Please do not punish the commuters

Train breakdowns are getting more frequent and fines are thrown at the operator quite often too. But please, take it easy, don’t fine them too much, in fact, please do not fine them. And please, do not call for heavy fines.

All fines will end up being reflected at the bottom line. And when the profit goes down, it will be good justification for more fare hike. Indirectly, the commuters will be the one paying the fines for the breakdown.

Please LTA, please do not fine the operator to fine the commuters. Psst, I heard someone giggling in the corner.


Anonymous said...

Of course we should fine the train commuters.

If they did not take the train, the trains would not wear out so quickly.

Obviously MRT fares are too cheap (now that taxi fares have gone up).

We need to increase MRT fares during peak hours to reduce the crowds.

Speechless And Dumbfounded said...

Agree not to fine the MRT operators.

Instead give them a subsidy or bonus or top up for all the hard work they've put in to give commuters a tour of the tunnels for which were not for this dumbfounded fiasco happening, you buggers will not get to enjoy.

This way, the MRT operators will hesitate to raise fares because they feel "pai say".

Here's a pre X'mas toast to our MRT, the best in the world (or so they claim).

Yamseng! More good years of trains breaking down!

Anonymous said...

You know how the Gaman will explain this?
(i) its a once in 50 years occurrence
(ii) its brought about by increased precipitation and climate change
(iii) the contractors' workers fail to clear the fallen leafs properly
(iv) rubbish accumulated on the tracks causing it to short-circuit.

And those smartarses who broke the windows, better prepare to have your ka-cherng WHIPPED till you bleed. The Lor in this Cuntery is: Sinkaporeans hoot Gaman popperty Gaman hoot your Behind!
Pia! Pia! Pia ! (sound of skin being flayed and flying off)

Unless of coz you are foreign talent, then you'd be let off with a tap on your talented wrists.

Anonymous said...

They deliberately have this breakdown too test commuters on their ability to deal with emergency.Did not realise that Singaporean are so panic and start hitting here and there.
Go learn from our neighbouring countries like KTM ...anyway,happen once in 50 years,still got time .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are the man. Give the man a Tiger. Ya, I also think so. It is just an exercise that's why the comments are quite casual and no urgency.

WL said...

It's a conspiracy! So commuters will have no choice but to take taxis...;P

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wow WL, give the man Two Tigers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speechless and Dumbfounded, a belated welcome to the blog.


Anonymous said...

why you people kpkb???

luckily the smrt ceo is paid millions.if she is paid peanuts, the system will break down more often.

i think the smrt ceo should be paid more millions than what she is being paid now.kee chiu! anyone???

Anonymous said...

Yep, agree that more breakdowns of the train system will justify more increases in fares of buses and taxis.

Anonymous said...

Understand that cab drivers were 'informed' of the Breakdown.

Anonymous said...

Silly Singaporeans who are communters on SMRT trains are asking the authorities to fine SMRT heavily without nary a thought that when the bottom line is affected, commuters will end up paying the price.

Sometimes I am speechless and dumbfounded too. It can only happen in little red dot.

Anonymous said...

It is time to change the fine system. There is really no point to fine SMRT for not performing up to mark. Please learn from Australia.

In Australia, there is a whole set of performance targets, for example no train interruption in 6 months, no more than 2 times of 10 min delay in train arrival in a week, etc. Once the train company violates the targets, there is a predetermined formula to calculate a refund of fare to all those holding the fare card and monthly card. See the difference? The fine money goes back to the customers and not to the government. In Singapore, the fine is just passing from one pocket to another pocket of government. The effect of such fine system is at most only on paper.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wrong, the effect is the commuters paying the fines.

Anonymous said...

They should stop the charade and milk us dry. What fine? Is left pocket out and right pocket in at the expense of commuters.

The real fine is to impose free rides for all pink NRIC holders for a period of 1 month! Implementing this rather than fines will 100% ensure no such poor transportation services!

Anonymous said...

The most decent thing now is to sack and terminate; NOT RESIGNATION, the SMRT Management Staff that gave all kinds of dumb excuses.
Me am especially 'impressed' with one that said that the TEMPLATE informing SMRT TAXI DRIVERS, was a mistake by staff. It is these very type of management staff that will NEVER REPENT OR CORRECT their mistakes. They WILL BE FOREVER TRYING TO FIND EXCUSE AND EXONERATE THEMSELVES OF ANY RESPONSIBILITY.

Me AM NOT in favour of punishment when unpreventable accident and mishap happened. BUT, if things go wrong because of negligence such as failure of maintenance, routine essential check and poor administration, THOSE INCHARGE MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE. SO START THE BALL ROLLING!


Anonymous said...

Like the nonperforming PAP ministers, the hopeless SMRT CEO should be paid more millions. I am convinced that PAP believes that to make the rich work harder, pay them more; to make the poor work harder, pay them less (e.g. Cheaper, Better, Faster).

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, fine or free rides for a month is still going to be paid for by commuters because it affects the bottom line.

Fares are set based on what the bottom line is indicating, unless the Government tells the SMRT that such fines and cost of free rides should not be part of the cost in calculating the operator's profit for this year. Otherwise, everything is an exercise in futility for us commuters.

Anonymous said...

They need to hunt for a super talent that needs to be paid double the pay of the incumbent if they want the job to be done better.

Obviously they have not paid enough for a better talent.