Great opportunity to save the North Koreans

The death of Kim Jong Il is so worrisome to countries in the West, especially the US and its allies. The immediate neighbours living in fear are Japan and South Korea. Soon the Asean countries will be having nightmares too, that the mad North Koreans will be sending their nuclear tipped ICBMs to attack them. Now I am not sure who are the really mad ones.

Other than Mao Tse Tung, no dictator has suffered such a painful and gruesome death than Kim Jong Il. Oh I forgot to add, his father Kim Il Song too suffered a painful and horrendous death. The other dictators like Marcos, the Shah of Iran, Saddam and Gaddafi, all died in circumstances they deserved.

Why are the two Kims different, that the North Koreans are all mourning for their deaths and would even built mausoleums to honour them? The above paragraph talking about their painful and gruesome is just a wild imagination by people who sincerely believed that they were evil and will be punished by their own people or by God. But God is not going to be cheated or conned by the evil human beans who spread lies and misinformation about the two Kims. The two Kims died peacefully and are well loved by their ‘poverty stricken and oppressed’ citizens. Unbelieveable to those who blindly believe the Western media and think they were mad or evil dictators.

They are not. Sure there will be some dissidents who would love to criticize and attack them and think that the country would be better off like the Western countries. Even paradise will have its dissidents.
I have been scrutinizing all the recent photographs and news clips coming out from that country. Tell you the truth, for a picture tells a thousand words. The North Koreans are well fed and well dressed, even the sales persons in the dept stores. They are not like those skin and bones people of the third world. They are very well dressed with fats on their faces.

Please lah, remove your blinkers and look at the North Koreans objectively as they really are. But someone is seeing great opportunities to save and liberate these poverty people, all dying of hunger. Hilary Clinton is having closed door meetings with their two colonies, Japan and South Korea, to move in to save the North Koreans from poverty. I dunno how many countries will be involved. It is a great mission of peace and compassion. Asean and India would probably want to join this noble invasion of North Korea, before it becomes a province of China.

The sad truth is that North Korea will remain as an independent nation to disappointment these evil do gooders. And another truth is that both Japan and South Korea are the real provinces of the US.

While the North Koreans mourn, while China shares its sorrows, the West is whipping up horror stories about how dangerous the world has become because of the death of Kim Jong Il. The world is in serious danger unless they invade this country to keep peace and harmony and to save the North Koreans from another mad young boy in the name of Kim Jong Un. Really frightening man!.

What is mad? Don’t be so gullible lah.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Horr RB , disagree with you on this one. In the first place , you stated , one can bring outsiders to see either the worst part or the best part of town to give superficial impressions. Whatever details of body fat you can glean from the photos may be sampling errors or worse still deliberate errors. Coming back , if NK is such a desirable plae to live in , why do they need to shoot their own people when they try to cross the border to the south ?? Why if the people are not suffering from the despot government , do China and south korea have to set up fences to prevent mass exodus ?? If the place/country is so great why don't other FT want to flock to the country to enjoy the greatness just like in sinkie land ?? What the "west" and Big Bully US of A is doing may have ulterior motives and not ultruistic but it doesn't mean NK is a great poor nation that does not exploit it's own people to benefit the minority few.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon, yes they are not a rich country. But they are not living in poverty like the West claimed, nor are they mad. The material quality of life is not worst off than many Asean countries. They live in a different system, slower pace of life, but living in peace and harmony.

The tribes in Asean countries also continue to live in their own lifestyle in the mountains and jungles, materially not the same as the city folks. The Nepalese, the Bhutans, live their own lives. Are they in living hell? Some call them paradises.

The North Koreans have their own values of what is good for them. They will have the normal number of people who want to run out to live a different live style. We have our dissidents too.

Once, China also had a lot of Chinese escaping overseas, wanted a different system. We may agree or disagree with their system, with the North Koreans. But one thing for sure, they are not living in poverty and don't need to be saved.

The rest of the world has no right to impose their values on the North Koreans or any country. They are a very discipline people and are contented to be what they are. Why can't they shut themselves from the rest of the world if they so choose to?

They will shoot at their dissidents as not doing so will disrupt their whole social fabric, just like we will not allow demonstrators on the street and will lock them up.

We don't want to impose our values on them. The West thinks their system is superior, but their real motive is something else, domination and hegemony.

Anonymous said...

Thank you RB. We agree on some and agree to disagree on some. Healthy exchange , great blog. Like your blog very much.

Anonymous said...

The fake western intellectual opinionated views, Kim Jong Un, young, must prove himself, must start something rash to gain recognition, must provoke South Korea,(hey, South Koreans have been doing all the provoking daily, he needs attention! Dumwits.

