The robbers are complaining

This world is getting crazy. The robbers that are fleecing the consumers by selling them highly priced items are complaining that no one is allowed to sell items priced lower than them. The Americans are threatening sanction against China for selling solar energy equipment at a cheaper price than them. This is a new kind of crime as it deprives them of higher profit by selling goods at higher prices.

Should not the Americans and the world be thankful that China could produce things cheaply and sell them cheaply as well? Anyway this international robber has had it so good for so long that he is now up in arms and threatening everyone with sanction for not getting his way, to rob.

Yes, sanction is the only word that the Americans knew. Who was that woman that professed that the Americans would not resort to coercion or threats against other countries? White lie! No, no, she is saying white truth.

And the Latin American countries, including the Caribbean countries, all 33 countries, are going to form their own economic association, not military alliance, and will exclude the US and Canada. Yes man, the Americans and the Canadians will be left out in the cold. They are smart enough not to allow them to muscle in to be the leader by coercion.

At least the Latin Americans are smarter and could get their acts together, to do what they think is best for themselves. They want to decide what is best for them and not be dictated by the Americans.

Would the stupid Asians and Africans learn to be wiser? Afraid not, with the Philippines behaving like a super power, happily arresting Chinese fishermen and thinking that China would not dare to kick their asses. And with kind of provocation by a pest, and if China reacts, the gangster will march and all the western media will cry out at the same time, that China is being assertive, bullying a pesky little country like the Philippines. And all the silly Asian countries will believe, and pretend to be in fear.

Anyway, with the unthinking Asians and Africans, it is their fate to be ruled by the Americans and to be led into another war among themselves. I just hope and pray that President Chavez of Venezuela will not be assassinated by the drug lords. Of course it will be done by the drug lords, NEVER will the Americans assassinate another country’s president. They are just so peace loving, and always use diplomacy and peaceful negotiations to settle international relations issues. No, they don’t even use threats or coercion.

No wonder the Asean countries are so happy to embrace the Americans to be the leader of Asean.


Anonymous said...

Selling things cheaply also cannot? It cannot be worse than selling toxic products that are no more than plain cheating.

No wonder they say that when the West cannot compete, they resort to moving the goalpost, every time and all the time.

The whole world should not just sit back and let those fuckers dictate their terms and have their way.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When welfare state western democrazies talk about "free markets" prepare yourself for a pile of steaming, smelly bullshit.

It is clear that China is selling very cheap (sometimes below cost) to hammer US and EU energy manufacturers out of existence.

As usual the stupid uncompetitive idots complain to their govt... when there is a perfectly workable free market solution.

If your competition is under selling you... below cost, and you should cease production immediately and BUY AS MUCH BELOW COST merchandise from them.. ie help them lose money faster :)

But of course in western cuntries you can't do the above:

1. The Unions won't allow it
2. The govt won't allow it

.. So you are stuck as you scream at the govt for help whilst the clever, cunning Chinese route you out of existence.. and then buy you out for pennies on the dollar. The M. & A Asian-style.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P. S. In a free market, and you as a seller can put any number on your price tag. If you want to give away yur stuff at $0, you are free to do so.

If yu have a welfare state, you cannot have a free market. Or stated another way: the amount of FREEDOM in any market is INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the amount of social and corporate WELFARE of the players.

Anonymous said...

The western countries have higher wage than the Eastern people so that whatever they produce will be more expensive than that produced by the Eastern. To say that China is selling cheap products alone is not a fair act because the assessment must also look at the wages effect on cost of production. In fact, cheap labour cost in China has in the past few decades benefitted the consumers in the western people. It is only a handful of western politicians with their hidden agendas to complain about the cheap China goods. Image if China has same wage structure as the western and the goods from there are sold at or close to what the Western people produce. The Western consumers will suffer and will understand why China global factory has done a good thing to their life - raising their standard of living.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When Japan refused to trade with the Americans, Commodore Perry just sailed his warship into Japan and told the shoguns they had no choice but to open up to American goods. That was when America and the west were demanding free trade at their terms, ie at gun point.

Anonymous said...

Obama should send his armada to Hainan Island and Shanghai too. The Chinese Army maybe intimidated and surrender all their armaments.