The bottomless monetary contribution of Singaporeans

Singaporeans are continuously supporting the country with their monetary contributions but no one seems to appreciate this great sacrifice. The amount that each Singaporean is supporting the country is $148k cash, money on the table. This is the sacrifice that Singaporeans are making, many have more or less given up on this sum of money while they suffered in silence, forfeiting the holiday, no nice food on the table, scrimping to get by. How’s that for some real contribution by Singaporeans other than NS? Or have people taken this for granted, that Singaporeans could not do anything and anyone in power can simply legislate them away?

Please do not be ungrateful for the money Singaporeans have to set aside, like nationalization, to enable the country to have such a big sum of money to play with. $148k times 2m CPF contributors, that is a cool $296 billion when fully paid up. How much is our national reserves?

The amount is derived from the two minimum sums, $112k and $32k in Ordinary Account and Medisave account. Singaporeans deserve to be treated better, and get more in return for this monetary sacrifice. How much do the foreigners, PRs and non citizens contribute to the country money wise? And what are Singaporeans getting in return for these long term loans?

And $148k is to many Singaporeans, all the savings they have and given to the state to decide what to do with them, any time, any place, at your own time, use it at the state’s convenience. Please remember and be grateful to the daft Singaporeans and their money that is used to prop up this country and ….


Anonymous said...

I complete your final word in this entry .... famileeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Daft sinkies should spend all their cpf money before retiring leaving the miniyum sum made entirely on the value of their pigeon holes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Every scheme requires constant injection of cash or the scheme collapses. CPF is such a tax. Without it, Singapore as you know it will collapse.

To avoid a "run" aka "cash crisis", minimum sums have to be raised and more "barriers to exit " put in place.

Everyone in Singapore is CONNECTED by this scheme. Those who have watched James Cameron's AVATAR will understand about the bonds that connect individuals in a society. The Navi connect to their spiritual source by their hair. Singaporeans are connected to the soul of the nation by their CPF contributions. EVERYONE once working is a member of the scheme, complicit in the crime of Ponzi from which there is no escape.

New borns, infants and children are connected thru their parents and the homes they happily play and live in.

You pay into the scheme, but you in fact OWN NOTHING. This is FACT but most people simply refuse to accept it. Oh well, there's no law against self delusion :-D

People get the Ponzi Scheme they deserve. ;-)

We're united by CPF. What a great slogan. Perhaps CPF should be re-classed as a RELIGION. In all religions, suckers pay money (blessed ofeerings) regularly for the promise of BULLSHIT.

See the similarities?

Anonymous said...

Singapore Joke / Satire

Singapore Book Titles I'd Like to See

"60% - The Last Highlight of My Political Leadership" by Lee Hsien Loong

Anonymous said...

Until the hijackers are fully removed, the demand for ransoms will never cease!

Anonymous said...

It's like letting these blood suckers suck you dry and still happily inviting them to come back and enjoy another meal when they have digested their feed. we are sick , sinkies not only sink but also very sickie.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Someone argued that Singapore is the biggest welfare state where the people provided the fundings and the state enjoys the welfare.

Anonymous said...

The 'State" you are referring to , very very misleading. It's the cabal and its extendented famileeeeeee . connect the dots ... all roads lead to rome , in sinkie context , replace rome with you know what/who. Can spell leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

MatiLEEEEEEE said...

I enjoy M_S's non-vulgarity littered tautologic rantings

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@redbean 254

Exactly correct.

Welfare, if considered strictly, is only for the poor and utterly helpless.

Once the government starts middle class welfare ie giving "help" to those well capable of helping themselves AND each other without any central "leader", then you will have problems.

The people get the MIDDLE CLASS WELFARE they deserve. Welfare destroyed the middle classes making them DEPENDENT on The State

Anonymous said...


You may consider adding this link to your blog too. Very funny


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok, thanks anon. Link added.

Anonymous said...

And so the fake happinness continues in paradise.

Singaporeans are going to feel so rich again soon, just by looking at their CPF statements, with all the money there to drool over, but untouchable.

But, please let the fairy tale continue blissfully and do not let reality sink in by bursting the bubble.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to get your CPF money back?
To give to your children & grandchildren.
While you are still alive to enjoy their smiles.

GE 2016.
Vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are the biggest money lender, a few hundred billions. Why are they not getting the same interest as Ah Long?

Ex-S'porean said...

This is why I sold my 5-rm HDB flat & transferred its proceeds to Australia to buy a large freehold bungalow with swimming pool. Once I get my Aussie citizenship, I will renounce my S'pore one to withdraw my Retirement & Medisave Account. I do not wish to support this corrupt govt any longer !!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ex Singaporean, welcome to the blog. Good for you and your new adventure in life. This is an option that many Singaporeans who can afford to will take.

The more difficult option which many Singaporeans would have to take eventually is change within the current system. The present high cost, high inflation model is not sustainable and will crumble and must crumble like a pack of cards.