A right policy will be well accepted

Has the govt came out with any policy recently that is tough but willingly accepted by all parties, including those that were targeted by the policy? The latest curb on property speculation is one of those rare policies that can be classified as tough and good. The affected parties, particularly the foreign speculators knew that the game is up. They have no rights to complain, neither do they have the right to speculate properties at the expense of the citizens. That is another story of a flawed policy.

The developers quietly resigned to the fact that it has to come. Anyway they have built in all the profit margin and the only thing that would affect them is lesser profit. They are not going to lose money or any sleep. They had a good time over the last 10 years with very good profit. So it is time for a break and a deserving holiday.

Local speculators may grumble a little but they would find other places to speculate and make money with their money. Some interest and money may go back to shore up a dying stock market.

For Singaporeans who are genuine buyers of a home, the relief is welcomed though a bit late. Better late than never. But more needs to be done to protect them from paying a ransom for a home that they need simply to live.

As for the rest of the Singaporeans, the only thing that may matter is that the paper gain from their properties will slide down a little, but of no significance. And some may change tack and instead of property prices are affordable, they may claim that property prices are cheap. Both positions are simply silly as the base has changed.

Property prices are still far too high for living and still not affordable to many. It is only cheap for the speculators. The illusion of wealth of living in a $1m flat is just an illusion. When the flat costs $30k, $300k or $1m, if it is the only asset to live in, it is better to be cheaper than more expensive. And don’t have to worry about paying higher property tax that is based on rental income that is irrelevant to the ordinary citizens.

There is a need for more pro people policies and policies that would not draw curses at the policy makers. This is one such policy that no one will curse at Boon Wan other than a few late speculators.


Anonymous said...

New cooling measures: Shifting the goalposts


Anonymous said...

Do we really need the experts to come out to say that the cooling measures will result in price moderations? Like that my grandmother also can be an expert predicting the expected.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are absolutely right. What's so difficult and complex that you need a supertalent to change all the shit policies and get things done right?

But, you will need a supertalent to convince or con the people that shit policies are the best policies. That is real talent of another kind.

Anonymous said...

Some supertalents all they got are a nice shit of paper with As all over. But you open them up you might find the heart missing.

The newspaper found one got bad heart.