapters to themselves and would not teach foreign students so as to maintain their higher level of competence? I don’t think that is the case.

I think it is in the blood. The Westerners have good genes, genes that will automatically put them as choiced CEOs. Even if they are educated in their worst neighbourhood university, they will still look like a leader and will be hunted down by international search firms for countries that lack leaders, like Singapore.

Should the govt continue to send coolie children to the great universities of the West when they will still return looking every inch a coolie, no leadership quality? I think a better option would be to breed them. Take our best and marry the best of the Westerners. Then maybe there will be hope that the new Sinkies would be of leadership material to lead our national institutions, and looking every inch like an angmoh, suave, refined, handsome and six feet tall.


Anonymous said...

Why do you suppose they made better movies? Imagine Lim Kay Tong in the role of Indiana Jones, would it work? How about Gurmit Singh in the role of Anakin in Star Wars, would it work? Can you imagine Adrian Pang taking over Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible? Would it sell?

If it sells, we have succeeded in breeding the kind of leadership we are looking for.

If not, Hollywood has succeeded, and extremely well, in glorifying white cocks so much so your Asian cock looks like worms.

Anonymous said...

When the people of a small country have great fetish with things angmo(western culture), anything angmo is superior.
Could it be that when the locals are educated in english and or studied in american and british schools, they found everything white excellent?

Anonymous said...

LKY glorified English and the rest as they say..is His(white)story.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think you all got it all wrong. The angmohs are really good. Ok the sluts will have a fetish desire for them. But that is another story.

If I am an angmoh, I will definitely head this way, and I can imagine a pavement of gold waiting for me. After all they were once called master and are coming back to reclaim that right. And the locals love it.

Anonymous said...

" We have sent so many students to the best universities in the west to learn from the best. Many would have studied in the same university as the newly appointed director. Why is it that he is betterer than all the best Sinkies we have? "

The ang moh is a betterer choice because he is not a Singaporean.

Imagine if you put a Singaporean as the CEO. This Singaporean will then rub shoulders with Singapore's elite.

If like this, then elite cannot be hereditary anymore. It will be by hard work and talent.

The purpose of ang mohs as CEOs is to act as a firewall between Singapore's hereditary elite and the coolie Singaporeans living in HDB flats.

This way, no coolie Singaporean can ever reach the top by hard work and talent. They will have to reach the top the old fashioned way - kow tow and kiss ass.

Just like in ancient China all over again.

Anonymous said...

Ang maos are good where it counts. Butbatnrhe end of the day is, it must sell. And sex sells. When comes to sex, whether you agree or not, size matters.

So a 6 foot angmao standing next to pint size Asian who do you think has the imposing figure or look sexy?

All things being equal, the women will still go for the 6 footer because he fucks better,

Anonymous said...

Me thinks all the first class honours and straight As are fakes. Or just blind mugging. No talent, no creativity, cannot perform. Good to frame up but really good for nothing bums.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Kew Garden 250 years. This guy must have 250 years of achievement also. Just like America is the world's super power, so George Bush and Obama must be super talents also.

Anonymous said...

All things bring equal, a good fucker wins.

Anonymous said...

All things being equal, a good fucker wins.

Anonymous said...

A lot of genuine grouses and facts against the government have frequently brought up in the internet websites and forums but how many people in the ground really know what stupid things the government has been doing. The people by and large don't know because they only read the local newspapers which is pro government and always distort facts or truth .

Ever heard in Kopitiam or coffee talk in coffee shops that a lot of lucrative government jobs or contracts have been given to Ang Mohs like the White Americans, Australians and Europeans. The moment these masalays as the Malays call them got the contracts they found that they were not equal to the tasks and were unable to do them on their own. So what did they do? They are not going to give up the huge profits in the contract. They subcontract the jobs to local people or companies. Thus the Ang Mohs reap the cream profits of the jobs while the locals who manage and do all the work have to be contented only with the dribs and drabs of left overs handed down by the Ang Mohs. This anomaly needs to be rectified and the stupid practice must be stopped.

At one time and for many years many Ang Mohs were employed as teachers to teach in primary and secondary schools. These Ang Mohs take their teaching jobs as holidays being paid for. They did no teaching in class but talked a lot of rubbish and nonsense and even insult locals with nuance remarks or jokes to belittle Singaporeans. Why must our government pay these foreign devils thousands of dollars a month to insult us and to cast aspersions on our society albeit in a witty nuance manner.

Go to almost every government department and you will sure to find lots of foreign workers with Ang Mohs too, while in the meantime thousands of Singaporeans are still unable to find jobs.

The PAP government has been entrenched too long to realise the inglorious wrongs they have done to Singaporeans. The Party is too self serving and arrogant and should be shown the exit in the next General Election in 2016.

Anonymous said...

It is safer to get the angmoh to do the job as they are after only the money. They will not affect or involve in any local political scene. They are the safer lot to be employed to head all the local organizations. Foreign talents are important to this government, not the native daft Singaporeans.

Don't believe, go and look at the ANUS where many native professors are replaced by foreign professors who are not necessarily better qualified. That is why we cannot have a totally accountable and transparent government. Otherwise, the country will be in deep trouble.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would like to see the angmohs form a political party and run in the next GE. Perhaps the opposition party should try to recruit the angmohs as their candidates.

Knowing how highly regarded they are by the locals, they will win every GRC hands down. My fear is that the opposition parties may be too late. The angmohs may have already been recruited by the ruling party.