And he is a boy, IQ not good enough to run a country. Shit. If the clown called George Bush can run the USA, why can't this young man runs his country?

Is there anything new?

IMAGOD said...

One thing that brings me consistent mirth and humour, is the undeniable fact that Kim Jong Il ability to provide us with entertainment has SOARED after his death.

The thing about being a dictator is that you don't earn your "street cred" until you become the butt of many jokes and spoofs. Take Gadaffi, Hitler, Stalin, and Margaret Thatcher, for example. How many million jokes have been made, and continue to be made about them?

Kim Jong Il - masturbator extrodinaire, and all-round funny motherfucker. Let the humour continue to IMMORTALISE this bat-shit insane cunt into the anus of history -- thanks to TWITTER!

Dear Leader 1
Dear Leader 2

So laugh. Usually it's NOT COOL to make fun of people when they die.
In the case of Kim Jong Il, or Michael Jackson.. all bets are off, and nothing can ever be "too offensive "

Anonymous said...

Hey IMAGOD , your ranting sounds vaguely familiar ... can spell Tourettes ?? Anyway , I digress... don'y need to look so far away ... psst ... there's one closer to home... this one also butts of many jokes ... so by your definition he is one too .. no ? can't wait...

Anonymous said...

It appears that IMAGOD has an axe to grind on late President Kim Jong Il.

Care to tell us why?

Anonymous said...

He had been servicing Kim Jong Il for so many years, masturbating him, so now is pay back time. Must get back at Kim at all cost.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why he is so fixated on the issue of masturbation ?? Guys... can this fixation be explained by the theory of Freud ?

IMADOG said...

IMAGOD no comprende , who you talking to at anon 1134 ? ghost entry ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

IMAGOD, this anon 11:34 you talking to maybe Dear Leader himself.

Welcome to the blog, Dear Leader.

Anonymous said...

You mean.... IMAGOD is hearing voices from anon 1134 ? gosh... check IMH stat... got any escapee or not !! QUICK !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yesterday I read the media articles written by the Americans, and they said they did not know anything about him. Everything they know about him were myths. They won't admit it that they were myths and lies written by pseudo American intellectuals and intelligence officers.

Last night I heard over CNA, the American reporter said the same thing. The Americans did not know anything about Kim Jong Il or what is happening in North Korea.

The only people who knew about North Korea and Kim Jong Il are Singaporeans and they hated him so badly that they wanted to kill him if given a chance.

But none of them knew who Kim Jong Il was or has been to North Korea.

Anonymous said...

"Tell you the truth, for a picture tells a thousand words. The North Koreans are well fed and well dressed, even the sales persons in the dept stores. They are not like those skin and bones people of the third world. They are very well dressed with fats on their faces."

They are not Christians. Hence, sinful.

Sinful people need salvation. Who shall save them? Who saved us?

We have rich churches all over SIN.

We have been saved by THEM.

They need to be saved, like us.

Anonymous said...

IMAGOD=Matilah Singapura=Masturbator Sensational .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are quite a number of photos by REUTERs of the North Koreans mourning and crying for the death of Kim Jong Il posted at 3inkopitiam.

Study them to tell a different story. Do they have the hungry look, the quality of their clothings, their hair styles, jewelry, watches, shoes etc etc. And their crying, are they real of staged or Hollywood?

They are not rich but not beggars. Not much jewelry, but the ladies got different hairdos. The secondary school student's uniforms were very nice and warmth. And their crying was not faked.

Anonymous said...

I bet they dont have school kids caught having sex in HDB void deck .

Anonymous said...

Such is the power of propaganda ... could you perhps also be misled by the photos?? Again , it can still be a sampling error despite the source Reuters. Ok , lets assume , it is a true sample and you have a glimpse of the true state of affairs in NK , their pain is genuine at the lost of their leader, I am doubtful this is how sinkies will react in a similar situation ; So , does that mean we are less feeling , we are not brainwashed and numbskulled or because this may perhaps not be a normal reaction given the circumstances ? My point is this : those details which you have gleaned and inferred does not make a case that the people in NK are not living under an oppressive despot.

Anonymous said...

when they sprout a few churches, the west will leave them alone

IMAGOD said...

Bull shit lah. Photos are not reliable evidence if they are used alone without independent verification.

Some people might be celebrating. Others coild be colluding to EXPLOIT the socio political situation.

Anyway, I'm continuing to have fun. The guy was a sexual deviant. Now that's funny!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think REUTERS will not want to shoot North Korean propaganda and these were not staged for them. They are secretly shot images by an outside agency, not by the North Koreans. They may not even know that their pictures were taken.

