Super high speed train for paradise

The ageing SMRT train system is looking like a goner. Instead of high speed it has to operate on slower speed. And instead of a smooth free ride, getting train disruptions and delays are going to be a daily affair. So what else needs to be done to improve the system of mass rapid transportation? I am including the words ‘mass’ and ‘rapid’ in case people think it is meant to be otherwise.

First step, send the international head hunter agencies to go on a world wide hunt for a true blue foreign talent to helm the organization. Local talents definitely won’t do, good at scoring As only in examinations. Regional talents, well, proven still not good enough.

Once such a true blue foreign talent comes on board, even 30 years is ok, tell him we want the best MRT and let him go to work. Soon we will have the world’s best super high speed train running from Tuas to Changi, only these two stops. At 500kph, it would take only 5 min for the journey. There is no possibility of more stops if the train is to hit the top speed. It would be a super fast journey, no jams, like taking a river bus from Clark Quay to Marina Barrage.

When the system is in place, commuters can take the snail train to Tuas or Changi to get to their destinations super fast. This will definitely help alleviate the jams in the city as commuters will all be travelling outwards to Tuas and Changi.

Why would they want to go to Tuas and Changi is not the problem as long as the train is super fast. And we have another claim to make, the fastest public transport system in the world. Never mind if it is empty. The train computer can generate images on the windows to give the impression that the trains are full, full of activities.

Never mind if it costs billions of dollars. It is other people’s money. And can get reporters to write about how good the super high speed train is, all the good stuff. It is all about the future, proactive, planning ahead for higher demands, looks very good too.

If, after blowing the trumpet for a while and the truth is that the super high speed train is not doing what it should be, well, it was a good wet dream. The foreign talent can say good bye and collect his fat severance pay to live forever, happily ever after. As for the white elephant, still can show the world we have the fastest super high speed train running, all paid for by the people.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Raised some good points, especially about the age of the SMRT.

with population targets of 9-15 million, there is no way on this doomed planet that even doubling/ tripling the capacity of the SMRT is going to do it.

Perhaps we'll all have jet backpacks by then.

Anonymous said...

Please do not be so cynical, can?
Look into the future, think positive! Sin may merge with Malaysia again. Asean Members may allow borderless travel, no need to go through immigration procedure. China may allow procedure free entry too. By then, trains may travel faster than 500kph and commuters may still feel that they are not fast enough. Is it not possible?


Anonymous said...

Already stated , Sin merging with Malaysia is Lao Lee's wet dream. No way. Who wants to have sinkies running amok with their narrow mindedness? The 60.1% will neevr agree to it ... too bad

Anonymous said...

Yah , China allowing procedure free entry , if sinkie allow China Navy park/berth their aircraft carriers here ... subject to Uncle Sam's approval , of course. Another wet dream, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Must be a joke thinking of super high speed trains when SMRT is already slowing down their trains.

Of course with a foreign talent, nothing is impossible. Hit and run with no responsibility, like those toxic investment products trotted out. Did anyone take responsibility?

At 500 kph you go faster to heaven or hell if what is currently happening here is any indication. The Government will say, we asked for it and we cannot expect no accidents. Problem solved for them.

Anonymous said...

Wow! seems like everyone is losing faith.

Is it so bad? So how to stop the rot?
Or where are we heading?

Anonymous said...

Like tat,
Sure die wan!

Anonymous said...

There is a need to know that we are a piece of rock and stop wasting money on expensive equipment that we don't need.

Being ambitious is good. Being wildly ambitious is foolish. Wasting money, huge sum of money on big machine is sinful.

Why buy a size 12 shoes when you need only size 9?