When a despot falls, like Saddam and Gaddafi, the anger of the people will show.

The North Koreans are still a very conservative and traditional country and their leaders are something like their emperors. The out pouring is spontaneous, the grief is genuine. Call them ignorant, blinkered or whatever, they really cry for their Dear Leader.

We can send busloads of people to such an event, I bet they will not react the same.

It is good to have a critical mind, to question the truth. But sometimes, superficial questioning is useless when the cup is full. Unless one is prepared to empty the cup and fill it will fresh tea, nothing will change if the stale tea is still in the cup.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah is a unique example of a cup that is full, filled with his sexual defiant perception of Kim Jong Il even though he did not have the faintest idea of who he is or any clue about what is happening inside North Korea. Probably he would say REUTERS were paid to publish those photos.

He is free to keep his cup full.

Anonymous said...

or his curry balls full.

Anonymous said...

He got scientific approach hor. His position indisputable hor.

Who? said...

If I had my ideal world I would not allow weapons and atom bombs any more.

I would destroy all terrorists with the Hollywood star Jean-Claude van Damme.

I would make people stop taking drugs.

I would even destroy the word “DRUG” to make people forget about it.

I would make everybody get good jobs.

Everybody would be happy: no more war, no more dying, no more crying.

Then I would make a rule (Do not believe in God.) God doesn’t help and there is no God.

I would make people believe in themselves, and they would work hard for their happiness and success waiting in their future.

I would make the whole world use only one language, which would be Korean, and I would make all people have the same amount of money: no rich people, no poor people.

Anonymous said...

A young woman, in her twenties, was washing clothes in a tributary to the Tumen River (the border between China and North Korea). When packing up the clothes, she dropped what was believed to be a small Bible. The actual words used by the North Korean authorities were “Christianity book” (kiddokyo chaek). Another washer woman reported the girl to the police. According to Interviewee 4, the informer may not have known that the book was a Bible, but all suspicious activity had to be reported to the police. The young woman and her father, looking to be roughly sixty years old, were arrested and held by the local Gukgabowibu police for some three months. During that time, the woman and her father were presumably investigated and interrogated. Apparently, they were deemed guilty of a capital offense. On a summer morning in 1997, the two were taken to a market area near where the Seong Cheon River runs into the Tumen River. The two were accused of trafficking and condemned as traitors to the nation and Kim Jong Il. Interviewee 4 was unaware of any other judicial procedures prior to the announcement of the crime, verdict, and sentence in an extremely brief public “show trial,” which consisted of no more than announcements of the charges and verdict immediately prior to the execution. Teachers and students from elementary (4th grade and up), middle, and high school were assembled, along with persons who had been sent over from the nearby market. Seven police fired three shots each into the two victims, who had been tied to stakes a few meters from the “trial” area. The force of the rifle shots, fired from fifteen meters away, caused blood and brain matter to be blown out of their heads. Interviewee 4 was in the fifth row. She sketched from memory a schematic drawing of the execution scene.

Anonymous said...

hahaha RB, yes , good analogy. Perhaps I have been drinking too much oolong tea and need to opt for a much fragrant one such as jasmine.

Anonymous said...

cld I recommend you chew curry balls juice?

Anonymous said...

pray tell how to chew curry ball juice ? yours?

Anonymous said...

Eh who ? .... kekeke .. I shall spare u on this one cos i know who you are .. pun not intended.

Your Utopian society is ot possible There are no equals , there will always be a disequilbrium. If everything is the same , ie same wealth, same power , same her same there .. the world would not exist. Everything would stil just be nothing

Anonymous said...

MS curry balls juice will solidify after 5 mins upon ejaculation

We recommend it's best chewed then.

Anonymous said...

There are avrages , outliers but no equals ... all laws of nature follow the gaussian distribution. For example , Matirah fantasizes about Kim's sexua deviation but he is probaby an outlier ... the average blogger talks about issues at hand and the other extreme end of the bell curves are those who just read but donch contribute

Anonymous said...

Gosh ... we have another sexual deviant here who now fantasizes on chewing semi-solid juice of Matirah.... I suppose to each his/her own

Kumar said...


IMAGOD said...

Kim Sucked At Technology

Alamak! See pay tu-lan. Go home par chew cheng...

Oh shit! Bio weapons program epic fail!

Keep the meat chilled (Asshole Asian dictators quest for immortality)

Homo-erotic Kim

Lest we forget, Encyclopedia Dramatica -- Internet's source of wisdom and truth.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Kumar, beware of maggods swimming in curry.


Matirah_s ,you actuarry visit that crap site ?

IAMAGOAT said...

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IMAMAGGOD_eats_Muff said...

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